The Saint Louis business directory for 1853-4 /
Har Directory. Hay 61
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Harris, Benj., variety store , 258 Broadway.
Harris, W., variety store , 254 Broadway.
Harris, Mrs., dress maker , 235 Market, bnbetween Fifth and Sixth.
Harris, Thos., trimming store , Twelfth, bnbetween Olive and Pine.
Harris, J. W., book-keeper , 188 Main.
Harris, Cha’s C., clerk , 32 Commercial alalley .
Harrison, J. S., physician , 182 Market, bnbetween Seventh and Eighth.
Harriss, Wm.William, variety store , 221 Broadway.
Harrisse, H., notary public , nsnorth side Chesnut, bnbetween Second and Third.
Hart, J., sulphur baths , sw corsouth-west corner Broadway and O’Fallon.
Hart, H. N., atty at law , nsnorth side Pine, bnbetween Second and Third.
Hart, O. A., architect , eseast side Fifth, bnbetween Olive and Locust.
Hart, J. A., clothier , eseast side Third, bnbetween Vine and Wash avWashington avenue .
Hart & Harvey , stove warehouse, eseast side Second, bnbetween Olive and Pine.
Hart, A., clothier , 88 s south Second, bnbetween Myrtle and Spruce.
Hart, J. L., clerk , nw cornorth-west corner Main and Green.
Hartmann, H., cabinet maker , es s Third, bnbetween Mulberry and Lombard.
Hartmann, W., boot and shoe maker , ne cor s Third and Convent.
Hartnett, M. J., book and job printing establishment , ne cornorth-east corner Pine and
Hartnett & Taylor , importers wines and liquors, 11 sssouth side Pine, bn Main and
Hartry, Wm.William, clerk , Market, bnbetween Eighth and Ninth.
Hartry, Lucy, dress maker , Market, bnbetween Eighth and Ninth.
Harty, Andrew, grocer , nsnorth side Christy av,avenue bnbetween Sixteenth and Seventeenth.
Harvey & Whedon , auction and commission merchants, 61 Main, bnbetween
Pine and Olive.
Hasebrook, H. F., clerk , 71 Main.
Haskell & , bankers, sw corsouth-west corner Vine and Main.
Haslam, Mrs., boarding house , 102 wswest side Fourth, bnbetween Locust and Olive.
Haslet, Wm.William, foundry , Smith, bnbetween Second and Third.
Hasse, E., physician and surgeon , sw corsouth-west corner Fifth and Hickory.
Hassinger & Peterson , soda water manufacturers, corcorner Fifteenth and
Hasslinger, Wm.William, tinsmith , 207 Frank av Franklin avenue .
Hastings & Mower , tinware store, 70 wswest side Second, bnbetween Pine and Olive.
Hatch, W. G., physician , 68 Vine, bnbetween Third and Fourth.
Hatch, S. T., salesman , 208 Broadway.
Hathaway, J. W., lumber yard , nw cor Carr and Fifth.
Hattendorf, F., bar-room , 84 ss south-side Frank av,Franklin avenue bnbetween Sixth and Seventh.
Hatton, J., furniture store , 56 Locust, bnbetween Second and Third.
Haughton, D., homeopathic physician , resid’e sssouth side Olive, bnbetween Sixth and
Haupt, J., grocer , eseast side Carondelet av,avenue bnbetween Lesperance and Picott.
Haupt, H., St. Louis Exchange , 6 s south Main, bnbetween Market and Walnut.
Hauser, G., coffee house , s cor Levee and Poplar.
Hauser, F., coffee house , wswest-side ssouth Fifth, bnbetween Park avavenue and Rutger.
Havens, J. C., dry goods , 90 wswest side Fourth.
Hawe, Wm.William, cooper , nsnorth side Market, bnbetween Twelfth and Thirteenth.
Hawken, Sam’l, gunsmith , nsnorth-side Wash av,Washington avenue bnbetween Main and Second.
Hawkin, Cha’s, white-washer , ns Carr, bn Tenth and Eleventh.
Hawle, Fred., salesman , 175 Main.
Hayden & Wilson , saddlery and hardware, 11 eseast side Main, bnbetween Chesnut and
Hayes, W., book-keeper , 32 Levee.
Hays, P., grocer , eseast side Main, bnbetween Poplar and Almond.