The Saint Louis business directory for 1853-4 /
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Hashon, C., carpenter , Smith, bnbetween Main and Levee.
Hough, W. M., wire worker , eseast side Second, bnbetween Olive and Pine.
Hough, W. M., wire worker , 34 Market, bnbetween Main and Second.
Houschalt, H., grocer , ne cornorth-east corner Biddle and Seventh.
House of Industry , 119 Pine, bnbetween Fourth and Fifth.
Houseman, Lowry & , commission merchants, 33 Levee, bnbetween Locust
and Olive.
Houseman, M., salesman , 154 Third.
Houston & Weber , carpenters, St. Charles, bnbetween Eighth and Ninth.
Hovey, A., clerk , 68 Market.
How & Cook , leather dealers, 142 Main, bnbetween Wash avWashington avenue and Vine.
How & Cook , tanners and curriers, se corsouth-east corner Carondelet avavenue and Barton.
Howard, J. & , composition roofing, 98 Market, bnbetween Third and
Howard, S. L., white-washer , sssouth side Green, bnbetween Fifth and Sixth.
Howard, W., dry goods , Wash av, bn Seventh and Eighth.
Howe, A., foreman , Main, bnbetween Cherry and Morgan.
Howes, E., salesman , 8 Main.
Hoyt, S. & , wholesale grocers, 47 Second, bnbetween Olive and Pine
Hoyt, T. W., dry goods , 154 Third.
Hubbard & Payne , dry goods, nsnorth-side Wash,Washington avenue bnbetween Seventh and Eighth.
Hubbell & Hunt , dry goods, 120 Fourth, Glasgow Row.
Hudson, T. B., atty at law , nsnorth side Chesnut, bnbetween Main and Second.
Hudson River Marine and Fire Ins Co. , (Courtney & Brockway, ag’ts)
sw corsouth-west corner Main and Second.
Hudson, F., wig maker , 96 Market, bnbetween Third and Fourth.
Huelsback, G., carver in wood , 142 s south Second, bnbetween Poplar and Plum.
Huelsenkamp, Chas., grocer , se corsouth-east corner Elm and s south Fifth.
Hufman & Hawkins , livery stable, Market, bnbetween Thirteenth and Four-
Hughs, T. R., auction mart, eseast side Second, bnbetween Vine and Locust.
Hughs, Edward, stone cutter , nw cornorth-west corner Tenth and Locust.
Huiskamp, H. C., salesman , 84 Main.
Hull, A. C., tinsmith , 11 eseast side Third, bnbetween Market and Cherry.
Hull, J. A., clerk , 56 Commercial alalley .
Hulme & White , Bartling House restaurant, 54 wswest side Third, bnbetween Pine and
Hume, W. S., salesman , 94 Main.
Hume, N., salesman , 58 nnorth Levee.
Humes, J., clerk , 133 Third.
Humphrey & Nephan , produce store, 211 Broadway.
Humphrey, McBride & , millinery goods, 91 Main, bnbetween Locust and
Humphreys, S. & , commission merchants, 26 Levee, bnbetween Olive and
Hungerford, G. W., atty at law , nsnorth side Pine, bnbetween Second and Third
Hunt, D. B., money lender , nsnorth side Chesnut, bnbetween Second and Third.
Hunt & Wiseman , hardware, 101 Third, bnbetween Vine and Locust.
Hunt, C. L., Belgian Consul , 111 Chesnut, bnbetween Fourth and Fifth.
Hunter, J., tobacconist , sssouth side Market, bnbetween Fifth and Sixth.
Hunter, H. W., clerk , 156 Second.
Hurck, P., investigator of titles , 11 eseast side Fourth, bnbetween Chesnut and Market,
Husman, H., grocer , Broadway, bnbetween Dock and Taylor.
Hussey, G. C., physician , wswest side Main, bnbetween Pine and Chesnut,
Hussier, L. L., grocer , se cor s Third and Plum.