The Saint Louis business directory for 1853-4 /
Lan Directory. Len 73
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Langgu’h, A., wagon maker , 161 Carohdelet av,avenue bnbetween Barton and Victor
Langhorn, L., clerk , corcorner Fourth and Market.
Langsdorf, D., dry goods , 18 Market, bnbetween Main and Second.
Lansing, H., boot and shoe maker , nsnorth side Poplar, bnbetween Second and Main.
Lapsly, J. D.,salesman , 75 Main.
Lare, J. G., carpenter , nsnorth side Green, bnbetween Seventh and Eighth.
Largue, George, blacksmith , Second, bnbetween Green and Morgan.
Largue, Alexander, gas nietre manufacturer , se corsouth-east corner St. Charles and
Largue, John, house carpenter , ne cornorth-east corner St Charles and Thirteenth.
Larkin, L. H., wholesale grocer , 53 Levee, bnbetween Locust orid Vine.
Larkin, J. R., clerk , 53 Levee’, bnbetween Locust and Vine.
Laswell, M. D., pump maker , 64 Locust, bnbetween Second and Third.
Latourette, , linseed and castor oil factory , cor s Levee and Spruce.
Laughlin, O. D., salesman , 82 Main.
Laughton, J., physician ami surgeon , corcorner Sixth and Olive.
Laughton, P. S., salesman , 44 Market.
Laumann, J. F., grocer , nw cornorth-west corner Eighth and WashWashington avenue .
Lauman, Frederick, livery stable and coffee house , Frank av,Franklin avenue bnbetween Four-
teenth and Fifteenth.
Laumeier, J. H., grocer , ss south-side Frank av,Franklin avenue bnbetween Sixteenth and Seventeenth.
Law Commissioners Court , nsnorth side Chesnit, bnbetween Third and Fourth.
Lawless, James, saddler , 224 Third.
Lawrence, L., loan office , 21 nsnorth side Locust.
Lazarus, E., clerk , 71 Levee’.
Lazoro, , fruit store , 91 Third, bnbetween Vine and Locust.
Leach & Goodrich , wholesale grocers, 128 Second, bnbetween Wash avWashington avenue and
Learned, H., lake ice depot , Commercial al, bn Wash av and Vine.
Lebeau, J. B. jr.,, watchmaker , wswest side Second, bnbetween Chesnut and Pine.
Lebrum, Mrs., milliner , 146 nw cornorth-west corner Second and Poplar.
Lebrum, N., grocer , se corsouth-east corner Second and Cedar.
Lee & De Jar ley , painters, 123 Second, bnbetween Wash avWashington avenue and ’Vine.
Lee, A., & , agricultural store, 14 wswest side Main, bnbetween Chesnut and
Lee, John, clerk , 149 Main.
Lee, A. & , agricultural store, 160 nnorth Third
Lee, J. W., clerk , 43 wswest side Commercial alalley .
Lees, Q. R., clerk , 148 Main.
Lefevre, A., coffee house , corcorner Twelfth and Pine.
Lefman, W., grocer , sw cor n Market and Ninth.
Legg, M., tailor , nsnorth side Olive, bnbetween Main and Second
Leggett, C. M., writing school, 88 Fourth, upsupstairs .
Leier, Wendlin, coffee house , 161 Carondelet avavenue , tm Barry and Marion.
Leigh, C. B., clerk , 86: Fourth.
Leip, W., clerk , 94 Fourth.
Leiser, John F., coffeehouse , 334 Broadway.
Leitch, Alex. & , druggists, se corsouth-east corner Olive a’nd Seventh.
Leitch, Alex. & , druggists, sw corsouth-west corner Fifth’ and Market.
Leitch, D., clerk , 80 Fourth.
Leihmann, W., clerk , 97 Main.
Lemoine, E. S., pliysician and surgeon , se corsouth-east corner Fifth and Pine.
Lemoine, J. B., coinmission merchant , wswest side Main, bnbetween Locust and Vine.
Lemps, A., beer house , es s Second, bnbetween Walnut and Elm.
Lender, H., clerk , 1 and 3 Brotidway