The Saint Louis business directory for 1853-4 /
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Seifried, J. & W. , boot and shoe makers, 100 Morgan, bnbetween Second and Third.
Seitz & Green , rectifiers, Frank av Franklin avenue , bnbetween Sixteenth and Seventeenth.
Selleck, S. , E., house carpenter , Walnut, bnbetween Seventh and Eighth.
Selway, N., grocer , nw cornorth-west corner Eighteenth and Morgan.
Semont, H., grocer , se corsouth-east corner Third and Poplar.
Semple & Bouner , Juniata iron store, 15 Levee.
Senger, N., draughtsman , Chesnut, bnbetween Second and Third.
Sennewald, Mrs., midwife, ss Carr, bnbetween Fourteenth and Fifteenth.
Senter & Cavender , wholesale grocers, 78 Second, bnbetween Locust and Olive.
Seves, C., salesman , 214 Broadway.
Sewall, , book-keeper , 31 Levee.
Sexton, H., tailor , se corsouth-east corner Olive and Second.
Sexton, J M., salesman , 50 Main.
Sgiydt, J., baker , eseast side Main, bnbetween Spruce and Almond.
Shackleford, R. , C., wholesale boots and shoes , 64 Main, bnbetween Olive and Pine.
Schaffer, F. , D., boot end shoe store , 39 Frank av Franklin avenue .
Schaffner, M. & , tobacconists, 10 Pine, bnbetween Main and Second.
Schaffner, George, hide and leather store , 19 Main, bnbetween Chesnut and Market.
Shakspeare, BilliardSaloon , nsnorth side Pine, bnbetween Third and Fourth.
Shands, E. , W., attorney-at-law , 19 P. O. buildings.
Shannon, W. , A., wood merchant , corcorner Levee and Elm.
Shapleigh, Day & , wholesale hardware, eseast side Main bnbetween Locust and vine.
Shapper, ——, boarding house , 91 Frank av Franklin avenue .
Shargarber, B., sign painter , alley, bnbetween Tenth and Eleventh and Marion and Park avavenue .
Sharp, John, book-keeper , 73 Main.
Sharp, B. , W., att’y-at-law , wswest side Second, bnbetween Chesnut and Market.
Shaw, J., agent for Dr. Brandeth’s pills , 59 Market, bnbetween Second and Third.
Shaw, John, builder , nsnorth side Morgan, bnbetween Fifteenth and Sixteenth.
Shaw, H. , M., salesman , 224 Second.
Shaw, James, gunsmith , sssouth side Morgan, bnbetween Fourth and Fifth.
Shaw, Mrs., milliner , Fifth, bnbetween Locust and St. Charles.
Shawer, W., Beverly Hotel , ne cornorth-east corner Sixth and Market.
Shea, Jas., tailor , nsnorth side Chesnut, bnbetween Third and Fourth.
Sheller, C., boarding house , Main, bnbetween Spruce and Almond.
Shelton, J. G. & , tailors, 22 Olive, bnbetween Main and Second.
Shepherd of the Valley office , (R. A. Bakewell, editor,) eseast side Third, bnbetween Vine and Wash avWashington avenue .
Sheppard, J. , W., grocer , se corsouth-east corner Morgan and Thirteenth.
Shepperd, J. , B., gents’ furnishing store , 47 Fourth, bnbetween Chesnut and Pine.
Sherburne, H. , P., music store , 36 Market, bnbetween Main and Second.
Sherer, S. , B., wholesale boots and shoes , wswest side Main, bnbetween Washington avavenue and Vine.
Shields, James, saddler , 130 Morgan, bnbetween Fifth and Sixth.
Shields, Mrs.milliner , 176 Morgan, bnbetween Seventh and Fighth.
Shobe, John, artist , 7 Fourth, bnbetween Market and Walnut.
Shore, John, physician and surgeon , 60 Fourth, bnbetween Olive and Pine.
Short, R. , N., physician and surgeon , 61 Market.
Shot Tower office , (John Simonds,) sw corsouth-west corner Main and Chesnut.
Shotti, H., grocer , Ashley, bnbetween Broadway and Second.