The Saint Louis business directory for 1853-4 /
Directory. 125
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Laclede School.
(Corner of Poplar and Fifth.)
JohnLeavy, ,
J. A.Gilfillan, ,
EdwinHandley, ,
Eliza C.Dunham, ,
Mary B.Carroll, .
Laclede Primary School.
(Corner of Spruce and Fourth.)
Harriet B.Naylor, ,
Eliza H.Brotherton, ,
Virginia B.Brua, .
Seventh Street Primary School.
(Seventh, between WashWashington avenue and Franklin avenue.)
MarthaMcClure, ,
Harriet E.Snodgrass, .
Eliott School.
(Corner of Fifteenth and Pine.)
Mercy B.Carroll, ,
Martha J.Downey, ,
M. K.Hawley, ,
HenriettaWalker, ,
Sarah E.Liggett, ,
JaneAulds, .
Benton School.
(On Sixth, between Locust and St. Charles.)
LuciusKingsbury, ,
Ellen E.Stowell, ,
SylviaGarwood, ,
Amanda M.Leary, ,
Martha J.Goodrich, ,
CarolineCollins, .
High School.
(In Benton School.)
J. D.Low, ,
S. H.Bushnell, ,
Jefferson School.
(Corner of Ninth and WashWashington avenue .)
Augusta E.Severson, ,
Catherine N.Corbett, ,
AchsahWeaver, ,
D. AnnieHaile, ,
E. J.Rountree, ,
N. D.Tirrell, ,
Mary E.Burchsted, ,
A. L.Chamberlain, ,
Elizabeth S.Child, .
Mound School.
(Corner of Eighth and Howard.)
ClarkStrong, ,
CatherineScales, ,
HarrietScofield, ,
SarahHarrison, ,
HannahTirrell, .
Webster School.
(Clinton Place, west of Eleventh, and head of Jefferson street.)
EllsworthMiller, ,
M. AugustaChapia, ,
R. M.Gass, ,
ElizabethBurrell, ,
AbbyStone, ,
E. J.Isbell, ,
Maria L.Robinson, ,
Margaret AnnMcClure, .
Mercantile Library Association.
(Founded in 1846.)

Any person engaged in mercantile pursuits may, if approved by the
Board of Directors, become a member of the Association. Terms:
subscribing the Constitution, and, if a clerk, paying an initiation fee of
two dollars, and seventy-five cents, quarterly in advance; those in busi-
ness on their own account, pay an initiation fee of five dollars, and two
dollars and fifty cents, semi-annually, in advance. All other persons,
not engaged in mercantile pursuits, pay five dollars, annually.