The Saint Louis business directory for 1853-4 /
128 Business
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Wildey Encampment, at Hall, corcorner Fourth and Locsut sts, 1st and 3d
Hebron, No. 4, Hall, corcorner Fourth and Locust sts, 2d and 4th Mondays.
Order of United American Mechanics.
State Council of Missouri.
John L.Moone, , State Councillor .
G. W.Bowlin, , Vice State Councillor .
W. S.Stewart, , Secretary State Council .
RichardJones, , Treasurer State Council .
J. L.Faucett, , Junior Ex. State Councillor .
M. B.Loughlin, , Senior Ex State Councillor .
Meets third Friday, in July, September, October and January.
Ben Franklin Council, No. 1.
A. LSappington, , C.
Sam’lYoung, , R. S.
Meets every Wednesday evening, on es Fourth street, bnbetween Green and
Washington Council, No. 2.
JamesHealy, , C.
MathewFaucett, , R. S.
Meets every Monday Evening, at their Hall, nw cornorth-west corner of Third and
Fulton Council, No. 3.
R. H.Mather, , C.
W. G.Ottinger, , R. S.
Meets every Thursday evening, at their Hall, on es of Fourth bnbetween
Green and Morgan.
Warren Council, No. 4.
Jno.Crawford, , C
W. S.Stewart, , R. S.
Meets on Tuesday evening, at same place as Nos. 1 and 3.
Sons of Temperance.
St. Louis Division, No. 1, meets every Thursday evening, at Temper-
ance Hall, corcorner Third and Pine.
Harmony Division, No. 2, meets every Friday evening, at Temperance
Hall, corcorner Third and Pine.
Missouri Division, No. 4, meets every Saturday evening, at Temperance
Hall, corcorner Third and Pine.
United Ancient Order of Druids.
Grand Grove of the State of Missouri.
C. A.Braitigam, , N. G. A.
LouisKrieg, , D. G. A.
E.Alcan, , Grand Secretary.
Grand Grove meets first Friday in February, April, June, August,
October and December, nw cornorth-west corner Second and Spruce.
Missouri Grove, No. 1, meets every Monday evening, nw cornorth-west corner Second
and Spruce.