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C. M & H. M. Warren ,
Manufacturers of
Warren’s Improved Fire and Water Proof
Composition Roofs
Roofing Materials,
Office No. 11, New Post Office Building, corner of Second
and Chesnut streets.

The attention of the public is respectfully invited to some of the advantages of our mode of
Roofing, in the manufacture of which we have been extensively engaged at Cincinnati, Ohio,
for the last seven years, and for about five years in this city.

We have made arrangements for a constant supply of Gravel, of an excellent quality,
from over two hundred miles above St. Louis, by the use of which we art enabled to complete
our Roofs at once, avoiding he necessity of going over them second time, as we had to do
when we were obliged to use sand instead of gravel, and in doing so, we make a
Better Roof than it is possible to make with Sand,
(We speak advisedly upon this point, for we have used Gravel at Cincinnati and other cities,)
and with our present facilities we are enable to put on Gravel at the same price that we used
to one-coat work with sand. Thus we save to the builder the cost of the second coat Gravel
will not wash off into the gutters as sand does; besides it has other important advantages.

Those who may wish sand Roofs, we shall accommodate at a reduced price.

We are also introducing other improvements in the manner of putting on our Roofs, which,
we think, renders it the most desirable Roof in use.

They require an inclination of only one inch to the foot, which is often of great advantage,
in case of fire and for drying purposes. Thsy are afforded at a price not not much to exceed the
ordinary cost of shingle roofing, while the amount of material saved, which would otherwise
be used in extending up the wall and framing for a steen roof, often renders the cost of a buil-
ding considerably less with a Composition Roof than with shingles. The expense of one gut-
ter may of tentimes be avoided, as the distance the watar has to run does not ncrese the
liability to leak. Gutters may be formed of same material as the Roof, at much less expense
than any other. In case of defect or injury from any cause, there is no Roof so easiy repaired.
We pledge ourselves that no hinderance to the progress of other parts of the building shall
be caused by our delay.

Thankful for past favors, we only ask a continuance of public patronage so long as our work
shall merit it. A few of the numerons testimonials, in favor of our Roofs, are subjoined.
And those who may desire to see a Gravel Roof, are requested to call, and we shall take
pleasure in showing the one over our office and others which are easy of access.

N. B.—Directions for use will accompany the materials, or, when desired, experienced men
will be furnished to assist in putting them on.

All work done by us, warranted.

C. M. & H. M. Warren.

☞The subscribers, having in use Warren’s Improved Fire and Water Proof Composition
Roofing, take pleasure in testifying that, thus far, it has sustained the recommendation they
have given it, and would cordially recom end it to public favor:

Page & Pacon , (by D. D. Page,)
Hannon & Fortune ,
How, Claflin & Cook ,
Wm.WilliamLightcap, ,
GeorgeCollier, ,
Thomas & Thornton ,
C.Semple, ,
Wm.William M.Morrison, ,
CharlesMullikin, ,
Bredell & Baldwin ,
B. W.Alexander, ,
Block & Evers ,
George F.Lewis, ,
Charles & Blow ,
Murdoch & Dickson
S. C.Salisbury, ,
Belcher & Brother .

Office of the Home Mutual Fire and Marine, Insurance Company,
St. Louis, May 9th, 1851.

Warren’s Composition Roofirg, which has been in extensive use in this city for several years
past, has, during that time, been tested a number of times by the burning of adjoining buil-
dings, also, by the raging of fire within the buildings covered with it, and the result of our
observation has convinced us that this mode of Roofing affords a good protection against fire
This Company makes no difference in the rate of premium charged on buildings covered with
this composition and those covered with any kind of metalic roofing.

I. L.Garrison, , President .