The Saint Louis business directory for 1853-4 /
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For Hats, Caps, Furs, &c. ,
Go to New York Hat Store,
170 Broadway,
Above Green,
C. H.Frederick, , Proprietor .


ThomasMathews, ,
Dealer in Every Description of
Leather and Findings ,
No. 20 South Main street,
Opposite the old Market,
St. Louis, Mo.


MarkHamilton, ,
Wholesale Grocer ,
Dealer in Foreign Wines and Liquors,
Manufacturer of all kinds of
Domestic Liquors and Rectified Whisky,
No. 82 Levee,
St. Louis, Mo.


JohnClemens, ,
Sail Maker ,
85 Levee, corner of Green street, St. Louis.

Constantly on hand, all kinds of Canvas, and Canvas Work. He is
also prepared to make, at short notice, Awnings; Tarpaulings; Tent,
Dray and Wagon Covers; Traveling Bags; Grain Bags; Oil Cloth Clothing;
Bed Bottoms and Hammocks; Blocks and Tackle.

☞All kinds of Rope Splicing, and Canvas Work done to order, cheaper than any
other establishment of the kind in the city.