The Saint Louis business directory for 1853-4 /
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Established 1845.

PhŒnix Label Factory
Printing Office!
Nos 11 and 13 Washington avenue,
North-West corner of Commercial street, between Main
street and the Levee.
Saint Louis, Missouri.

Bills, Circulars, Dray-Tickets, Bill Heads,
Books, Pemphlets,
Checks, Drafts, Bonds, Notes, Receipts,
Steamboat Bills,
Manifests, Bills of Lading, Bills of Fare, Registers,
For Manufacturers, Perfumerers, Hatters, Tobaconist,
Druggists’ Work,
And every other description of business; constantly on
hand and made to order.

Show Bills,
Legal, Commercial, Financial and Justices’ Blanks.

Ball Tickets, Milk Tickets, Bread Tickets, Bar
Tickets, Brands and Fac Similies,
Printed Equal to any Copy,
In from one to four languages, and from one to
seven colors.

Stereotyping and Engraving,
Done to order.

Gold, Silver, Bronze, Embossed & Decorative Colored
Executed in the finest style of the art.