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Volcanic Oil Liniment,
The Greatest Remedy Ever Discovered
for Man or Beast.

The unparalleled success of this Liniment is sufficient
guarantee for its astonishing efficacy. The Lame are
made to walk, the Wounded, Bruised and Sore are healed,
and all who use it rejoice in its healing and invigorating


Are you afflicted with Cancers, Piles, Tumours, Swellings,
Bronchele or Goitre, Paralysis, Chronic or Inflammatory
Rheumatism, Stiffness in your Joints, Contracted Muscles,
Neuralgia, Weakness of the Joints, Muscles or Liga-
ments, Ear Ache or Tooth Ache, Praises, Sprains, Fresh
Cuts, Wounds, Ulcers or Fever Sores, Caked Breasts,
Sore Niples, Burns, Scalds, Inflammation or Pains, no
matter how severe or how long the disease has existed.
Suffer no longer. McLean’s Volcanic Oil Liniment will cure you. It has been thoroughly tested in all of the
above diseases, and have never known it to fail in giving
speedy and permanent relief.

For Horses and other Animals,
M’Lean’s celebrated liniment is the only safe and reliable remedy for
the cure of

Ring Bone,
Wind Galls,
Unnatural Lumps,
Nodes or Swellings,

It will never fail to cure

Big Head, Pole Evil, Fistula, Old Running Sores or Sweeny,

If properly applied. For

Cracked Heels,
Saddle or Collar Galls,
Sores or

It is an infallible remedy.

Apply it as directed and a cure is certain in every instance.

Directions accompany each bottle, in English and German.

This Liniment is now put up in Twenty-five Cent, Fifty Cent and
Dollar Bottles. The fifty cent size contains three times the quantity of
the twenty-five cent size, and so on in proportion to their cost.

☞ For sale by J. H.M’lean, , Proprietor , St. Louis, Mo., and by all tne principal Druggists in the United States.