The Saint Louis business directory for 1853-4 /
10 Prefatory.
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few omissions, but, if any, they are but few. An impar-
tial examination will, it is believed, satisfy any one on that

As announced in the prospectus, a copy of the Direc-
tory will be placed, without delay, on every steamer plying
to St. Lous, and in all the principal hotels in the Western
States, gratis, for the especial benefit of those who have
chosen it for an advertising medium.

With these few remarks, hoping that the Work may
meet the approbation of the business community of St.
Louis, and all others interested, and with his sincere
thanks to those whose liberality encouraged him to un-
dertake the enterprise, the undersigned commits
the “Saint Louis Business Directory” to the current of
popular favor.


Wm.William L.Montague, .

August 1st, 1853.

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