The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
130 St. Louis [M] Directory. MEY-MIL
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Meyer, Jacob, barber , r. al. runningn.north to s. b. Rutger &
Meyer, Jacob, laborer , ns. Lafayette, b. Columbus and
Meyer, Jacob, policeman , r. Wash, b. 17th and 18th
Meyer, John, tailor , r. al. runningn.north to s. b. Rutger and
Meyer, John, blacksmith , se. cor. 13th and O’Fallon
Meyer, John, blacksmith , ss. Marion, b. 7th & Fulton
Meyer, John, boarding house, 26 s.south Main, ups
Meyer, John, clerk at Mauntel, B. & Co’s
Meyer, John, laborer , r. al. b. 8th and 9th and Wash &
Meyer, John, porter , es. 14th, b. Carr and Biddle
Moyer, John C., teamster , es. Collins, b. Wash & Carr
Meyer, John Frederick, 52 Fr. av., b. 5th and 6th
Meyer, John H., porter , 49n.north Front, r. es. 14th, b. Bid-
dle and Carr
Meyer, John R., (H. A. M. & Co.) non resident
Meyer, Joseph, ss. Fr. av., b. 17th and 18th
Meyer, Joseph, clerk , ws. Carondelet av., b. Park av.avenue &
Meyer, Joseph, laborer , r. Ann av., b. 7th & Decatur
Meyer, Joseph, shoe manufacturer , 154 Fr. av., b. 9th &
Meyer, Justus, bar-keeper Rocky Branch saloon
Meyer, J. F., porter at 150 Main, r. ws. 11th, b. Carr &
Meyer, Lorenz, laborer , sw. cor. Lafayette & Carond. av
Meyer, Louis, barber , 172n.north 4th
Meyer, Louise, widow, r. es. 7th, b. Carroll & Soulard
Meyer, Mary, widow, ns. O’Fallon,e.east of 10th
Meyer, Mary, widow, es. 9th, s.south of Lebeaume
Meyer & Meister , rectifying establishment, 53 & 55 s.south 2d
Meyer, Michael, riverman , es. Short, b. Miller & Wood
Meyer, Peter, saddlery store, ns. Fr. av., b. 9th and
Meyer, Rosa, widow, r. al. b. 7th & Provenchere, Park
av.avenue & Rutger
Meyer & Walter , confectioners, 62n.north 2d
Meyer, Werner, salesman at Woods, Christy & Co.’s , r. in
Meyer, William, cabinet maker , nw. cor. 9th and Jef-
Meyer, William, cooper , se. cor. Madison & 11th
Meyer, William, foundryman , r. ws. 9th, s.south of Cass av
Meyer, William, porter at 160n.north Main
Meyer, William, shoemaker , ns. Cherry, b. Main & 2d
Meyer, William, wood sawyer , ws. 12th, s.south of O’Fallon
Meyer, William F., (Flohr & M.) r. ns. Myrtle, b. 3d &
Moyer, Xafier, comb maker , se. cor. B’way & Palm
Meyers, Bernard, trader , ss. Fr. av., b. 11th & 12th
Meyers, Catharine, widow, ss. Laveille, b. Chouteau av.avenue
& Hickory
Meyers, Frederick, porter , 153n.north Main, r. es. 13th, b.
Wash and Carr
Meyers, John, porter , r. ss. Chesnut, b. 14th & 15th
Meyers, John Henry, clerk at 140 B’way
Meyers, John M., liquor dealer 105n.north 3d, r. es. 8th, b.
Olive and Pine
Meyers, John Powers, saddler at Sickles & Co.’s , r. es.
B’way, b. Fr. av. & Morgan
Meyers, Louis, wire worker , r. 78½n.north 3d
Meyers, Louis R., bricklayer and clerk nw. cor. 3d and
Pine, boards 3d,n.north of Olive
Meyers, Samuel M., (M. & Co.) r. Virginia Hotel
Meyers & Voorhis , dry goods store, 172 B’way
Meyrose, Ferdinand, wire worker , 192 s.south 4th
Michael, Adam, laborer , se. cor. DeKalb & Barton
Michael, Charles, blacksmith at Dowdall & Co.’s , r. es.
13th, b. Carr & Wash
Michael, Charles, drayman , ss. O’Fallon,w.west. of 9th
Michael, George B., paper hangings, 80n.north 4th
Michael, Isaac, ns. Myrtle, b. 3d and 4th
Michael, Isaac, (S. & I. M.) r. ss. Elm, b. 3d and 4th
Michael, John, laborer , r. al. b. 16th and 17th and Fr.
av.avenue and Wash
Michael, Samuel, (S. & I. M.) r. ws. 4th, b. Almond and
Michael S. & I. , clothing, nw. cor. Greene and Main
Michau, Leavencour, r. nw. cor. 2d and Ashley
Michau, Saugrain, deputy constable , 40 Pine,r.residence 15 s.south 2d
Miche, John B., tailor , sw. cor. 12th and Jefferson
Michel, A., teacher of French in Avery’s school
Michel, A., (M. & Roberts) 8 s.south 2d
Michel, Jacob, coffee house, se. cor. Carondelet av.avenue and
Michel, Joshua C., salesman , nw. cor. Com’l and Pine,r.residence
sw. cor. 3d and Cedar
Michel, Peter, Currier’s Exchange coffee house, nw. cor.
Carondelet av.avenue and Barton
Michel, Philip H., gardner , ne. cor. Columbus & Picotte
Michel & Roberts , wholesale dealers in wines and
liquors, 8 s.south 2d
Michel, St. E., retailer and jobber , 76n.north 4th,r.residence 170 s.south 3d
Michel, Thomas, laborer , in rear 193, es. s. 7th
Michel, Wm., bar-keeper at Virginia hotel, r. 232n.north 6th
Michelmore, Benjamin, (M. & Bro.) 55n.north 4th
Michelmore & Brother , confectioners, 55 and 57n.north 4th
Miche1more, Carlisle, (M. & Bro.) 57n.north 4th
Michelon, A. J., livery stable, se. cor. Elm and 6th
Michels, George, tailor , ss. Spruce, b. Main and 2d
Michenfelder, Francis, clothing store and tailoring, ss.
Walnut, b. Com’l and Main
Michigan Central R. R. office , J. D.Dare, , agent,
31n.north 4th
Michler, Nicholas, laborer , es. Step, b. Picotte and Du-
Mick, James, laborer , al. b. 9th & 10th & Frank. av. &
Micke, Jacob, cook , al. b. 7th & Provenchere & Rutger &
Park av
Mickel, Charles, blacksmith , es. 13th, b. Wash & Carr
Miclo, Nicholas, carpenter , 219 s.south 3d, ups
Middeke, Henry, cooper , es. 8th, b. Wash and Carr, ups
Midden, Augustus, wagon maker , 189 Wash
Midden, Margaret, widow. 189 Wash, ups
Middendorf & Brother , grocers, 174 Biddle
Middendorf, George, (M. & Bro.) 174 Biddle
Middendorf, Henry, grocer , se. cor. 13th & O’Fallon
Middendorf, Herman, (M. & Bro.) 174 Biddle
Middleton, Andrew, (M. & Gordon) r. ws. 16th, s.south of
Middleton & Gordon , paint shop, 246 Market
Middleton, John J., clerk at Bogy, M. & Co.’s , r. se. cor.
4th & Pine
Middleton, Robert, porter at 67n.north Main, r. Wash. av.,
n.north of 3d
Mide, Frederick, sw. cor. 13th & Davis
Miepps, John, cigar manuf. , es. B’way, b. Chambers
and Webster
Mier, Henry, marble cutter at Kent & Fuller’s
Mier, Martin, beer house, ss. Fr. av., b. 26th & 27th
Mier, Nicholascandle maker , ss. Fr. av., b. 21st & 22d
Mier, Paul, laborer at Shaffer’s, ns. Frank. av., b. 21st
and 22d
Miers, Henry, mate , es. 18th, b. Carr & Biddle
Mies, B., carpenter , ns. Warren,e.east of 15th
Miesensmith, John H., laborer , es. 14th, s.south of Cass av
Mieslang, Frederick, saddler , 91 s.south 7th
Mieslang, Helen, widow, 91 s.south 7th
Mieslang, Joseph, gunsmith , 51n.north 3d, r. ws. 7th, b. Pop-
lar & Cerre
Mieslang, Nicholas, engineer , 89 s.south 7th
Mietel, Peter, barkeeper , sw. cor. 15th & Wash
Migasi, Antonio, rope maker , ns. Wash. av., b. 7th and
Miggett, Clara, dress maker , 91 Market
Mighells & Brettell , St. Louis steam laundry,
al. b. 2d & 3d, Chesnut & Pine
Mighells, C., (M. & Brettell) r. 13th, b. Clark av.avenue &
Migin, Peter, laborer , ws. 14th, s.south of Biddle
Milber, Henry, laborer , es. 12th, b. Carr & Biddle
Milburn, Henry, carpenter , 246n.north 5th
Milburn, William, r. Grand av
Milde, Louis, drayman , ns. Carr, b. 16th & 17th
Mildner, August, laborer , ns. O’Fallon,w.west. of 12th
Miler, Patrick, laborer , al. b. Wash & Carr, 10th & 11th