The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
14 St. Louis [B] Directory. BIG-BLA
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Biguet, Theodore, scissors grinder , 188n.north 4th
Bilbrough, L. E., clerk at Pacific R. R. machine shop,r.residence
121 Locust
Bill, Fred., finisher at 23n.north 3d, r. ws. 8th, b. Franklin av.avenue
and Wash
Billbow, Thomas, pedler , r. ws. 10th,n.north of Biddle
Billings, Albert, billiard saloon, nw. cor. 4th and Pine,r.residence
ss.south side. Olive,w.west. of 6th
Billings, Geo. W., nw. cor. 4th and Pine, r. ss. Olive,w.west.
of 6th
Billings, Samuel D., painter at Noble’s, r. sw. cor. 13th
and Carr
Billon, Charles L., clerk , 138 Walnut
Billon, Mrs.Francis E., r. ss. Wash. b. 16th and 17th
Billon, Fred. L., auditor of Pacific R. R. Co. , 138 Walnut
Billon, Louis C, teller at J. J. Anderson & Co., r. ss.
Walnut, b. 6th and 7th
Bills, Elisha B., apothecary and druggist , sw. cor. 6th
and Oliver. 30n.north 6th
Bills, G., San Francisco coffee house, nw. cor. Front and
Bills, Jeremiah, ship carpenter , r. ns. Mound,w.west. B’dway
Bilb, John W., (B. & Noyes.) 58n.north 4th
Bills & Noyes , dentists, 58n.north 4th
Billsbarrow, Mrs.Lucy, milliner and dress maker , r. ws.
10th, b. Chesnut and Market
Bilstein H. G. & Co. , hardware and cutlery, 13n.north Main
Bilstein, Henry G., (B. & Co.) 13n.north Main
Bimm, Benj., clerk at Abele’s, on Main, r. ns. Greene,
b. 6th and 7th
Binder, Christian, trunk maker , r. ne. cor. 13th and
Binderheimer, Jacob, laborer , ws. Miller, b. Carondelet
av.avenue and Jackson
Bing, Stephen, shoe maker , r. nw. cor. 12th and Wash
Bingham, Mary, widow, r. ws. 14th,n.north of Carr
Bingham, Wm. L., grocer , nw. cor. 16th and Market
Bingley, Fred., ship carpenter , r. ne. cor. Mnin & O’Fal’n
Bingley, Wm., ship carpenter , r. ne. cor. Main & O’Fal’n
Binki, Henry, laborer , ws. 10th, s.south of O’Fallon, in rear
Binnings, George, bricklayer , ns. Orange, b. 13th & 14th
Binnington, Thomas, drayman , r. es. 13th, s.south of Cass av
Binns, John, contractor , r. ss. Orange, b. 13th and 14th
Bins, Catharine, widow, r. es. De Kalb, b. Lafayette and
Bins, Herman, laborer , ws. Menard, b. Marion & Carroll
Bins, John, grocer , es. De Kalb, b. Lafayette & Emmett
Binz, Louis, shoe maker , r. ws. 12th,n.north of Biddle
Binz, Stephen, shoe manuf. , 75n.north Front, r. nw. cor. 12th
and Wash
Bircher, Rudolph, (Clark & B.) r. in country
Bird, Abraham T., (Von Phul, Waters & Co.) r. ws. 8th,
b. Chesnut and Pine
Bird, John C., salesman at Pittman & Tennent’s, r. ss.
5th, b. Locust and Olive
Bird, Thomas, (R. Ridgley & Co.) 84n.north 3d,r.residence Walton
Bird, Patrick, r. 314n.north 8th
Birge, Henry W., (Biglow & Co.) r. ss. Olive, b. 8th & 9th
Birks, Thomas G., city weigher , r. ss. Randolph, b. 13th
and 14th
Birkicht, Charles, Ferry House, 44 s.south Front
Birmingham, Simeon, clerk , 98 Main,r.residence Monroe House
Birmingham, S., r. City Hotel
Birnze, Julius, (Dormitzer & Co.) non-resident
Biscoff, Andreas, laborer , es. Columbus, b. Soulard and
Bischoff, Christoph., butcher , r. es. Easton, b. Anna and
Bischoff, Conrad, shoe maker , r. ss. Spruce, b. Main & 2d
Bischoff, Francis, printer , Republican office
Bischoff, Francis, barber , ws. Main, b. O’Fallon & Bates
Blschoff, Gotlieb, laborer , r. ws. 2d, b. Mullanphy and
Bischoff, Henry, barber , sw. cor. 4th and Myrtle, ups
Bischoff, Jacob, saddler , 196n.north 4th,r.residence Panama Exchange
Bischoff, John, barber , shop 77 s.south Main
Biico, Charles D., book keeper , 65n.north Main, r. ns. Pine, b.
8th and 9th
Bishop, Caroline, r. 21 s.south 6th
Bishop, David H., agent Aetna and Protection Insurance
Co. , Hartford, r. ns. Pine, b. 13th and 14th
Bishop, Henry, barber , shop 150n.north 5th, r. ss. Franklin
av., b. 5th and 6th
Bishop, John G., shoemaker , 31 Ches
Bishop, Newton, wagon maker , ss. Fr. av., b. 26th and
Bishop, Philip H., (Smiihers & B.,) r. ss. Gay, b. 14th and
Bissell, Anson M., (Eddy Jameson & Co.,) r. Monroe
Bisser, Anton, cabinet maker , r. ws. Carondelet av., b.
Soulard and Lafayette
Bissonet, Salmon, r. ss. Barry, b. Carondelet av.avenue and
Bitsch, Peter, shoemaker , 80 s.south Main
Bitter, Andreas, tailor , r. ns. Lombard, b. 2d and 3d
Bittingmeier, Leonhard, wagon maker , ss. Plum, b. 2d
and 3d
Bittner, Catharine, widow, es. Congress, between Lami
and Duchonquett
Bittner, David, coffee house, 82 s.south 14th
Bittner, John, laborer , ws. 11th,n.north of Biddle
Bittner, John, paper hanger , r. 82 s.south 14th, ups
Bitzmeyer, Frank, laborer , es. 9th, b. Walnut & Clark
av., ups
Bivijahn, Michael, stone mason , r. es. Carondelet av., b.
Lafayette and Emmett
Bixbey, Rufus M., tinner , 175n.north Main,r.residence 142n.north 6th
Bixler, Elizabeth, widow, r. ss. Brooklyn,e.east of 9th
Bixler, Jocob M., plasterer , r. ns. Benton, b. Broadway
and 2d
Bixler, Samuel, plasterer , r. ns. Benton, b. Broadway
and 2d
Bixmann, Louis, foundryman , r. se. cor. 15th and Wash,
Black, Peter, Western Spice Mill office, 8 Pine, r. es.
Ham, b. Chouteau av.avenue and Hickory
Black, David, confectioner , 306 s.south 3d
Black, James, pattern maker , 198n.north 2d,r.residence Henry House
Black, John, justice of the peace , 36 s.south 2d
Black, Martha, r. es. 10th, b. Chestnut and Market
Black, Philip, laborer , r. 79 s.south 3d, ups
Black, Robert, book keeper , 92n.north 4th,r.residence Monroe House
Black, Robert, clerk at J. G. Simpson’s,r.residence 104n.north 4th
Black, William M., collector for Eddy Jamison & Co. ,
r. ns. Pine, b. 14th and 15th
Blackall, Thomas, second-hand furniture, Market, b. 8th
and 9th. r. ns. Morgan, b. 10th and 11th
Blackburn,, Edward C., attorney , oflice 15n.north 2d,
r. ws. 7th.n.north of Locust
Blackburn, Georgo W., bricklayer , r. ws. 7th, s.south of St.
Blackburn, Joseph, mate , r. es. Barlow, b. Chouteau av.avenue
and Orchard
Blackburn, Luke, clerk , 224 Broadway, boards sw. cor. 7th
and St. Charles
Blackburn, Thomas, baker , at Garneau’s, r. ns. Carr, b.
16th and 17th
Blackburn, Thomas, drayman , r. ns. Carr, b. 16th & 17th
Blackford, James, ship carpenter , r. ns. Mound,w.west. of
Blackie, Stephen, printer , r. ws. 3d, b. Locust and Olive,
Blackie, Stephen, book seller , 75 Olive, r. sw. cor. 3d and
Blackmore, William, lumber merchant , r. ne. cor. Davis
and 23d
Blackson, George, (c) steward , r. 229n.north 8th
Blackwood, James H. P., book keeper , 123 and 125n.north
Main, r. ss. Olive, b. 8th and 9th
Black, wood William G., attorney , office Market, e. of 3d,
r.residence 13 s.south 4th
Blade, Benj.stair builder , r. es. 16th, b. Christy av.avenue and
Blades, Benjamin L., carpenter at Weston & Russell’s,r.residence
ne. cor. 16th and Christy av
Blaes, Charles, shoemaker , 199n.north 2d
Blaes, Nicholas, sen., riverman , r. es. Carondelet av., b.
Carroll and Soulard
Blaes, Nicholas, jr., trunk maker , r. es. Carondelet av., b.
Carroll and Soulard