The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
St. Louis [B] Directory. 15 BLA-BLU
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Blaettermann, Andrew, shoemaker , ws. 7th,n.north of Biddle
Blaetz, Jacob, wagon maker and blacksmith , ne. cor.
Picotte and Carondelet av.avenue
Blaine, John L., bagging and rope manufacturer ,
office 21 Commercial, r. ns. Locust, b. 6th and 7th
Blair, Edward keeper , 115n.north Main, r. ns. Chest-
nut, b. 12th and 13th
BlairFrancis P., jr., attorney , office sw. cor. 3d & Ches-
nut, r. nw. cor. 7th and Walnut
Blair, James A., ship carpenter , r. es. Broadway, b. Co-
lumbia and Florida
Blaisdell, Wm. A., engineer , r. sw. cor. 7th & Frank av
Blake, Aaron, dentist , office 62n.north 4th
Blake, George, moulder at 198n.north 2d, r. ne. cor. 8th and
Blake, John, carpenter , 27 s.south 6th
Blake, John, coffee house, nw. cor. 5th and Greene, works
on railroad
Blake, John M., clerk , 21 s.south Front
Blake, Maria, widow, ns. Market, b. 15th and 16th
Blake, Peter, laborer , 319 s.south 2d, ups
Blake, William, tinner , r. sw. cor. Florida and Lewis
Blakely, David, foundryman , r. ws. Main, b. Mullanphy
and Florida
Blakely, John, proprietor of Henry House, sw. cor. 4th
and St. Charles
Blakely, S. K., 102n.north 2d,r.residence City Hotel
Blakely, Wm., policeman , 310 Broadway, ups
Blakey, Gideon B., (Moore & B.) r. 35 Franklin av
Blakey, Grandelle, (McAfee & B.,) 91 Olive
Blakey, John C., deputy sheriff
Blaksley, Henry, dealer in patent medicines, sw.
cor.corner 3d and Chesnut,r.residence 47 Walnut
Blanchard, Benj., clerk at 132n.north 2d
Blanchard, D. C., druggist , se. cor. Carr and 15th
Blanchard, Elzier, (Lamoureux & B.) r. ss. Pine,
b. 6th and 7th
Blanchard, Wm., painter , r. 184 Wash
Blanck, Charles, clerk , 167 s.south 2d
Bland, Peter E., attorney . office 63½ Chesnut, r. ss. Gra-
tiot, b. 9th and Barlow
Blanke, F. & W. , Niagara House, 213 Franklin av.avenue ,
b. 7th and 8th
Blanke, Fred., (F. & W. B.) 213 Franklin av
Blanke, J. H., confectioner , 267 Market
Blanke, Theodore, carpenter , r. ss. Park av., b. Buel and
Blanke, Wm., (F. & W. B.) 213 Franklin av
Blankenhorn, Christian, butcher , r. al. b. 6th and 7th
Blannerhassett, Edward, r. ws. Dillon, b. Park av.avenue and
Blannerhassett, Richard S., attorney , office 66½ Chesnut,
r. ws. Dillon, b. Park av.avenue and Hickory
Blantz, Conrad, butcher , r. ss. Franklin av., b. 22d & 23d
Blappert, Theresa, widow, es. 7th, b. Lafayette and Sou-
lard, ups
Blasdell, Charles M., engineer , r. es. 18th,n.north of Carr
Blasins, Nicholas, trunk maker , 40n.north 2d
Blatchford & Collins , sheet lead manuf., nw.
cor.corner Main and Almond
Blatchford, Eliphalet W., (B. & Collins) r. 144
s.south 5th
Blatzack, Francis, porter , r. es. 9 th, b. Wash & Carr, ups
Blattau, Charles F., notary public , r. ss. Park av.avenue ,
b. 7th and Carondelet av
Blattner, G., mathematical and philosophical instrum’t
maker , 33n.north 2d
Blattner, Jacob, mathematical and philosophical
instrum’t maker , 33n.north 2d,r.residence 156 s.south 4th
Blattner, Michael, soap boiler , ns. St. Joseph, b. 5th & 6th
Blatz, Fred., baker , ws. 10th, b. Carr and Biddle
Blaydes, John A., clerk at 224 Broadway, r. es. 5th, b.
Morgan and Franklin av
Blaze, John H., teamster , r. ss. Madison, b. 2d & B’way
Blech, John C., blacksmith , ss. Market, b. 16th and 17th
Bleikamp, Casper, carpenter , r. ne. cor. 12th & O’Fallon
Bleins, Hillarius, cigar maker , r. sw. cor. 4th & Myrtle
Blesse, August, laborer , r. al. b. 8th and 9th, and Wash
and Carr
Blessing, Frederick, engineer , r. es. 8th, s.south of Cass av
Bleuze, Mrs., wash woman , r. ss. Myrtle, b. Main & 2d
Bleyle, Benedict, laborer , ns. Cedar, b. Main and 2d
Bleyler, Charles, machinist at Dowdal & Co., r. sw. cor.
8th and Carr
Bliech, John M., carpet weaver , ws. 15th, b. Carr and
Blickhahn, George, wood dealer , ss. Christy av., b. 20th
and 21st
Blincoe, George H., salesman , 111n.north Main,r.residence Virginia
Blinen, Jules, book keeper , 154n.north Main, r. se. cor. 4th
and Chesnut
Blinn, ——, carriage maker , r. es. 7th, b. Franklin av
and Morgan
Blinney, Henry, porter at Planters’ House, r. ws. 13th,
b. Clark av and Market
Bliss, L. D., cooper , r. es. Jackson, b. Soulard and Lafay-
Blitt, Gustavus, tanner , r. es. Jackson, b. Victor and
Block, Abraham, pedler , 152 Franklin av., b. 9th and
10th, ups
Block, Emanuel, r. 170 Market
Block & Evers , groceries, wines and liquors, 151
n.north 3d
Block, H., clothier , 3 Market,r.residence 17 2d
Block, Henry, clerk , 3 Market,r.residence 17 2d
Block, Henry, clothier , es. Carondelet av., b. Carroll and
Block, Henry, B. V. P. , (Dowdall, Carr & Co.) r. sw.
cor.corner Garrison and Washington av
Block, JohnC. H. D. , (B. & Evers) r. near new Reservoir
Block L. & Brothers , dealers in wines, liquors and cigars,
220 & 222 s.south 5th
Block, L. F., tailor , r. ns. Market, b. 13th and 14th
Block, Morris, dry goods store, es. Carondelet av., b. Sou-
lard and Lafayette
Block, Simon, second-hand furniture store, 80 Frank, av
Blocbaum, Henry, (Otto & B.) shoe makers, ws. 6th, b.
Wash and Carr
Bloemankamp, Henry, carriage maker , r. ns. Morgan, b.
5th and 6th, ups
Blom, Charles, grocer , se. cor. Emmett and Hamtramck
Blombert, Mary, widow, ss. Frank. av., b. 11th & 12th
Blome, Charles, (Zoller & B.) r. ne. cor. 9th and
Robert Tyler
Blome, Elizabeth, widow, ns. O’Fallon,w.west. of 9th
Blome, Emil, clerk at Francis A. Obert’s , r. 41 s.south 2d
Blome, Henry, dyer , us. Myrtle, b. 2d and Main
Blood, Charles S., clerk , 9 Chesnut, r. ss. Market, b. 6th
and 7th
Blood, John H., merchant tailor , 21n.north 3d
Blood, Sullivan, r. 158 Market
Bloomer, Conrad, sawyer , r. ws. 10th, s.south of Market
Bloser, A., coffee house, 124 s.south 2d
Bloss, Valentine, barber , sw. cor. Convent and 2d
Blossom, Chalmer D., river clerk , r. ws. 9th, b. Carr and
Blount, Charles W., pilot on Missouri river, r. ns. Mor-
gan, b. 15th and 16th
Blow, Henry T., President of Collier White Lead Co.
Blow, Mead R., clerk at Charless, Blow & Co.’s , room
cor.corner Main and Olive
Blow, Taylor, (Charless, B. & Co.) r. in country
Blow, William T., (Charless, B. & Co.) r. es. 7th,
b. Chesnut and Pine
Bluckford, James, carpenter , r. ne. cor. Hempstead and
Blukes, James, engineer at Fr. mill, r. 67n.north 3d
Blum, August, laborer , ws. Stoddard av., b. Chouteau av.avenue
and Hickory
Blum, Conrad, shoe maker , 119 Franklin av
Blum, Edward, clerk at J. Street & Co.’s , r. Gay, b. 13th
and 14th
Blum, Herman, machinist , r. ws. Main, b. Mullanphy &
Blum, John, cooper , r. 421 s.south 2d
Blum, Peter, plasterer , r. es. Rosatte, b. Marion and
Blum, Robert D., (Prince & B.) 28 Olive