The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
169 St. Louis [S] Directory. SCH-SCH
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Schmidt, Frederick, cabinet maker , ns. Park av., b. 7th"
and Carond. av
Sochmidt, Frederick, laborer , ws. Rosatti, b. Lafayette &
Schmidt, Frederiok, (S. 8r Co.) ns. Park av., w. of 7th
Schmidt, George, carpenter , es. 11th, s.south of O’Fallon
Schmidt, George A., es. Carond. av. b. Anna & Sidney
Sohmidt, Godfrey, lard presssr at Goodwin & Stewart’s,
r. sw. cor. 18th and Wash
Schmidt, Gotfricd, carpenter , 316 s.south 3d
Schmidt, Heinrieh, saddler , 6S Main, r. al. b. 7th & 8th,
Park av.avenue & Rutger
Sohmidt, Henry, cabinet maker , ns. Jefferson,w.west. of 9th
bohmidt, Henry, clerk , uw. cor. 11th and Fr. av
Schmidt, Henry, cooper , ws. 13th, b. Carr and Wa?h
fcehinidt, Henry, saddler ,ws. al. b. 7th & Provenchere &
Park av.avenue & Rutger
Schmidt, Ikmy, teacher , bb. Wash, b. 10th and 11th
bchmidt, Henry 13., blacksmith , ns. Chambers, b. O’Falon
Schmidt, Hermann, cooper , al. b. Barry & Miller & Co-
lumbus & Jackson
nehmidt, Jacob, cook at Virginia hotel,r.residence 205n.north 2d
Sohmidt, Jacob, shoemaker , 178 s.south 2d. ups
Schmidt, Jacob, stone cutter , ss. Mullanphy, b. 2d and
Schmidt, John, bar keeper , ns. Fr. av. b. 13th & 14th
Sohmidt, John, blaokamifih , uw. cor. 2d and O’Fallon
Sohmidt, John, carpenter , boards at Grenada House
Sohmidt, John, carpenter , es. Jackson, b. Barry and
Schmidt, John, cooper at Rcinstadlcr , boards at Grenada
Schmidt, John, grocer , no. cor. Jackson and Soulard
Sohmidt, John, laborer , es. Monard, b. Emmett and La-
Schmidt, John, laborer , es. 7th, b. Barry and Marion
Schmidt, John, laborer , ns. 6th, b. Hickory and Rutger
Schmidt, John, laborer , ns. Barry, b. Deoatar & Fulton
Schmidt, John, laborer , ss. Miller, b. Columbus and
Schmidt, John, laborer , es. 9th, in al. s. of O’Fallon
Schmidt, John, miller , ns. Spruce, b. 2dand Main
Bchmidt, John, pastor Ger. Moth. Ch. , al. b. 10th & 11th
& Fr. av. & Wash
Schmidt, John, pedler , es. 7th, b. Ann av.avenue it- lhisscll av.avenue
Schmidt, Joseph, woodsawyer , es. 11th,n.north of Biddle
Schmidt, Lorenz, beerhouse, 13’J and 141 s.south Main
Schmidt, Martin, cooper , us. Fr. nv., b. 10th and 17th
S’’’inidt, Mrs. Mary, widow, es. Carond. av., b. Lafay-
ette and Soulard
bhmidt, Matthias, helper , ss. Franklin ay., b. 14th and
Schmidt, Michael, cabinetmaker & undertaker , 238 s.south 5th
Schmidt, Nicholas, laborer , al. b. Columbus & Jackson &
Lafayette and Soulard
Schmidt, Peter, blacksmith , 210 s.south 2d
Schmidt, Peter, brick maker , es. Rosatti, b. Emmett &
(ieycr av
Schmidt, Peter, enrpenter , boards at Ucbrock’s,ws.west side. 2d,
n.north of O’Fallon
Schmidt, Peter, laborer , es. 9th, s.south of O’Fallon
Schmidt, Peter, tailor , n3. Biddle,w.west. of 12th
Schmidt, Philip, blacksmith , sw. cor. Columbus & Les-
Bchmidt, Philip, blacksmith and wagon shop, "42 s.south 5lh
Schmidt, Philip, cooper , es. Carond. av., b. Duchouquetto
and Trudeam
Sohmidt, Philip, laborer , in rear of 283 B. 3d
Sohmidt, Riahard, vetraineria* , 885 s.south oih, ups
Schmidt, Sebastian, laborer at Schaffa-’s, ns. Fr. av., b.
22d and 23d
Schmidt, Theobold, finisher at McMurray & Paulcy’s,r.residence
cor.corner 10th and Market
Schmidt, Thomas, laborer , es. Jackson, b. Emmett and
]j sp -ranee
Schmidt, Uerulo, widow, ws. Buel, b. Lafayette and
Schmidt, Valentino, laborer , cs. Jackson, b. Miller and
Schmidt, Wentzel, laborer , 377 s.south 2d, ups
Schmidt, William, laborer , cs. 12th, b. Fr. av. & Wash
Schmidt, WiUiam, laborer , es. 14-th. b. Biddle and Carr
Schmidt, William, laborer , cs. 10th, s.south of Cass av
Schmidtill, S., book keeper , es. 11th, b. Frank. av. and
Sohmiading, Francis, clerk , 277 s.south 5th
Schmieding, Frederick E., (S. & Wvljing) 171
Sc1Imieding & Wulfing , fancy and hardware,
155 and 171n.north 3d
Schmihr, Otto, clerk , 20 Market, boards U. S. hotel
Schmitgcns, Francis, Lib >rer , ss. Marion, b. 7th & Pulton
Schmitill, Siegmund, clerk , es, 14th. b. Carr and Wash
Sohmitt, Christiana, widow, al. b. 8th and 9th, Fr. ar.
and Wash
Schinitt, Conrad, shoemaker , 199n.north 2d
Schmitt, John, foundiyman , no. cor. (5th and Wasli
Sohmitt, John, laborer , ss. Miller, b. Columbus and
Schmitt, John, tailor , 60 locust
Sohmitt, Joseph, (Ni ev erg elder fy Co.) 65 Chesnut
Schmitt, Samuel, shoe manuf. , ns. Fr. av., b. 14th and
Schmitz, Ferdinand, dry goods, ne. cor. 11th & Market
Sohmitz, Francis, baibar , 10 Washington av
Schmitz, Francis, barber , (58 s.south 2d, upc
Bchmucker, Bernard, grocer , nw. cor. 17th and Fr. ay
Schmole, Daniel, shoemaker , 378 s.south 2d
Sohnak, Jaoob, cabinet maker , ws. 9th, b. Biddle and
Bohnanbet, Jacob, cooper , es. 8th, s.south of O’Fallon
Sohneeberger, H. J., shoe shop, S2 Olive
Schneeberger, Xaphir, stone mason , ns. Carroll, b. Co-
lumbus and Jackson
Schneer, Ernst, Washington garden and coffee house, r.
sw. cor. 3d and Elm
Schneetlage, John F., salesman , 13n.north Main,r.residence Is
Schneider, Amand, salesman , 10n.north Main, r. ss. Market,
b. 4th and 5th
Schneider, Andrew, carpenter , es. 12th,n.north of Biddle
Schneider, Bernard, tailor , nw. cor. Carondelet av.avenue and
Schneider, Casper, pcdlcr , ss. Wood, b. Columbus and
Schneider, Catharine, widow, 236 8th, b. Can- and Wash
Schneider, Chailes, laborer , es. Carond. ar. b. Emmett &
Sohnelder, Christian, shoemaker , 203 s.south 5th
Schneider, E.. (E. S. & Co.) r. 3d, b. Convent & Hickory
Schneidere.east & Co. , soap and candle manuf., 37
Schneider, Francis, Fisher , ws. Kosciusko, b. Lesperance
and Picotte
Schneider, Frank, rag buyer , al. b. 11th and 12th and
Biddle and Carr
Schneider, Frederick, cooper , r. al. b. 11th and 12th and
Can- and Wash
Schneider, Frederick, laborer , in rear of 169 s.south 4th
Schneider, Frederick, teamster , ne. cor. 14th and Carr
Schneider, Frederiok, teamster , ws. Columbus, b. Duchou-
quette and Lami
Schneider, Frederick, tobacconist at Mullen’s, r. ns. Mul-
berry, b. 3d and 4th
Schneider, F. A.Ii., 1st ed. Dem. Press, r. ws. 7th. s.south of
Schneider, George, dry goods, coffee house, 245 and 24!)
s.south 4th
Schneider, George, works at Belcher’s, al. b. 11th & 12th
& Carr ft Wash
Schneider, George H., oat meal and barley manuf. es.
12th, b. Fr. av. and Wash
Schneider, Gerhard H., (Siemers & S.) es. l2th, b. Fr. av.
and Waih
Schneider, Henry, confectioner , 81n.north 4th
Schneider, Henry, porter , ne. cor. B’way and Morgan, r
ns. Fr.av., b. 12tb & 13th
Schneider, Henry, porter , ns. Fr. av., b. 12th and 13th
Schneider, Henry, Bhoemaker , us. Spruce, b. 2d & Main
Schneider, Henry, stone mason , es. 15th, b. Fr. av. & Wash