The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
175 St. Louis [g] Directory. SEX-SHE
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SextonJohn, jr., oarpenter and builder , ns. Mound,e.east of
Sexton, John, (c) baggage driver , ws. 2d, s.south of O’Fallon
Sexton, Mary, widow, boarding house, ss. Greene, b. Oth
and 7 th
Sexton, Matthew, laborer , ws. 12th, b. Biddle & Carr
Sexton, Patrick, (c) baggage driver , ws. 2d, s.south of O’-
Sexton, Thomas J., carpenter , ss. Mound,w.west. of 9 th
Sexton, Timuthy, grocer , ne. cor. 9th & St. Charles
Seymour H. C. & Co. , R. R. contractors, office 35n.north 4th,
Seymour, John, steward on river,es.east side. 16th, b. Christy av.avenue
& Orange
Seymour, John S., hatter 17 Market,r.residence Spruce,w.west. end
Seymour, Manville. sawyer at Clark & Co.’s, r. ws. 2d,n.north
of Benton
Seymour, ganger & Co. , R. R. contractors, 35n.north 4th,
Shable, D. C, salesman 13 s.south Front,r.residence Centre, b. Market &
Clark av
Shacktlford, M. E., teacher in Clark P. school
Shackelford, R. C, wholesale boots and shoes, 54
n.north Main
Shade, John, master s. market, r. cs. Provenchere, b. Chou-
teau av.avenue & Hickory
Shae, Dennia, laborer , ws. 9th, s.south of Cass av
Shuo, James, laborer , ws. 6th. s.south of Case av
Bhae, Nicholas, laborer , ws. Gth, s.south of Cass av., in rear
Shaffer, Frederick D., boot and shoe dealer ne.
cor.corner 5th & Fr. av., boards Mo. Hotel
Shaffer, George M., oar builder P. R. R.,ws.west side. Centre, b.
Clurk av.avenue & Market
Shaffer, John D., car builder P. R. R.,ws.west side. Centre, b.
Clark av.avenue & Market
Siiaffneh, George, hide and leather store 19n.north
Main, r. ns. Chouteau av., b. 11th & 12th
Shaffner, George, tan yard , ss. Christy av., b. 22d & 23d
Shaffner, Matthew, cigar stores 10 Pine & 48n.north 3d
Shah, Bat, laborer , ss. O’Fallon,w.west. of 18th
Shaliey, Meiliek, porter , 182n.north 9th, b. Frank, av.avenue and
Morgan, ups
Shinahan, Eliza, widow, ss. Wash, b. 17th & 18th
Shands, Edward W., attorney , office P. O. building,
cor.corner Chesnut & 2d
Shands & Fox , contractors, 40 Chesnut
Shanda, J. G., (J. G. S. & Co.) r. ss. Gratiot, b. 4th and
Shanda J. G. & Co. , prop’rs O’Fallon Mill, ns. Hazel, b.
4th and 5th
Shands, William O., (S. & Fox) r. near Natural
Shane, Mary, midwife , nw. cor. 8th and Carr
Shane, Michael, laborer , nw. cor. 8th and Carr
Shaner, Jacob, river watchman , es. 9th, s.south of Cass av
shannon, Bryan, coffee house, 14 Morgan
Shannon, Edmund, Reservoir House, ws. B’way, s. of
Cass av
Shannon, Francis, laborer , sw. cor. 8th & Wash
Shannon, John, hod carrier , ws. 10th, s.south of Cass av
Shannon, John, Bhoemaker , ws. 8th, s.south of Can av
Shannon, Joseph, Shannon Exchange, 84n.north Front
Shannon, Patrick, quarrier , ws. 10th, s.south of Cass av., in
Shannon, Thomas, laborer , al. b. 4th & 5th, Fr. av. and
Shannon, William, laborer , ss. Christy av., b. 16th and
Shannon, William A., wood yard, 30 Walnut
Suapleigh, Augustus F., (S., Day & Co.) r. ss.
St. Onarles, b. 6th and 7th
Shapleigh, Day & Co. , wholesale hardware, 103n.north
Shnploy, David M., ship carpenter , 268n.north 2d
Shardon, John, bar keeper on river,ns.north side. Almond, b. Main
and 2d
Sharkey, Bryan, laborer , ss. Carr, b. 17th & 18th
Sharkey, John, river cook , 324ws.west side. 7th,n.north of Biddle
Sharkey, John, stone cutter , r. bs. Locust, b. 3d & 4th
Sharkey, John, stone mason , es. 9th,n.north of O’Fallon
Sharkey, Peter, Exchange 90n.north Front, r. nw. cor. 4th &
Sharler, Peter, carpenter , ws. 13th, b. Wash & Carr, ups
Sharp, Alexander, M. D. , office and r. 105 4th
Sharp, John, book keeper at Woods, C. & Co. ,r.residence Monroe
Sharp, John, carpenter , r. ws. 15th, b. Gark av.avenue and
Sharp, ——, carpenter , ne. cor. 14th & Webster
Shaub, Jacob D., carpenter , ns. Brooklyn, b. 10th & 11th
Shaube, Dennis, foreman at Bcehler’s, r. ns. Market, b.
14th and 15th
Shaw, Chailes H., book keeper for J. S. Blaine, r. so. cor.
14th and Morgan
Shaw, Frederick M., grocer , ne. cor. B’way & Hempstead
Shaw, George, pilot , es. 10th, b. Greene & Morgan
Shaw, Henry, r. sw. car. 7th it Locust
Shaw, Henry M., clerk at 224 B’way, boards ns. Wash.
av., b. 3d and 4th
Shaw, Hiram, tobacconist , 100 Myrtle
Shaw, Isaac, brick layer , ss. Orange, b. 12th & 13th
Shaw, James, brick layer , ns. Wash, av., b. 15th & 16th
Shaw, James, lock and gunsmith 98 Morgan, r. sw. cor.
5th and St. Charles
Shaw, James, pattern maker at Gaty, MoC. & Co.’s, r.
ws.west side. 5th, b. Locust & St. Charles
Shaw, John, 312 s.south 3d
Shaw, John, agent for Brandreth’s pills, 59 Market
Shaw, John, carpenter , al. b. 9th & B’way, Chambers &
Shaw, John, stone mason , ns. Morgan, b. 15th & 16th
Shaw, Mary A., dress maker ,ws.west side. 5th, b. Locust and St.
Bhswle, Ellen, widow, ss. St. Charles, b. 8th & 9th
Shay, Cornelius, laborer , ss. Cedar, b. 2d & 3d
Shay, Henry, tailor , 77 Fr. av
Shay, James, foundryman , es. 11th, b. Carr & Wash
Shay, John, carpenter , ws. 13th, b. Carr & Wash
Shay, Richard, drayman , ne. cor. 18th & Wash
Shea, Henry C, printer at Repub. office, r. se. cor. 3d &
Shea, James, mer. tailor , 45 Chesnut
Shea, James, porter 26n.north Front, r. ws. 6th,n.north of O’Fal’n
Shea, John, ss. Myrtle, b. Main and 2d
Sheaffer, Joel L., clerk , nw. cor. 3d & Wash. av
Sheaghnassy, Patrick, coffee house, ss. Greene, b. Main
& 2d
Bheanon, Michael, teamskr , se. cor. 7th & Lafnyette
Shearan, Joanna, widow, ws. 13th, b. Clark av.avenue & Market
Shearer, John, tailor , cutter 31n.north 2d, r. nw. cor. 12th &
Shearer, Timothy, laborer , ss. Greene, b. 5th & 6th
Sheble, Edwin A., riverman , ns. Morgan, b. 8th & 9th
Sheckley, Susan, widow, ns. Gay, b. 12th & 13th
Sheehan, David, shoemaker , es. 7th,n.north of O’Fallon, in
Sheehan, Dennis, es. 17th, s.south of Cass av
Sheehan, Jeremiah, drayman , ns. O’Fallon,e.east of 7th
Sheehan, John, laborer , ws. 8th,n.north of Biddle
Sheehan, Michael, deck hand , ns. Carr, w. of 22d
Sheehan, Patrick, laborer , ws. 14th, s.south of Biddle
Sheehan, Patrick, laborer , es. 13th,n.north of Biddle
Sheehan, Thomas, laborer , ws. 8th,n.north of Biddlo
Sheehein, John, stone cutter , ns. Fr. av., b. 16th & 17th
Bheehein, Patrick, saddler , ws. 16th, b. Frank, av.avenue and
Sheeny, Michael, clerk , ws. 17th, s.south of Cass av
Sheell, Gotlieb, porter , cs. 8th, s.south of O’Fallon
Sheffield, John, laborer , es. 10th, s.south of Cham
Shehan, James, drayman , es. B’way, b. Chambers and
Sheids, John, teamster , r. ss. Pine, b. 15th & 16th
Sheive, Frederick, laborer , ws. 12th, s.south of O’Fallon
Shelbrink, John H., cooper , ws. 10th, b. of Montgomery
Sheldon, L. F., operator at National Telegraph office
Sheler, Herman, carpenter , es. B’way, b. Chambers and
Shelleau, Peter, laborer at Philibert’s factory
Shelley, Sarah Ann. widow, ns. Carr, e. of 17th, in rear
Shilling, Henry, laborer , es. B’way, b. Palm & Wright