The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
St. Louis [U] Directory. 195 TWI-VAN
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Twiggs, Phobe, widow, ns. Jefferson,e.east of 2d
Tyhe, Michael, quarrier , ws. 7th, s.south of Cass av
Tyler, Benjamin R., M. D. , ws. 10th, & of Market
Lylar, Joseph R., collator , at 69 Levee
Tyler, Matilda, (c)wash woman , 117n.north 10th, b. Fr. av.
and Morgan, in rear
Tyzack, Joseph W., saw maker , es. Collins, b. Ashley &
Uchtmann, Frederick, bricklayer , se. cor. 15th & Biddle
Uebehardt, Matthias, basket maker , ss. Poplar, b. 2d & 3d
Uebel, George, bake shop, es. Carond. av., b. Barton and
Uebel, Henry, laborer , 419 Cs. 2d
Uebel, Jacob, soap boiler , ws. 6th, b. Rutger & Hickory
Ueekmann, Gerhaid, wood boatman , al., b. 2d & B’way,
and Spring and Wright
Uffenbeck, Henry, stone mason , no. corner 10th and O’-
Uhl, William, compositor at Anzeiger office, r. 35 Spruce
Uhiich, Charles H., pressman , 59½ Chesdut,r.residence Rutger, b.
4th and 7th
Uhlic1I, Frederick A., (Schuricht & U.) ns. Fr.
av., b. 11th and 12th
Unlinger, Christian, tailor , ss. Fr. ay., b. 5th and 6th
Uhm, Rudolph, St. bt. man , ss. Marion, b. 7th & Fulton
Uhmback, John, tailor shop, 57 s.south 2d
Uhrig, Henry, lborer , ns. Rutger, b. 7th and 8th
Uhrig, Ignatz, (Uhrig’s Cave) ws. Pratt av., b. Olive &
Unrig, Joseph, Camp Spring brewery , sw. cor. 18th and
Uhrig, Peter, shoemaker , 114n.north Main
Uhrig, Philip, shoe shop, 114n.north Main, r. ns. Locust, b.
2d and Main
Uluiiian, Frederick, basket maker , r. 84 Fr. av
Uisohinger, Albert, cooper , r. ws. B’dway, n. of Spring
Ulind, Bernard, carpenter , ws. B’dway, n. of Wright
Ule, Alexander, painter , Hicks, b. Locust and Olive
Rich, Ohailes, foundry man , r. 34 Fr. av
Ouery, Samuel, (Ellis & U.) r. bb. Morgan, b. 10th and
U lind, Casper, laborer , es. Dili. b. Clark av.avenue and Walnut
Ulmer, Charles, beer saloon , 67 Market
Ulpriht, John, saddler , 68n.north Main, r. ws. 3d, b. Pine &
Ulrich, Gasper, school teacher , es. 13th, b. Wash & Carr
Dlritb, William, saddler , 68n.north Main,r.residence corner 14th and
Fr. av
Ulrieht, Bernard, cooper , ws. 2d, s.south of Bates
Ulrici & Dreyer distillery, 219 s.south 2d
Ulrici, Emil, notary public , 316 a. 5th
Ulrici, Richard W., (U. & Dreyer) ws. 5th, b.
Cerre and Gratiot
Dmberaoo, George, fruit store, ws. B’dway, s. of BentOn
Uncleman, George, drayman , es. 12th, b. Carr & Biddle
Underhill, Edward, variety store, 90 s.south 5th
Underbill, Edwin, Com’l,n.north of Vine,r.residence 90 s.south 5th
Underhill, Henry B., r. Chouteau av., w. of 14th
Underwood, John C, mill wright , ws. 10th, s.south of spring
Underwood, Rufus, carpenter , r. ee. B’dway, n. of Palm
Unger, Francis, carpenter , nw. cor. 7th and Rutger
Unger, Frederick, bailor , es. of 7th, b. Rutger & Hickory
Ungerman, Adam, engineer , 268 0. 7th
Ungerman, Henry, saddler at Siekles, r. se. cor. 15th &
Ungermann, Henry, laborer , al., b. Wash and Carr, and
11th and 12th
UnionBrewery , J.Winkelmeier , ss. Market, b. 17th &
Union, Hall, cofee house, (Graber & Longcnbach) 93n.north
Union Insurance Co. , 81n.north Main
Union Mills , J & E Walsh nw. cor. Florida & Front
Union Pres. Churh , Rev.Wm.Homes, , nw. corner 11th
and Locust
United, States coffee House, S. Kincaid, sw. cor. Main
and Market
United States Hotel , Jos.P.Brown, , sw. corner
3d and Market
United States Mills A. W.Fagin, , 99 s.south 7th
University St. Louis , ss. Greene, b. 9th and 11th
Unsdd, James T., clerk at Wyeth, nw. cor. Cth & Market
Upkenmeier, Catharine, widow, ws. 8th, b. Fr. av. and
Wash, ups
Upmeyer, Edward, salesmnn , es. 14th, s.south of Cass av
Urban, Andreas, laborer , alley,es.east side. Columbus, b. Carroll
and Snulard
Urban, Dominiquesen., es. 2D,b. Myrtle and Elm, ups
UrbanDcminique, jr., civil engineer , ss. Walnut, betw.
Main and 2d
Urban, John, hat and cap manuf. , ns. Frank, av. b. 6th
and 7th
Ure, Alexander M., pap r carrier , es. 17th, s.south of O’Fallon
Ure, John, tailor , es. 17th. s.south of O’Fallon
Ure, William, porter , r. 17 Frank, av., ups
Ure, William, shipping clerk , 8’Jn.north Main, r. Frank, av.,
b. 7th and 8th
Ureck, Henry, porter , r. cor. Rutger and 7th
Urich, Joseph, finisher at McMurray Pawley’s
Urquhaii, Daniel, carpenter at Nance,r.residence 83n.north Sd
Urquharl, George, clerk , ne. cor. 4th and Greene, r. es.
12th,n.north of Fr. av
Ustick, Studley & Co. , printers, Exch’ge Build’gs,
sw. cor. Main & Olive, 3d story
Uslick, Thomas W., (U. Sludley & Co.) r. ne. cor. 12th
and Chesnut
Utech, Philip, Robert Flum coffee house, 137 S. 2d
Ulley, Joel, wire worker , -19 Market, r. ws. 5th, b. Elm
and Walnut
Utt, Thomas, ship carpenter , es. B’dway, b. Hempstead
and Brooklyn
Utterling, William, carpenter , es. 11th, b. Wash & Carr
Vadcl, Frederick, tinner , r. es. B’way, b. Chambers and
Vail, Cobra O., (Kellcy & V.) r. ns. Greene, b. 10th
and 11th
Vail, Edward S., salesman at Van Devcnter’s, r. es.
6th, b. Olive & Pine
Valdecker, Frederick, ns. Fr. av., b. 8th & Oth
Valdecker, William, tin mannf. ,ns. Fr. av., b. 8th & 9th
Valentine, Charles H., (Cutter & V.) r. ws. 6th, b. Ches-
nut and Pine
Valentine, John, (C. Frank & Co.) r. ss. Pine, b. 6th &
Valenton, Charles, cooper , cs. 12th, b. Wash and Carr
Vallat, Charles, dyer , 178 Market
Valle, E., dyer . 45n.north 5th
Va1le, A., se. cor. Elm and 7th
Vulle, Catharine B., widow, ss. St. Charles, b. 5th &, Gth
Vi He, Felix.(Chouteau. Harrison & V.) non-resident
ValleFelix, jr., clerk at Chouteau, Harrison & Valle ,r.residence
Planters house
Valle, John B., ss. St. Charles, b. 5th and 6th
Valle, Jules, (Chouteau Harrison & V.) r. 176 Olive
Valle, Nerbe, (Chouteau & V.) r. 133 s.south 6th
Vallenhoral, John H., laborer , es. 18th, s.south of O’Fallon
Vallenstein, Francis, laborer , ns. Emmett, b. Carond. av
and Jackson
Valliant, Thomas R.salesman . 54n.north 4th,r.residence 44 S. 4th
Van, Arx, 143 s.south 2d, ups
Van, John, stove store , 6n.north Main, r. ns. Almond, b.
2d and Main
Van, Amam D. C., teller at Clark &, Bros., r. es. 5th, b.
Olive sad Pine
Vanatta, Alice, private boarding , 63 Greene
Van, Bebren Wm. , r. 184n.north 7ih
Vanbergen, Nancy, widow, r. ws. 15th, b. Chesnut and
Van, Buren Joseph, Stone cutter , nw. cor. 7th & Marion
Vanbnakir, Qeorge, shoemaker , 184n.north 4th
Van, Camp, runner at Virginia hotel
Vancourt, Alexander, es. Collins, b. Biddle and Ashley
Vanoourt, Benjamin J., es. Collins, b. Biddle and Ashley
Vancourt, Mary, widow. ss. Collins, b. Biddle and Ashley
Van, Dele Isaac, tailor , boards 34 Fr.av