The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
St. Louis [W] Directory. 197 VIT-WAD
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Vittinghoff, Wiiliam, 115 s.south 4th, ups
Vittinghuff, John F., porter 69n.north Main, boards se. cor.
4th and Poplar
Vivian, James, printer , 224 nw. cor. 5th & Wash
Vobbe, Dederick, works at Belcher’s, r. al. b. 7th and 8th,
Carr and Biddle
Voden, Harrison, Sanguinet House, 47 s.south Main
Voee, Adelaide, widow, ne. cor. Marion & Columbus, ups
Voehlinger, Theodore, shoemaker , in rear of 118 s.south 2d
Voehr, Joseph, turner , ws. B’way, b. Benton & Warren
Voelker, Emanuel, policeman , ss. Almond, b. 2d & 3d
Voelker, Henry, butcher , es. DeKalb, b. Victor & Sidney
Voelker, John, laborer , ws. Columbus, b. Picotte and
Voelpel, Philip, stone mason , es. Rosatti, b. Einmett and
Geyer av
Voepel, Michael, furniture store , ns. Fr. av., w. of 21st
Voerstel, Charles, butcher , es. DeKalb, b. Victor and
Voerster, Frederick, laborer , es. 14th, b. Biddle & Carr
Voerster, John D., tip. house, se. cor. Miller & Carond. av
Voerster, Michael, bricklayer , se. cor. Columbus and Les-
Voet, Vandar, carpenter , ns. O’Fallon,e.east of 14th
Vogdes, Augustus S., clerk at V. & Co.’s, boardsws.west side. 2d,
b. Carr & Biddle
Vogdes, Jacob, r. ws. 2d, b. Carr & Biddle
Vogel, August, cooper , ws. Carond. av., b. Allen av.avenue and
Geyer av
Vogel, Edward H., clerk at sw. cor. 4th & Market
Vogel, Frederick, distiller , r. ss. Park av., b. 2d & 7th
Vogel, George L., bakery , ns. Morgan, b. 13th & 14th
Vogel, Henry, clerk , boards City Hotel
Vogel, Jacob, grocer , 330 s.south 3d
Vogel, John, cigar store , 208 s.south 2d
Vogel, John, pedler , 103 s.south Main
Vogel, John, Phoenix pottery , ns. Barry, b. 7th & Fulton
Vogel, John C., justice of the peace, ns. Cherry, b. Col-
lins and B’way, r. ws. 24th,n.north of Fr. av
Vogel, Siegmund, painter , es. Carond. av., b. Sidney and
Vogel, Theodore, clerk at Cramer’s, 3 Fr. av
Vogel, William, daguerreotypist , 86 s.south 2d, ups
Vogeler, Charles, boarding house, 68 s.south Main, ups
Vogeler, Christoph, teamster , ws. Bud, b. Soulard and
Vogeler, Ferdinand, (G. & F. V.) r. 68 s.south Main
Vogeler G. & F. , dry goods, 42 Market
Vogeler, Gustave, (G. & F. V.) r. ws. Main, b. Elm and
Vogeler, Michael, laborer , ss. Rosatti, b. Soulard and La-
Vogelpold, William, foreman at stable ns. Fr. av., b.
14th & 15th
Vogelsang, Jacob, carpenter , es. 11th, b. Frank. av. and
Voght, Francis, cartraan , es. 9th, b. Wash & Carr
Vogt, Casper F., laborer , ne. cor. 14th and O’Fallon
Vogt, Charles, blacksmith , boards 72 Fr. av
Vogt, Francis, clerk , 163 s.south 5th
Vogt, Francis, stone cutter , ss. Victor, b. Easton and Ca-
Vogt, Herman, works at Belcher’s, ws. 12th,n.north of O’Fal-
Vogt, Jacob, tailor , 56ss.south side. Convent
Vogt, T. H.produce dealer , 2n.north Front,r.residence corner 5th and
Vogt, Valentine, carriage maker , r. ns. Carr, b. 8th
and 9th
Vohenger, John, black smith , r. Moore al. b. 16th and
17th, s.south of Market
Vohr, Paul, laborer , ss. Fr. av. b. 21st and 22d
Voigt, B.(Bunding & V.) r.residence Planter’s house
Vokt, Joseph, tailor , 232 s.south 4th ups
Volger, John, dry goods and groceries , 4 s.south Front
Volgert, Francis, cooper , es. Columbus, b. Soulard and
Volk, Leonard W.marble cutter at Kent & Fuller’s,r.residence
64 Cedar
Volk, Philip, carpenter , ws. Menard, b. Marion & Carroll
Volker, Frederick, (Englert & V.) r. ss. Fr. av. b. 15th
and 16th
Volker, Henry, grocer , ne. cor. Carond. av. & Barry
Vollner, Johanna, widow, ws. 7th. b. Park av.avenue & Rutger
Volmer, Charles, upholsterer at Scarrett & Mason’s,r.residence
es.east side. 4th, b. Fr. av. and Morgan
Volmer, Christian, cooper , es. 5th al. s. of Convent
Voliz, Adam, ws. 7th. b. Barry and Marion
Von Behren, Henry, shoemaker , ns. Wash, b. 6th & 7th
Vonberg & Flottermesch , dry goals and groceries, se. cor.
B’way and Chambers
Vonberg, George, (V & Flottermesch,) r. se. cor. B’way
and Chambers
Vonderathe, Frederick, tailor , 52 Chesnut
Von Felde, Joseph, black smith , cor.corner Short & Wood
Vongerichten, Mrs. Frederick, beer house, es. Carond. av.
b. Barry and Marion
Vonker, Herman, works at Belcher’s, r. ns. Smith, b.
Main and Lewis
Von Pfister, Francis M.clerk , 18 Wash. av. r. ns. Olive,
b. 10th and 11th
Von Phul, Frederick, clerk at Von Phul, Waters &
Co.’s , r. 137 s.south 5th
Von Phul, Henry, (Vp., Waters & Co.) r. 137
s.south 5th
Von Phul, Henry jr.clerk at Von P., Waters & Co.’s,r.residence
137 s.south 5th
Von, Phul, Waters & Co. wholesale grocers, 29n.north
Voorhies, Charles L.clerk at Eddy’s,r.residence Brant’s row
Voorhies, Cornelius J.salesman , r. se. corner 6th and
Wash. av
Voorhies, Ralph P.(Lockwood, V. & Co.) r. se.
cor.corner 10th and Morgan
Voorhis, Cornelius, clerk at Eddy’s, r. se. corner 6th and
Wash. av
Voorhis, Cornelius J.(Meyers & V.) 172n.north 3d
Voorhis, Robert , office 82\m=1/2\ Chesnut, r. es. 6th
b. Oiive and Pine
Vordiecke, Henry, cabinet maker , ns. Davis,w.west. of 23d
Vormehr, Casper, shoe maker , sw. cor. 3d and Plum
Vorrister, William, machinist , 308 s.south 3d
Vortman, John G.clerk at Carr & Rogers’, r. ns. Ashley
b. Collins & 2d
Vortmann, Diedrich, carpenter , ss. Orchard, b. Barlow &
Vortmann, Susan, widow, ss. Orchard, b. Barlow and
Vos, Diederich, laborer , ws. Rosatti, b. Emmett and
Geyer av
Vosbergh, Cornelius H.carpenter , 163\m=1/2\n.north 4th, 3d story
Vosbrinck, Henry, salesman at Koppelmann’s,r.residence 121
Voss, H.painter , r. es. 7th. b. Fr. av. and Morgan
Voss, Henry, mason , ns. Soulard, b. Carond. av. and
Voss, John, deputy marshal , ss. Almond, b. 2d and 3d
Voth, Albert H.laborer , nw. cor. Menaid & Geyer av
Vought, P. G.druggist , 114 Market,r.residence Monroe house
Voulking, Michael, laborer , ws. Columbus, b. Trudeau &
Voullaire, Mrs. L.young ladies’ academy , ns. Olive, b.
5th and 6th
Voullaire & Seymour , notary public, office P. O. building,
r. ns. Olive, b. 5th and 6th
Vuelgis, John, boat man , r. ns. Lafayette, b. Columbus
and De Kalb, in al
Vyan, John, tailor , ns. Clark av. b. 13th and 14th
Wachel, Aaron, pedlar , ws. Fulton, b. Soulard & Carroll
Wachtel, Andreas, tailor , ws. 7th, b. Park av.avenue & Barry
Wachtel, Andreas, teacher in St. Mary’s school
Wachtel, Jacob, pedlar , es. 7th, b. Lafayette & Soulard
Wacker, Anthony, tailor , ws. al. b. 5th and 6th, s.south of
Wacker, John, stone cutter , ss. Victor, b. Jackson and
Wacker, Matthias, coffee bouse , 245 s.south 2d
Waddell, John, laborer , ws. 10th, s.south of Cass av