The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
St. Louis [W] Directory. 205 WHI-WIE
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White, Robert, book keeper , 3n.north Main,r.residence Dodier, b. 15th
and 16th
White, Sophia, widow, es. St. Ange av., b. Park av.avenue and
White, Stephen, laborer , ss. Christy av., b. 16th and 17th
White, Thomas, bakery, 187 Wash, b. 8th and 9th
White, Thomas, stone cutter , ss. Wash, b. 13th & 14th
White, Thomas L., carpenter , es. 16th, b. Christy av.avenue &
White, Wm., carpenter , es. 8th, s.south of O’Fallon
White, Wm., ostler , nw. cor. B’way and Warren
White, Wm. H., (J. S. Thomas & Co.) r. 192 Pine
White, W. H., salesman , 30n.north 2d
White, Wm. N., (W. N. W. & Co.) r. 70 s.south 5th
White Wm. N. & Co. , dry goods, 166 B’way
Whitebrede, Peter, laborer , ws. 9th, b. Carr & Biddle
Whitehead, John, deck hand , r. es. 14th,n.north of Biddle
Whitehill, John, lumber mer. , nw. cor. 5th and
Carr, r. ws. 14th, b. Market and Clark av
Whitehill, Wm. B., carpenter , ws. 4th, b. Lombard and
Whitelaw, George P., (H. Johnson & Co.) 68n.north 2d,r.residence
es.east side. 5th, b. Cerre and Poplar
Whitelaw, J. H., r. 140 s.south 5th
Whitelaw J. H. & Co. , grocers, 3 s.south Front
Whiteman, Geo. W., policeman , r. es. Collins, b. Cherry
and Carr
Whiteman, Wm., merchant , 112 s.south 5th
Whiteside, Charles H., saddler , ws. 10th, s.south of Wright
Whiteside, John, salesman , 115n.north Main, r. ns. Chesnut,
b. 12th and 13th
Whitfield, ——, laborer , ws. B’way, s. of Palm
Whiting, Addison, clerk at Livermore & Cooley’s, boards
18n.north 5th
Whiting, Wm. A., (Scott, Naylor & Co.) r. Monticello,
Whitker, Jonathan, printer , 97 s.south 3d, ups
Whitley, Andrew L., brass foundryman , ns. Wash, b.
9th and 10th
Whitley, Henry C., Matteson Hotel , ne. corner
B’way andn.north Market
Whitlock, Irwin, sawyer , ns. Benton,e.east of 9th
Whitlock, John W., (Pender & W.) ws. B’way, s.
ofn.north Market
Whitmore, Charles, clerk at Rhodes, Pegram & Co., 13
Pine, r. ns. Pine, b. 14th and 15th
Whitmore, Henry, (H. W. & Co.) r. cor. Pine and Lef-
fingwell av
Whitmore Henry & Co. , Atlantic mill, nw. cor. Main
and Plum
Whitney, Henry D., station agent P. R. R. , boards es-
6th, b. Olive and Pine
Whittaker, Francis, pork packer , ns. Carr, b.
6th & 7th,r.residence 243n.north 6th
Whittaker, J. P., printer at Repub. office,r.residence 163 s.south 4th
Whittemore, Horace, (H. & R. B. W. & Co.) non res
Whittemore, Robert B., (H. & R. B. W. & Co.) r. ne.
cor.corner 5th and Pine
Whittemore H. & R. B. & Co. , wholesale hats and caps,
127n.north Main
Whitten, Robert, laborer , ns. O’Fallon,e.east of 7th
Whittingham, Richard, carpenter , es. 14th,n.north of Co-
Whittinghoff, Wm., clerk at Rogers’ livery stable, boards
at Lewellin’s
Whittle, Mary, widow, r. es. 6th, b. Fr. av. & Wash
Whittle, Mary, widow, ns. Mullanphy,e.east of 9th
Whittle, Thomas, deck hand , r. ws. 6th, b. Wash, av. &
Whittlesey, Chales C., atty , 32\m=1/2\ Chesnut
Wholing, Rudolph, clerk at 43 Fr. av
Whurst, Angus, blacksmith at McM. & Pauley’s, r. ss.
Wash, b. 12th and 13th
Whyers, Elijah G., salesman at 120 Market, boards in
Glasgow row
Whyte, Richard, salesman , 56n.north Main,r.residence 4 Hicks, b. Olive and Locust
Wibbemeyer, Martin J., coffee house, 387 s.south 2d
Wibbing, Fred W., clerk at White’s, cor.corner 3d and Vine,
r. ws. 12th, b. Carr and Wash
Wibracht, Henry C., grocer , 229n.north 14th
Wichard, Charles, shoemaker , ns. Morgan, b. 18th and
Wichard, Frederick, grocer , se. corner 12th and
Wichart, Frederick, grocer , 204 Fr. av., r. nw. cor. Fr.
av.avenue and 11th
Wiche, John, foundryman , boardses.east side. 13th, b. Wash and
Wichmann, H. W., rag dealer , 171 s.south 4th
Wichser, Balthaser, shoe maker , se. corner 7th and
Park av
Wickel, Sarah, widow, es. 14th, b. Carr and Biddle
Wickersham, Isaac, livery stable, ws. 9th,n.north of
Wickersham, Richard, clerk , boardsws.west side. 9th,n.north of Spring
Wickham, John, atty 56\m=1/2\ Chesnut, r. ss. Olive, b.
10th and 11th
Wicks, George H., book keeper at King’s, 18 Vine
Wicks, John C., foreman at C. Holmes, 107 Greene
Wicksford, Henry, teamster , es. 9th, b. Labeaume and
Widd, Morris, saddler , 68n.north Main, r. es. 2d, b. Market
and Walnut
Widde, John, wagon maker , 23 Fr. av., boards ss. Fr.
av., b. 5th and 6th
Widen, Joseph, (Wall & W.) r. ss. Wash. av., b. 8th
and 9th
Widen, Wm. S., entry clerk , 153n.north Main, boards 135
n.north 3d
Widgery, John, recording clerk sur. gen.’s office , r. ns.
Olive, b. 9th and 10th
Widke, George, butcher , ss. Park av., b. Rosatti and
Widleen, James, whitener and wall colorer , ws. 6th, b.
Greene & Morgan
Widows’ Home , es. 10th, s.south of O’Fallon
Wiebe, Julius A., M. D. , office andr.residence , 290n.north 7th
Wieberts, Garrett J., book keeper , 217n.north Main.r.residence 109
s.south 7th
Wiebusch, August, foreman in Chrinicle office,r.residence Clark
av, b. 10th and 11th
Wiebusch, Nicholas H., printer at Chronicle office, r.
Clark av., b. 10th and 11th
Wiebush, Fred. E., clerk , 171n.north 3d, r. ns. Clark av., b.
10th and 11th
Wiechmann, Henry, foundryman , es. 11th, s.south of O’Fal’n
Wiedemann, Anselm, rag buyer , es. 9th, s.south of Webster
Wiedemeyer, Theresia, midwife, 256 s.south 5th
Wiedner, Henry, shoemaker , ss. Hickory, b. 5th and 7th
Wiegand, George, stone mason , al. b. Carroll and Sou-
lard,e.east of Jackson
Wiegand, Wm., shoemaker , ss. Marion, b. 7th and Ca-
rond. av
Wieges, Mary E., widow, es. 14th, b. Carr and Biddle
Wiehl, Joseph, coffee house, ws. Carond. av., b. Park av.avenue
and Barry
Wieke, Henry, laborer , ws. Menard, b. Lafayette and
Wiekraft, Henry, cooper , es. Paul, b. Chouteau av.avenue and
Wieland, Conrad, Gasworks Exc. coffee house, 315 s.south 2d
Wield, Philip, painter , ws. 9th, b. Chambers & Webster
Wielle, Christian, blacksmith , r. al. b. Fr. av. and Wash
and 5th and B’way
Wieneke, Christopher, laborer , ne. corner 14th and O’-
Wieneke, Henry, porter , ne. cor. 14th and O’Fallon
Wieneke, Philip, laborer , ne. cor. 14th and O’Fallon
Wiemir, Jacob, tailor and cutter
Wienker, Gerhard, wood sawyer , ns. O’Fallon,e.east of 14th
Wier, Antony, river steward , ss. Mound,w.west. of 10th
Wiese, Bernard, coffee house, 273 Market
Wiesehahn, Fred, salesman , 11n.north Main,r.residence Walnut, b.
Main and 2d
Wiesehann, Gerhard W., confectioner , 48 Fr. av
Wieseman, John, wagon maker , ws. Carond. av., b. Anna
and Sidney
Wieser, Philip, cooper , ws. Columbus, b. Soulard and La-