The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
206 St. Louis [W] Directory. WIE-WIL
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Wkniin, Herman, saLirun at 108 B’way, r. bs. Fr. av.
b. 5th and 6th
Wiethecbter, Ferdinand, milkman , ss. Emmctt, b. Bud
and Deeatar
Wiethnekter, Fred V,7., book keeper , nw. cor. B’way &
Morgan, r. W8. 8th, b. Carr and Wash
Wigger, Richard, teamster , ns. Jefferson,e.east of 10th
Wiggindon, Charles, helpers at Edgars
Wiggins & Axde116On , dry goods and groceries, 1
s.south Vront
Wiggins, Charles, (Low, W. & Co.) r. 129 Chcs’t
Wiggins, James, (e) white washer , ns. Wash, b. 12th &
Wiggins, Louis H., b ok stand, sw. cor. B’way & Mor-
gan,r.residence St. Angi, near Ciiouteau av
Rrwl.rf, Samuel B., (W. 4r Anderson) r. sw. cor.
Gih and Walnut
Wiggins, ffm., engineer P. R. R., at Franklin
Wuber, John, drayinan , boards nw. cor. 2d & Ashley
Wlbrg, Herman, beer saloon , o’8 ws. s. 2d
Wilbert, Casper, laborer , al. b. 7th & Provenchere & Rut-
ger and Park av
Wilbert, Mariane, widow, ss. Myrtle, b- Main and 2d
Wilcox, Danid, laborer , 132 Carr. b. 6th and 7th, ups
Vviliox, Jeremiah 13., (W. 4 McDowell) r. ns.
Pine, b. 12th nnd 13th
Wilcox & Mcdowell , wholesale carpet store, 58n.north
Wil 1, Hart, clothing store, 16 s.south Front
Wil le, Henry, clerk , 34 B. Main
Wi.dc, Wentliug, cooper , ws. B’way, b. Monroe and
n- -Market
Wildt, Win., cooper , ws. Broadway, b. Jefferson andn.north
Wiles, Benjamin, ship carpenter , ns. Morgan, b. 16th &
Wiles, Michael, (P. & M. Tv.) se. cor. B’way and Mul-
Wilm, Peter, (P. & .If. W.) se. comer B’way and Mul-
Wiles P. it M. , mammoth stable and boarding house,
se. cor. B’way and Mull;;nphy
Wiley, Berjanup L., salesman at Eddy, Jameson & Co.,
r. se. Cot. 5th and Wa.-h av
Wiley, Gemse W., (Bast & W.) r. ns. Pine, b. 13th &
Wiley, Strother, pilot , se. cor. 18th and Wash, av
Wiley, Thomas D., s. b. clerk , r. ns. Mullanphy,e.east of 9th
WiLy, Woodville, milk dejwt on Front, r. se. cor. 17Lli
and Wash
Wilfert, A., shoemaker , 384 s.south 2d
Wilfeic, Andrew, shoemaker , ws. 5th, b. Cerre & Gratiot
Wilus, Asa, boards at Planters House
Wdg la C. T. & Co. , painters and paper h wgers, 52 &
54 Pine
Wugob, Eilaa, widow, se. cor. lltb ami Locust
Wilus, James S., tlerk for Wilgus &. Co., r. se. cor. 11th
and Locust
Wilh hn, Andrew, helper at Pullis’, r. es. 11th, b. Fr.
av.avenue and Wtth
Wilh lin, Francis, shoemaker shop, 143 s.south 2d
wil, John, laborer , al. b. Carroll and Marion,e.east of
Wilhthn, Ludwi, tailnr , 2S5 s.south 5th
Wilk, Wtn. X.. dark at C. Holmes, 107 Greene
Wilke, Adolph i., grocer , ws. 12th, s.south d Oaa av
Wi ke, August, clerk , 74 sw. cor. 2d and Myrtle
Wilke, Augustus, Ijouk keeper at llanford, Thayer & Co.,
r.residence 63 s.south 2d
Wilke, Frtdirick, plasterer , ns. O’Fallon, c. of 13th
Wilke, Uenry, saddletree maker , ws. 9th, b. n. Market
and Bentn
Wi k’, Henry, tailor , es. 1.1th, s.south of O’Fnllon
Wilke, John D., saddletree maker , ws. ’Jth, b. n. Market
and Benton
Wiikchs, John, laborer , boards 84 Fr. av
Wilkenahof, Eberhard, Bhoemaker , .’307 s.south 7th
Wilkcr, Henry, R. R, contractor in Illinois, r. ws. 7th,
s.south of fturk av
Wilker, Margaret, widow, 104 Franklin av, upg
WilUerson, Edward, book keeper at Pomcroy, Benton &
Co.’s , r. ne. coiner 3d & Wash av
Wiikerson, Susan 11., private boarding, nc. cor. 3d and
Wash, av
Wilkey, William, foreman at Ashbrook’spork house, ws.
B’way, b. Palm & Tyk-r
Wilkie, Andrew, (Groves & W.) 185 Wash
Wilkie, Mrs. Jane, milliner , 185 Wash
Wiikins, John, mill wright at a & C. Todd’s , boards at
Foundry house
Wilkinson, George W., bricklayer , ss. Randolph, b. 13th
& 14th
Wilkinson, Joseph, porter , 20n.north Front, r. es. Collins, s.south
of Carr
Wilkinson, Joseph, speculator , r. cs. 8th, b. Carr and
Wilkinson, Joseph P., salesman , 24n.north Front, r. so. cor.
4th and Plum
Wilkinson, Mrs. Julia, milliner and dress maker 10S
Wilkinson, R. J., (c) barber , nw. cor. 4th & Pine, r. nw.
cor.corner 14th & Spruce
Wilkinson, Robert, barber , 84 s.south 14th
Wilkinson, Thomas L., clerk , 82n.north Front, r. sw. cor. 5th
and Olive
Williud, George W., s. b. eapt. , r. es. Centre, b. Clark
av.avenue & Market
Willard, John N., (Townsend, Robinson 4’ Co.) r. Ws.
4th, b. Pine and Olivo
Willcome, John P., clerk , 26 Market, r. ss. Walnut, b.
2d and 3d
Willden, Henry, clothing store 68 3, 4th
W-ille, John, pedler , sw. corner DeKalb & Anna
Willes, Joseph, (c) matchmaker , 270 Hazel
Wil hahler, Wm., hiboror , ss. Cai’r, b. 8th & 9th
Avillhite, E. W., M. D. , office 1n.north Front,r.residence Market, b.
8th and 9 th
Willi, Samutl, office 58 Chesnut, r. ws. 3d, b. Market &
William, Andraes, foundrymau , es. 11th, b. Fr. av. and
Willi .mi T Ii House , Frederick Folk, 260n.north Main
Williams, Albert, foreman at Lewis & llro’s , boards at
Swanee House
Williams, Allied, tobacconist , 8 s.south Front, r. sw. corner
16th and Biddle
Williams, Alfred D., machinist , 194n.north 2d, r. es. 14th, b.
Fr. av. and Wash
Williams, Andrew, r. ws. Centre, b. Clark av.avenue & Market
Williams, August, tobacconist , 8 s.south Front, r. sw. corner
Kith & liiddL
WiPiams, Bernard, cljrk , 211n.north Main
Williams, Caroline F., widow, teacher of music, boards
ws.west side. Collins, b. Biddle and Ashley
Wil.iiims, Charles, master machinist P. R. R., Graiot,w.west.
of Piatt av
Wi lii ins, (’hails, stone cutter , r-ss.south side. Hum, b. 2d X 3d
Williams, E.brick maker , m. Martha, b. 8th & Bud
Williams, Ivliziibcih, widow, ns. Franklin av., b. 14th
and 15th
Williams, le ix , es. 14th,n.north of Biddle
Wi.liums, George S., blacksmith , 270n.north 2d
Williams, Henry T., pnduco and fruit dealar , r, es.
W;i-1i, 1,. ’Jill nnd ltHh
Williams, Henry W., (Leslie, Williams & Barrett)
80 Chesnut
Willlaiiti, Jacob S., earthen and iron chimney tops,
water and rat proofing, 91 Wash, av., r. at l’2lh, s.south
of Morgan
Williams, James, (c) barber , r. Wash, av., b. 13th and
Williams, James E., brass finisher , 125n.north 3d, r. ss.
Greene, b. 7th and 8th
Wiltimm, Jonesnpenter , us. Poplar, b. 12th and l.’Uh
Williams, Jn, hatter , r. 243n.north 5th, b. With & carr
William, Johnlaborer , ws. loth, b. Carr and Jiiddlo
Iviliiums, John, painter , ns. Wash, b. lllb and 112!li
Will;nnn, John, (Iv. 4- Kelly) r. m. Biddle,w.west. f 161
Williams, John C, laborer , ws. Jaokwn, b. Madopa and
1 roll