The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
St. Louis [C] Directory. 37 CON-COR
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Convent of Sacred Heart , ws. 5th, b. Hickory & Labadie
Convent of Sisters of Charity , ws. 19th, s.south of Cass av
Convent of St. Joseph , nw. cor. Marion and Fulton
Convent of Visitation , es. Decatur, b. Marion & Carroll
Convers, A. H., M. D. , office 53 Locust,r.residence City Hotel
Convers, Mason, livery and sale stable , 256 B’way,
r. es. 10th, b. Carr and Wash
Conway, Bernard, deck hand , al. b. 5th and 6th, Frank.
av.avenue and Wash
Conway, Charles, blacksmith , es. 10th, b. Chambers and
Conway, Dennis, drayman , ns. Christy av., b. 11th & 12th
Conway, Fred. R., r. sw. cor. 4th and Elm
Conway, Hannah, widow, al. b. 4th and 5th, Morgan &
Franklin av
Conway, James, laborer , 331 s.south 2d, ups
Conway, James A., civil engineer , r. es. 7th, b. Olive &
Conway, Maria, widow, es. 10th, b. Chambers & Webster
Conwny, Morris, laborer , ns. Spruce, b. 12th and 14th, in
Conway, Patrick, watchman , r. ns. Greene, b. 7th & 8th
Conway, Wm., tailor , 332n.north 7th,n.north of Biddle
Conway, Wm. H., (Betts, C. & Co.) ns. Randolph, cor.corner
Conyngham, J. B., attorney , office 39 Chesnut
Conz, Philip, cabinet maker at Scarritt & Mason’s
Conzelman, G., paper hangings , 54 Market, r. ss.
Clark av., w. of city
Coogan, Arthur, drayman , r. es. 8th, b. Carr & Biddle
Coogan, James, laborer , es. 8th, b. Carr & Biddle
Coogan, Patrick, drayman , r. es. 8th, b. Carr & Biddle
Coogle, Adam, policeman , ns. Howard,w.west. of 10th
Cook, Alexander, dyer , r. cor. 3d and Greene
Cook, Alexander, tailor , 96 Locust
Cook, Charles, bar-keeper , ws. 8th, b. Morgan & Frank-
lin av
Cook, Charles, saddler , ss. Franklin av., b. 21st & 22d
Cook, Christian, clerk , 283 S. 5th
Cook, Delia, 46 s.south 5th
Cook, Edward, gas fitter at 125n.north 3d, 216 Market
Cook, Edward, repairer of furniture, 29 s.south 6th
Cook, Fernando C., (Walther & C.) teachers, ns. Greene,
b. 7th and 8th
Cook, George, teamster , r. nw. cor. 9th & Brooklyn, ups
Cook, Henry, (Rosenheim & C.) r. se. cor. Myrtle &
Cook, Henry, tailor , r. al. b. 9th and 10th, Carr & Biddle
Cook, John, laborer , al. b. 8th and 9th, Wash and Carr
Cook, John, laborer , ws. 16th,n.north of Biddle
Cook, John, overseer of Chouteau’s farm, r. ss. Biddle,
w.west. of 10th
Cook, John, porter , 79n.north 2d, r. ws. 16th, b. Biddle and
Cook, John, saddler at 5n.north Main,r.residence 219 s.south 4th
Cook, John, saddletree maker , ws. 9th, b. n. Market and
Cook, John, wagon manuf. , ws. B’dway, b. Jefferson
and Monroe
Cook, Leonard, musician , ns. Frank. av., b. 7th & 8th
Cook, Lyttleton, attorney , office nw. cor. Locust & Main
Cook, Martin, butcher , r. ss. Morgan, b. 23d & 24th
Cook & Matthews , dyers and tailors, 96 Pine
Cook, Michael, shoemaker, or clerk at Eby’s,ws.west side. 14th, s.south
of Cass av
Cook, Moses C., M. D. , office nw. cor. 2d and Pine
Cook, Robert, (How & C.) r. Planters’ House
Cook, Seth, cleark at Abrahams & Bro.’s , r. ss. Greene, b.
5th and 6th
Cook, Susan, widow, r. ns. Frank. av., b. 8th & 9th, ups
Cook, S. J., clerk , 35n.north Main,r.residence 136 Greene
Cook, Wm., r. ns. Olive, b. 8th and 9th
Cook, Wm., foundryman , ws. Main, b. Biddle & Ashley
Cook, Wm., (C. & Matthews) 96 Pine
Cook, Wm. P., (Merrell & Co.) r. 37 St. Charles
Cooke, Wm. M., attorney , office 29 Chesnut,r.residence 145 s.south 4th
Cooledge, Edward R., clerk , 16n.north Front,r.residence Monroe
Cooley, Martin C., (Livermore & C.) r. Virginia
Cooney, Patrick, butcher , ss. Carr, e. of 22d
Cooney, Patrick, laborer , al. b. 7th and 8th, Franklin av.avenue
and Wash
Cooney, Richard, drayman , r. rear 154n.north 8th
Cooney, Wm., foundryman , r. 201n.north 2d
Coons, A., clerk at Meier & Co.’s, r. Virginia Hotel
Coons, Andrew J., M. D. , office and r. ns. Locust, b. 6th
and 7th
Coons, Clarles, tailor , ss. Frank. av., b. 11th & 12th
Coons, Edward, hardware, 208 Market
Coons, Fred., tinner , 145n.north Main, r. ns. Orange, b. 12th
and 13th
Coons, Nicholas, finisher at McMurray & Pawley’s, r. ss.
Elm, b. 4th and 5th
Coons, Phoenix, r. 226 Locust
Coop, Elizabeth, widow, r. ws. Jackson, b. Marion and
Coop, Thomas, tobacconist , r. ws. Jackson, b. Marion and
Cooper, Allen, (c) porter on steamboat, r. es. 8th, b. Clark
av.avenue and Spruce
Cooper, Mrs. Anna, ws. Btoddard, b. Chouteau & Hickory
Cooper, Anthony, foundryman , ws. 9th, s.south of Cass av
Cooper, Benj. F., clerk at 166 Broadway
Cooper, ——, carpenter , sw. cor. n. Market & Main
Cooper, Christopher, butcher at Carter & Hays’,ss.south side. Gay,
b. 12th and 13th
Cooper, Edward, clerk , 18ss.south side. Olive
Cooper, F. W., clerk , 166 Broadway
Cooper, George, printer at Democrat, rooms sw. cor. Main
and Olive
Cooper, Herman, tailor , ns. Carr, b. 9th and 10th
Cooper, Isaac J., clerk , 10 Cheenut, r. ss. Chesnut, b. 14th
and 15th
Cooper, John M., (Wilson & C.) r. ss. Olive, b. 11th
and 12th
Cooper, Lloyd J., foreman at Patterson’s mill, r. ns.
Brooklyn,w.west. of 9th
Cooper, Peter P., ship carpenter , r. ns. Cass av., w. of 9th
Cooper, Richard H., locksmith , ss. Morgan, b. 10th and
Cooper, Sallie H., teacher in Mound School
Cooper, Sarah, dressmaker , ns. Wash. av., b. 7th & 8th
Cooper, Sarah, widow, 70 s.south 6th
Cooper, Thomas R., painter , 22 Locust, r. es. 11th, b. Jef-
ferson & Monroe
Coopman, Henry, cooper , ws. 15th, b. Franklin av.avenue and
Coozell, Adam, policeman , r. Howard, b. 10th & 11th
Copasse, John, barkeeper at se. cor. 11th and Wash. av
Copp, Henry W., book-keeper , 84n.north Main, r. ws. 7th, b.
Locust and St. Charles
Copp, James, ws. 7th,n.north of Locust
Copp, Josiah, bakery , ns. Greene, b. 7th and 8th
Copp, Samuel. jr., sec. andtreas.treasurer. P. R. R. Co. , and agent
for Mut’l Life Ins. Co., N. Y. , r. 98 Walnut
Coppedge, A. K., salesman at McDowell’s, s.south Main
Coppedge, Henry K., 10 s.south Main
Corben, Elijah, fruit dealer , ne. cor. Frank. av. & 11th
Corberly, Wm., cooper , ns. Orange, b. 17th & 18th
Corbett, Elisha, porter , 81 Commercial, r. ne. cor. 11th &
Franklin av
Corbit, E. A., book-keeper , 11n.north Main,r.residence Olive, b. 9th
and 10th
Core, Catharine, widow, r. ws, 16th, s.south of O’Fallon
Corcoran, James, bookseller 88n.north 3d,r.residence Walton House
Corcoran, John, com. mer.commission merchant , Commercial, b. Vine &
Wash. av., r. ss. Wash, b. 5th & 6th
Corcoran, John, finisher , ws. Front, b. Biddle & Ashley
Corcoran, John, laborer , ss. Warren, b. B’way & 2d
Corcoran, John, sawyer , es. Broadway, b. Main and
Corcoran, Michael, laborer , sw. cor. 3d & Locust
Corcoran, Michael, laborer , es. 11th, b. Wash & Carr
Corcoran, Patrick, bricklayer , r. al. b. Frank. av. & Wash,
13th and 14th
Cord, Wm. H., foreman in boiler shop of Gaty, McC. &
Co., r. 205n.north 8th
Cordell, Alex. C., clerk at Philibert’s, 130n.north Main
Cordell, John, blacksmith , ss. Morgan, b. 2d & 3d