The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
St. Louis [D] Directory. 41 CUR-DAN
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Curtis, Charles, news reporter , r. 46 Market
Curtis, Edward E; (Riley, Christy & Co.) r. ns.
Park, b. St. Ange and Morton
Curtis, Francis, clerk at nw. cor. 2d and Greene, r. ss.
Olive, b. 6th and 7th
Curtis, Geo. P., cooper , r. sw. cor. n. Market and Main
Curtis, Henry H., salesman at 6O Wash, av., r. sw. cor.
12th and Olivo
Curtis, S. D., salesman at 32n.north Front, r. cor. Park av.avenue &
St. Ange av
Curtis, Lewis F., salesman at 32n.north Front, r. cor. Park
av.avenue and St. Ange av
Curtis, Margaret, drees maker , 50n.north 6th
Custis, Maria, widow, Ws. 10th. b. Fr. av. and Wash
Curtis, Samuel C., pilot , r. ws. 14th, b. Fr. av. & Wash
Curtis, Wm., blind, es. 9th, s.south of Greene
Curtis, Wm. H., engineer , ws. 10th, b. Fr. av. & Wash
Curtis, Z. B., book keeper at Bridge and Bro.’s , r. 150
Cusack, Cornelius, laborer , 254n.north 6th
Cusack, Edward, ship carpenter , r. all. b. Fr. av. & Wash
and 10th and 11th
Cusack, George, stone cutter , al. b. Fr. av. and Wash and
10th and 11th
Cusack, John, stone cutter , al. b. Fr. av. and Wash and
10th and 11th
Cushion, Henry, carpenter , ns. Fr. av., b. 8th and 9th
Cushionberry, Dafney, (c)washwoman , ss. Carr, b. 8th
and 9th
Cushman, Austin L., att’y. , office 8 Chesnut
Cushmeyer, Fred., laborer , ws. 25th, b. Fr. av. & Morgan
Cusick, Michael, ostler at Case & Co.’s, nw. cor. B’way
and Warren
Custer, Isaac D., jewelry, & c. , 178 B’way,r.residence 220n.north 6th
Cusineau, John B., bar-keeper , ns. Myrtle, b. 2d and 3d
Custom House , City Buildings
Custom House Exchange , J.Signaigo, , nw. cor. 3d and
Cutler, Alonzo. gen. ag’t. Home Mutual Ins. Co. ,
r. ss. Olive, b. 13th and 14th
Cutter, Amos, (C. & Tirrill) r. ss. Pine, b. 10th and
Cutter, John, (c) laborer , Moore, b. Clark av.avenue & Market
Cutter, Norman. (C. & Valentine) non resident
Cutter & Tirrill , wholesale grocers, 39n.north Front.
cor.corner Locust
Cutter & Valentine , com. mer.commission merchant , 38n.north Front
Cutter, William, (Goodman & C.) nw. cor. 17th and
Cutting, Alfred, (C. & Mitchell) r. sw. cor. Brooklyn and
Cutting, John, laborer , es. 12th,n.north of Biddle
Cutting & Mitchell , boat builders, Front, b. Cherry and
Cutting, Osmond N., ship carpenter , r. cs. B’way, b. Mul-
lanphy and Florida
Cutting, Walter, ship carpenter , r. ns, Brooklyn,e.east of
Czaplicki, Theodore, clerk at 242 B’way
Daab, George, turner , 173,n.north 8th.
Dabens, Adam, laborer , r. 375 s.south 2d
Dabin, Baptiste, plasterer , r. 290 nw. cor. 2d & Hazel ups
Dabin, Henry, plasterer , r. 290 nw. cor. 2d & Hazel ups
Dabin, Victoria, widow, r. 290 nw. cor. 2d & Hazel ups
Dable, Fred’ck, bricklayer , r. ws. 7th b. Barry & Marion
Dachene, A., M. D. , office and residence 12 s 4th
Dacy, John, finisher at Gaty, McCune & Co. r. ns. Cherry,
e.east of 3d.
DaektorHermann , H., r. ss. Carroll, b. Fulton & Decatur
Daft, Alexander, 2d hand furniture, 116 Morgan
Dagett, James, drayman , r. ws. 12th, b. Carr & Biddle
Daggett, John D., (B. D. & C.) r. nw. cor. 5th & Poplar Dahmann Geo., grocery store,s.southeast corner 7th & Rutger
Dalmer, Geo., tailor , r. ss. Morgan, b. 17th and 18th
Dahmer, Henry, blacksmith & wagon shop , es. 7th, b.
Carroll & Marion
Dahmer, Wm., blacksmith , es. 7th, b. Carroll & Marion
Dahney, John, laborer , r. al. b. 6th & 7th, Fr. av. & Wash
Dailey, Bridget, widow, r. ss. Mullanphy b. Main and
Dailey, C., laborer , ss. Christy av. w. of city limits.
Dailey, Edward, carriage painter , r. 86 Fr. av., b. 6 th
and 7th
Dailey, James, laborer , r. al. b. 9th & 10th, Carr & Biddle
Dailey, John, ship carpenter and caulker , r. ws. Main, b.
Mullanphy & Florida
Dailey, Joseph, watchman on river , r. es. 7th b. Wash &
Dailey, Patrick, ale driver , r. ss. Biddlee.east of 16th
Dailoy, Thomas, carriage trimmer , r. 86 Franklin avenue,
b. 6th & 7th
Dailey, Wm., salesman , 3, s.south Front, r. se. cor. 3d & Elm
Dailey, Wm., ship carpenter , r. ws. Front, b. Biddle and
Dailey, Bernard, blacksmith , r. 86 Fr. av.
Dailey, Cornelius, printer at Repub. office, r. ss. Chesnut,
b. 14th and 15th
Daily, Chronicle, office Republ. buildings
Daily, Daniel, drayman , r. ws. 10 s.south of Cass av.avenue in rear
Daily, John, drayman , r. ws. 10 s.south of Cass av.avenue in rear
Daily, Michael, laborer , r. ws. 15, s.south of Cass av.avenue
Daily, Thomas, laborer , r. se. cor. 11th & Beuton
Dairhm, Thomas, r. ns. Chouteau av., b. 6th & 7th
Dake, Charles, contractor , r. nw. cor. 7th and Fr. av
Dale, James R., butcher , r. ns. Labeaume, b. 2d & B’dway
Daley, Jeremiah, grocer , se. cor. 9th & N Market
Daley, John, shoemaker , ns. St. Charles, b. 8th & 9th
Daley, Michael, laborer , r. ws. 9th, b. Palm & Wright
Daley, Richard, laborer , r. ss. Orange, b. 12th & 13th
Dallam, Richard B., receiver in land office, r. 12 s.south 7th
Dallam, Samuel, clerk at Conant’s, r. es. 5,n.north of Olive
Dallehanty, Thomas, laborer , r. al. b. 9th & 10th Frank-
lin avenue and Morgan
Dallem, Jacob, riverman , r. al. b. 5th & 6th
Dallem, John, laborer , r. al. b. 5th and 6th
Dallem, Nicholas, furniture carman , r. ws. 6th, b. Rutger
and Hickory
Dalley, Thomas. carpenter , r. ws. 7th, s.south of Cass av.avenue
Dalton, Ellis P., watchman at Belchers, r. ws. Main b.
O’Fallon & Bates
Dalton, James, laborer , r. ns. Chambers, b. 2d & B’dway
Dalton, John, laborer , r. ns. Chambers, b. 2d & B’dway
Dalton, John, r. ss. Gratiot, b. Barlow & Beckwith
Dalton, Margaret, widow, r. al. b. 9th & 10th, and Carr
and Biddle
Dalton, Martin, laborer , r. ns. Chambers, b. 2d & B’dway
Dalton, Mary, widow, r. ns. Florida, b. Main & Lewis
Dalton, Patrick, drayrnan , r. ns. Biddle.e.east of 8th
Dalton, Richard, grocer , sw. cor. 8th & Biddle
Daly, Baron T., clerk at 147n.north Main, r. ne. corner 3d
and Chesnut
Daly, Jerry, grocery, se. cor. 9th & Market, r. ss. Frank-
lin avenue, b. 17th & 18th
Dame, Theo. A., r. ws. 13n.north of Christy av
Damen, Rev.A., pastor of St. Xavier Church , sw. corner
9th and Greene
Damhorst, Joseph, family grocery, sw. cor. 9th & Monroe
Damhorst, Stephen, laborer , r. sw. cor. 9th & Monroe
Damm, Michael, gardener , r. 80 s.south 2d in rear
Damman, Charles, Santacruz coffee house, 52
Franklin avenue
Dammann, Charles, hatter , r. es 9th b. Franklin
avenue and Wash., ups
Dammann, Wm., hatter , r. es. 9th b. Fr. av. & Wash.
Dammer, John H., grocery and coffeehouse, ne. cor.
Main and Bates
Dammermann, Geo., laborer , r. ws. 16th, b. Carr & Biddle
Dammermann, Herman, barkeeper , ne. cor. Main & Bates
Damon, Edward A., (D. & Co.,) r. 16 Centre
Damon Edward A. & Co. , wholesale liquor dealers, 21
s.south Front
Dampann,, Geo., laborer , r. ws. Columbus, b. Miller and
Dana, C.. com. merch. , 52. Com’l., r. Planters house
Dana, David, coffeehouse, r. es. 7th, s.south of Wash. av.
Danbridge, Charlotte J., widow, r. ss. Carr, b. 17th & 18th
Dandee, John, laborer , r. ns. Park av., b. Provenchere
and 7th