The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
St. Louis [A] Directory. 5 ARN-AVE
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Arnold, Green, laborer , r. s. e. cor. Broadway and Mound
Arnold, Jacob, blacksmith , r. s. w. cor. 15th and Market
Arnold, John, blacksmith , Pacific R. R. machine shop , r.
Belleview house, Market st
Arnold, Mich’l. paver , e. s. Carond av., b. Barton & Victor
Arnold & Otto , safe manufactory, e. s. Broadway,
b. Monroe andn.north Market
Arnold, , (P. & P. H. A.) clothing store, 15 Locust
Arnold, Peter, (P. & P. H. A.,) r. No. 228 s.south 3d
Arnold, Philip H., (P. & P. H. A..) r. No. 228 s.south 3d
Arnold, Rirchard, watchmaker , 71 Vine,r.residence 286n.north 5th
ArnoldThomas, lock and bell smith , 10 s.south 3d,r.residence Bremen
Arnold, Thomas, watchman , r. 9 Rutger
Arnold, Thomas, (A. & Otto,) r. w. s Broadway, b.
Palm and Tyler
Arnot J. & A. , Livery stable, 46 Chesnut
Arnot, Anderson, (J. & A. Arnot & Lynch & Co.,) r.
Planters’ House
Arnot, Jesse, (J. & A. A.,) r. n. s. Pine, b. 7th and 8th
Arnsen, J., lithographist , r. s. e. cor. Carroll and 7th. ups
Arnsmeier, Henry, tailor , 77 Franklin av
Arnst, August, works at Belcher’s , r. alley, b. Carr and
Biddle and 10th and 11th
Arrison, Henry, carpenter , e. s. 10th, b. Chesnut and Mar-
ket, r. cor. 4th and Market
Arthur, Mary, widow, n. 125 10th, b. Frank, av.avenue & Morgan
Arthur, Wim., huckster , r. s. s. Carr, b. 7th and 8th
Arthur, James, saddler , (at Sickles’ ,) r. w. s. 19th, b.
Franklin av.avenue and Morgan
Art, Wm., chair maker , r. w. s. Broadwayn.north of Webster
Asback, Rudolph, wagon maker , r. 306 Broadway
Asbury, Chapel, Methodist , w. s. 15th, b. Franklin av.avenue
and Morgan
Asbrock, Rudolph, shoe maker , s. s. Biddle,n.north 13th
Aschentrup, Frederick, mud carrier , r. e. s 12th, b. Carr
and Biddle
Aschhausen, Christian, gardner , n. e. cor. Emmett & Buel
Aschhoff, Frederick, drug store, 330 s.south 2nd
Aschner, Adolph, pedlar , r. w. s. 7th, b. Lafay. Soul’d
Asenger, Emanuel, cigar maker , r. e. s.residence 12th, b. Wash
and Carr
Asenger, Nicholas, barber shop, 213 Franklin av. r. es.
12th b. Wash and Carr
Ash, Samuel, tailor cutter , 56 Main, r. es. Broadway, b.
Wash and Carr
Ashbrook & Graham , meat cellar, Com’l. st., b.
Washington av.avenue and Green
Ashbrook, Henry, r. ws. Broadway, b. Palm and Tyler
AshbrookHenry, Jr., (A. & Graham.) r. ns. Mon-
roe,e.east Broadway
Ashbrook, Levi, pork house, nw. cor. Broadway and Tyler,
r. nw. cor. 2d and Monroe
Ashbrook, Lovi L., clerk at Ashbrook’s , r. nw. cor. 2d
and Monroe
Ashbrook, Obadiah, cattle dealer , r. ws. Broadway, b.
Wright and Spring
Ashdown, Mary, widow, r. 57es.east side. 3d, up stairs
Ashdown, Wm.. gas fitter , 34n.north 3d,r.residence 57 3d, up stairs
Asher, Patrick, laborer , r. ws. 14th, s.south Cass av
Ashley, Samuel, wagon maker , sw. cor. n. Market & Main
Ashmore, Frderick, laborer , r. al. b. Franklin av.avenue and
Morgan and 4th and 5th
Ashton, James, runner at Mo. hote1. r. es. 14th, s.south O’Fallon
Ashton, James, wireworker . ss. Walnut, b. 3d & 4th. ups
Ashton, John, pilot , r. ws. 7th. b. Lafayette and Soulard
Ashton, Robt., laborer , 105n.north Front
Ashworth, Benj.foundery man . r. ns. Cass av. w. 8th
Ashwonh, James, turner , r. ns. Green, b. 6th and 7th
Asmnscn, Peter F., blacksmith , r. ws. 9th, b. Chambers
and Webster
Asp, Svan. tailor’ No. 34ws.west side. 3d. up stairs
Assistant U. S. Treasurer , office ws. 5th, s.south of
Assman, , M. D., office and Frank. av., b. 13th & 14th
Assman, Adam, clerk at Flohr & Mayer , r. 274 2d
Assmuth, Jacob, tailor , r. al. b. Menard and Buel and
Marion and Carroll
Associate Rof’d Pres. Curch , Rev.T. M.Cunningham, ,
ne. cor. 5th and Locust
Association of Workmen , Arbeiter Hall, 120 s.south 4th
Ast, Catharine, dress, maker , r. al. b. 10th & 11th, s.south Mrkt
Ast, Nicholas, city policeman , r. es. Carondelet av., b.
Soulard and Lafayette
Astell, Zacheriah, carpenter , r. ns. Wash. av. 15th & 16th
Astheimer, Louis, shoemaker , r. es. Short, b. Miller & Wood
Aston, Wm., moulder , r. ws. Collins, b. Biddle & Ashley
Astor House, bowling saloon, (Moor & Co.,) 35 Frank. av
Astrode, Frederick, drayman , r. ss. Carr, b. 17thh and 18th
Atchison, Geo. W., Capt. steamboat, r. ws. 5th, b. Locust
and Olive
Atchinson, Robt., grocer , ne. cor. 2d and Morgan
Atchison, Wm.drayman , r. es. 14th, b. Wash & Frank. av
Atherton, Geo. O., book-keeper at Bank Mo. , r. ss. Biddle,
b. 15th and 16th
Atherton, Nathaniel B., painter , r. ws. 6th,n.north O’Fallon
Athy, John E., fur dresser . 12 Pine, r. ss. Green, b. 7 th & 8th
Athey, John E. F., farier , r. ns. Orchard, b. Barlow and
Athey, Presley, Directorist also dep’ty county as-
sessor , r. es. 14th, b. Franklin av.avenue and Wash
Atheson, Charles W.artesian well borer , r. es. Broadway,
b. Biddle and Ashley
Atkins, Andrew, carriage driver , r. es. 15th, s.south Cass av
Atkins, Jane, widow, r. es. 15th, s.south Cass av
Atkins, Robt., news carrier , r. ws. 8th. b. Green & Morgan
Atkinson, E. G., U. S. paymaster’s clerk , r. ws. 5th, b.
Chesnut and Pine
Atkinson, Edward B., carpenter , r. No. 80ws.west side. 7th
Atkinson, John, r. No. 163½n.north 4th, 3d story
Atkinson, J. R., clerk at surveyor gen. office , r. es. 12th, b.
Olive and Pine
Atkinson, Thomas, bricklayer , r. ns. St. Chas., b. 8th & 9th
Atlantic Mill , H.Whitmore, , nw. cor. Main and Plum
Atlantic Mutual Ins. Co. , 67n.north Main, Jno. Darby, pres
Attenger, Wm., clerk at 43 4th
Atwood, Nathaniel B., druggist , r. nw. cor. 8th & Morgan
Aubuchon, Paul, musician . 174ws.west side. 2d, up stairs
Audrain Misses Ann and Fanny , boarding house, 7, s.south 4th
Auer, John, cooper , r. ss. Wash, b. 16th and 17th
Auer, Joseph, oil cloth maker , r. al. b. 7th and Fulton
Park av.avenue and Barry st
Aufderbeck, Henry, porter , r. ws. 12th, b. Wash and Carr
Aufderheide, Frank, porter , 17 Pine, r. es. 14th, b.
Franklin av.avenue and Wash
Aufderheide, Fred. W., porter , r. es. 14th, b. Franklin
av.avenue and Wash
Aufderheide, Henry, works at Belcher’s, r. ne. cor. Cham-
bers and 10th
Aufderheide, Wm., porter , r. es. 14th, b. Wash & Frk. av
Augerstein, Henry, drayman , r. ss. Spruce, b. 12th & 13th
Augustin, Angelica, widow, nw. cor. Lane & Carondl’t av.avenue
Augustin, C. G.. (A. & Leinweber.) cor.corner 2nd and Rutger
Augustin, Edward, lime burner , r. ss. Lane, b. Congress
and Carondelet av
Augustin, Edward J., pattern maker in foundery, r. es
10th, b. Carr and Biddle
Augustin, George, coffee house, es. Carondelet av., b. Du-
chouqnett and Lane
Augustin & Leinweber , wagon making and blacksmith
shop, 362 sw. cor. 2d and Rutger
Augustin, , bar keeper , 56 Main, up stairs
Auld, Jane, assist. teacher in Eliot public school , r. ws.
14th, b. Olive and Pine
Aulderfogt, Wm., teamster , r. al. b. Wash and Carr and
11th and 12th
Auler, Mrs. L., fashionable milliner store, 443 s.south 2d
Aulsberry, Morris, finisher in McMurry & Pawley’s , r. es.
10th., b. Market and Chesnut
Ault, Mrs. Nancy, r. ss. Spruce, b. 12th and 13th in yard
Austin, Anna, widow, r. 207, es. n. 5th, b. Frk. av. & Wash
Austin, Mrs. Caroline C., private boarding, 18n.north 5th
Austin, Sarah, r. es. 6th. b. St. Charles and Wash av.
Austin, Wm., (c.)baggaye wagon driver , r. al. b. Morgaa
and Fraklin av.avenue and 6th and 7th
Astrich, John, composition roof paper, rear 67 es. s. 4th
Aval, Julius, tailor . 72 sw. cor. 2d and Myrtle, up stairs
Avery, Charlesstock and note broker , 32 Chesnut
Avery, Charles C., salesman at 96n.north Main, r. sw. cor.
14th and Pine
Avery, Mrs. E. L., ns. Pinee.east of 13th