The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
76 St. Louis [H] Directory. HAH-HAM
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Hahne, Henry, laborer , es. Hamtramck, b. Park av.avenue and
Hahne, Henry, r. es. Buel, b. Marion & Carroll
Hahnewing, Henry, carpenter , r. ws. Columbus, b. Vic-
tor & Barton
Haier, Henry, tailor , al. b. DeKalb & Columbus, Victor &
Haier, William, laborer , al. b. DeKalb & Columbus, Vic-
tor & Barton
Haight, Fletcher M., (H. & Shepley) r. es. 5th, b. Cerre &
Haight & Shepley , attorneys, Exch. buildings,sw.southwest
cor.corner Olive & Main
Haile, A. J., prof , of music, r. ns. Wash, b. 9th & 10th
Haile Mrs. D.Anna, , prin , female department Jefferson
Hailey, Francis, laborer , al. b. 6th & 7th, Frank. av. &
Hailey, Hannah, washwoman , es. 11th, b. Clark av.avenue and
Hailegstett, John C., blacksmith at Salorgne r. al. b. 6th
and 7th, s.south of Morgan
Hailman, James W.(Coleman, H. & Co.) non res.
Haines, Daniel, salesman at 54n.north 4th,r.residence 44 s.south 4th
Haines, Josiah, painter and grainer , r. sw. cor. 6th and
Fr. av
Hake & Brothers , produce dealers, 237 B’way
Hake, Henry, (H. & Bro’s.) r. above Mound City Ex-
Hake, Louis, (H. & Bro’s.) r. ws. 7th, b. Carr and
Hake, William, (H. & Bro’s.) r. above Mound City
Hakemyer, Frank, porter , 151n.north Main, r. cor. 5th and
Fr. av
Halblaub, Henry, cooper , al. b. Soulard & Lafayette &
Jackson & Columbus
Halblaub, Philip, cooper , r. ss. Lafayette, b. Jackson and
HaleEdward, Sen., surgeon dentist , ns. Wash. av.,
b. 4th and 5th
HaleEdward, jr., surgeon dentist , r, ws. 5th, between St.
Charles & Wash. av
Hale, James, (S. & J. H.) r. ss. Olive, b. 10th and
Hale, John, laborer , es. 10th, b. Clark av.avenue and Walnut
Hale, John, pedler , ns. Wash. av., b. 13th and 14th
Hale S. & J. , shoe store, 37n.north 4th
Hale, Samuel, (S. & J. H.) r. ss. Olive, b. 10th and
Hales, Edward, cooper , r. al. between 13th and 14th, s.south of
Hales, Samuel, tailor , es. 9th, s.south of Market
Haley, Henry W., sawyer , ns. Chambers, b. 9th & B’way
Haley, John, laborer , es. 6th, b. Greene and Morgan
Haley, Wm., tailor , ns. Morgan, b. 14th and 15th
Hall, Charles R., nw. cor. 6th and Pine
Hall, Ephraim L., meat dealer in market, r. se. cor. Mul-
lanphy and 8th
Hall & Hynson , hardware store 135n.north 3d
Hall, James, clerk , 127n.north 3d,r.residence Merritt house
Hull, James, book keeper at 2d, near Locust,r.residence Merritt
Hall, James, moulder , ss. Howard, b. Main and 2d
Hall, Joel, laborer , r. ss. Morgan, b. 6th and 7th
Hall, John, engineer , r. ss. Olive, b. 6th and 7th
Hall, John H., (Donaldson & H.) r. ss. Lucas Place,
b. 15th and 16 th
Hall, Josephus W., M. D. , office ws. 6th, b. Chesnut and
Market, r. ws. 8th, b. Pine and Chesnut, or Planters
Hall, Leonidas A., salesman 96n.north Main,r.residence Virginia
Hall, Margaret, shoebinder , r. ss. Pine, between 15th and
Hall, Mary Ann, widow, ws. 9th,n.north of Biddle
Hall, Parker L., clerk at 50 Market, r. ws. 7th, b. Ches-
nut & Market
Hall, Robert G., collector for water works, ss. Frank. av.,
b. 10th & 11th
Hall, Robert P., (R. P. H. & Co.) r. ne. cor. 6th &
Hall R. P. & Co. , wholesale grocers 20n.north Main
Hall, Roland, s. b. runner , ns. Gay, b. 12th & 13th
Hall, Samuel K., book-keeper ss. Howard, b. B’way and
Hall Sons of Temperance ss. Wash. av., w. of 4th
Hall, William, (H. & Hynson) r. ns. Christy av., b. 17th
& 18th
Hall, William, laborer at Dowdall & Co.’s
Hall, William, miller at Park Mill, r. ns. Market, b. 5th
& 6th
Hallam, Alexander, com. mer.commission merchant 50n.north Front,r.residence
Hallemeier, Charles, laborer , es. 2d, s.south of Cass av
Hallenan, Peter, laborer , al. b. 6th & 7th, Wash & Carr
Haller, Rudolph, laborer , n. of Mulberry, between 2d
& 3d
Hallermann, Diedrech, grocer ne. cor. B’way & Wright
Hallert, Benedict, rag pedler , r. ws. Rosatti, b. Park av.avenue
& Carroll
Halley, William, clerk , r. ns. Orange,e.east of 14th
Halley, William, at Douglass & Co.’s , cor.corner Chesnut and
Halliday, Abel, plasterer , r. ws. 7th, b. O’Fallon & Bid-
dle, in rear
Hallidis, Zacharias, tailor , r. ne. cor. 11th & O’Fallon
Halligan, Thomas, laborer ss. O’Fallon,w.west. of 11th
Halloran, James, porter at Lyon, Shorb & Co.’s , r. sw.
cor.corner 8th & O’Fallon
Halpin, James, millwright , r. es. 9th, b. Clark av.avenue and
Halpin, James, painter 102n.north 2d
Halpin, William, laborer , al. b. 5th and 6th, Carr and
Halpin, William, laborer at Dowdall & Co.’s
Halsall, John, books and stationery 120n.north Main,
r.residence Planters’ House
Halsear, Bernard, carpenter , r. ns. Clark av., b. 13th and
Halstead, Hiram A., capt. s. b. , r. ws. Collins,n.north of
Hatteman, A. K., millwright , es. Carond. av., b. Barry
& Marion
Hattner, Catharine, widow, dressmakeres.east side. 7th, b. Carroll
and Menard
Ham, Adam, foreman at Mound brewery, sw. cor. B’way
& Webster
Ham, A. J., clerk at Page & Bacon’s , r. sw. cor. 9th &
Ham, James, provision and staple grocer sw. cor. Com-
mercial & Olive, r. sw. cor. 17th & Wash. av
Ham, John, stone cutter , r. al. b. Wash & Carr, 11th and
Ham, Peter N., agent for D. D. Page at Page & Bacon’s,
r.residence 114n.north 4th
Hamberger, William, carpenter , r. ws. 16th, s.south of Biddle
Hambleton, Mark, blacksmith ss. Biddle, of 15th
Hambleton, Samuel, (Craig & H.) r. Bremen, on Bellfountain road
Hamer, Francis, Jefferson brewery, ns. Frank. av., b. 17th
Hamfelder, John H., works at Belcher’s, r. ns. Biddle, b.
11th & 12th, in al
Hamil, John, book-keeper , 63n.north Main,r.residence Walnut, b. 2d
& 3d
Hamill, Frederick, saddler nw. cor. 4th & Pine, r. ws.
11th, b. Hickory & Chouteau av
Hamill, James, ship carpenter , r. ss. Mound,e.east of
Hamill, Joseph, (S. & J. H.) r. av. s. of Lafayette
Hamill, Samuel, (S. & J. H.) r. av. s. of Lafayette
Hamill S. & J. , wholesale grocers 31n.north Front
Hamilton, Aidan M., grocer ne. cor. 11th & Carr
Hamilton, Hon.Alexander, Judge Circuit
Court, 110 s.south 5th
Hamilton, Alexander, (Chapman & H.) r. ws.
6th, s.south of Wash