The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
St. Louis [H] Directory. 85 HER-HIG
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Herring, Lawrence, stone cutter , ws. 13th, b. Wash and
Herring, Wm., (Nagel & H.) es. 9th, b. Fr. av. and
Herrwig, Louis, shoemaker , ss. Marion, b. 7th and Ca-
rondelet av
Hershfield, L. H., clerk 18 Market, r. ws. 2d,n.north of
Herst, Anton, tailor , ws. Buel, b. Lafayette & Soulard
Hersthberg, Solomon, 81½ Market, 3d story
Hert, —, laborer , ns. Wash, b. 17th & 18th
Hertbel, Frederick, cabinet maker , 275 s.south 3d
Hertenstein, Michael, laborer , 346 s.south 3d
Herter, Michael, bricklayer , ws. Jackson, b. Barry and
Herth, Jacob, wagonmaker , ws. Jackson, b. Miller and
Herthel, Nicholas, 29 s.south 7th
Hertinger, Ludwig, laborer , es. Jackson, b. Miller and
Hertkel, Geo. P., tobacconist , ws. Carond. av., b. Carroll
and Soulard
Hertlein, Conrad, shoemaker , 205 s.south 2d
Hertman, John, coffee house, ns. Morgan, b. Front
and Main
Hertter, Julius H., New P. Office House, es. 2d, s.south of
Hertz, Joseph, laborer , es. DeKalb, s.south of Victor
Hervit, Jacob, laborer , es. Columbus, b. Carroll and Sou-
Herwick, Henry, laborer , ss. Rutger, b. 5th & 7th
Herzog, August, s. b. cook , es. Jackson, b. Miller and
Herzog, August, trunkmaker , nw. cor. 17th and Frank-
lin av
Herzog, Christian, wagonmaker ss. Market, b. 13th and
14th, r. ws. 14th, b. Chesnut & Market
Herzog, Edward, porter at Wilson & Bro’s, r. Frank, av.,
b. 21st & 22d
Herzog, Henry, laborer , se. cor. DeKalb & Barton
Herzog, Henry, school teacher , es. 15th, b. Wash & Carr
Hesch, Bernard, laborer , ne. cor. Emmett & Buel
Hesel, John, shoe shop, ns. Morgan, b. Front & Main
Hesling, Herman, laborer , 62 s.south Main
Hess, Henry, barber , ws. 7th, b. Wash and Carr
Hess, Henry, book-keeper , 71 Commercial,ss.south side. Elm, b.
4th and 5th
Hess, Jacob, carpenter , es. 7th, b. Lafayette & soulard
Hesse, Conrad, tailor , nw. cor. 11th ana O’Fallon
Hesse, Francis, paver , 328 s.south 5th
Hesse, Frederick, bakery , ws. B’way, n. of Wright
Hesse, Henry, tailor , ne. cor. 12th and Biddle
Hesse, Herman F., clerk 51n.north 2d,r.residence 255 s.south 5th
Hesse, Johanna, N. York millinery store, 254 s.south 5th
Hesselmann, John, boilermaker , 279 s.south 7th
Hesser, Joseph, saddler , ss. Hickory, b. Provenchere and
Hessey, Wm., painter , 156 s.south 4th
Hessler, John, locksmith shop, ns. Convent, b. 2d and
Hassling, Henry, brewer , sw. cor. Soulard & Carond. av
Hassling, Henry, laborer , es. 7th. b. Anna & Arrow
Hester, Nicholas, laborer ,es. Carond. av., b. Miller and
Hester, Patrick, laborer , 258n.north 2d
Hesz, Philip, laborer , 207 s.south 5th
Hetchcraft, Wm., tanner , es. Carondelet av., b. Duchou
(quette & Trudeau
Heterman, John H., works at Belcher’s, ss. Biddle, b.
9th & 10th
Hetherington, Jeffrey, laborer , es. Main; b. Smith and
Hetlage, Henry, carpenter , ws. 7th, b. Carr & Biddle
Hetrick, Sarah, widow, es. 10th, s.south of Spring
Hette, Charles, tailor , ws. 16th.n.north of Biddle
Hettenhaus, Frederick, laborer , es. 9th, a of O’Fallon
Hetzel, George, barkeeper ,sw. cor. 5th & Morgan
Hetzel, Michael, bricklayer , ws. Jackson, b. Marion and
Hetzel, Morris, clerk , se. cor. 8th and Frank, av
Heuer, Henry, cupper and leecher , 66n.north 7th
Heuer, Henry, ’’Exchange,"ns.north side. Olive, cor. al. b.
Main & 2d
Heuer, Henry, porter 58n.north 2d, r. ns. Wash, b. 14th and
Heuer, Julia, widow, ws. Buel, b. Soulard & Lafayette
Heuer, Wm., cabinet maker , ss. Biddle,e.east of 15th
Heunmann, Everhnrt, cooper , r. es. 9th, b. Wash & Carr
Heune, Christian, laborer , ss. Anna, b. DeKalb & Colum-
Heuschen, Casper H., laborer , ns. Carr, e. of 16th
Heveler, ——,338n.north 8th
Hewett, George, cabinet maker , ws. B’way, b. Monroe &
n.north Market
Hewett, Josephns, saddler at 68n.north Main,r.residence l6th, b. Fr.
av.avenue & Morgan
Hewitt, Daniel, foreman at Ashbrook & Graham’s , r. es.
12th,n.north of Christy av
Hewitt, James, (H. Roc & Co.) non-resident
Hewitt, John, dyer, scourer, tailor, &c. , es. 5th, b. Greene
& Morgan
Hewitt, John, machinist Pacific R. R., r. Gratiot,w.west. of
Pratte av
Hewitt, Joseph, stone cutter , sw. cor. 16th & Biddle
Hewitt, Roe & Co. , com. mer’s, 106n.north 2d
Hewitt, Thos., cooper shop, ss. Christy av., b. 15th and
Hexter, John, laborer , ss. Anna, b. DeKalb & Columbus
Heyden, Mary, widow, ns. Frank, av., b. 8th & 9th
Heyer, Wm., clerk at McKee’s, r. es. B’way, b. Monroe
&n.north Market
Hezlep, Geo. W. M., clerk cor.corner Main & Pine,r.residence Monroe
Hibbe, Fred, works at Belcher’s, r. ne. cor. 10th and
Hickcox, Asher M., clerk , r. es. B’way, b. Columbus &
Hickcox, Wm. C., ss. St. Charles, b. 7th & 8th
Hickey, Mary, widow, ws. 10th,n.north of Biddle, in al
Hickey, Mickey, laborer , ss. Biddle,e.east of 15th
Hickey, Wm., policeman , Clark av., b. 10th & 11th
Hickley & Bardsley , hat manuf., 45 Frank. av
Hickley, John. (H. & Bardstcy) r. Merritt house
Hickman, B., (c) barber under Planters’ house, r. ss.
Greene, b. 6th & 6th
Hickman, Benjamin F., Clerk U. S. Circuit Court,
38n.north Main, r. nw. cor. 4th & Cedar
Hickman, Frederick, moulder at Filley’s, r. nw. corner
Columbia & Main
Hickman, Nathaniel T., engineer , ns. Frank, av., b. 12th
and 13th
Hickman, Wm. L., salesman 117n.north Main,r.residence Virginia
Hickineier, Francis, laborer , ws. 13th,n.north of Howard
Hicks, Chas. W., clerk Court Com. Pleas
Hicks, Margaret, widow, 82 s.south 3d
Hicks, Mary E., widow, ss. Frank, av., b. 13th & 11th
Hicks, Thos., messenger National Telegraph office
Hicks, Wm., stone mason , ns. O’Fallon,w.west. of 18th
Hide, John, carpenter , ns. Wash, b. 12th & 13th
Hiem, Chariles, shoemaker , ns. Gay, b. 12th & 13th
Hiemenz, Charles, shoemaker , ns. Gay, b. 12th & 13th
Hiemenz, Francis X., 268 a 5th
Hiemenz, Jacob, tinner , 268 a 5th
Hiemer, Antoine, foreman at Sohaffer,ss.south side. Christy av. b.
21st and 22d
Higdon, John Spruce, b. 13th and 14th
Higgin, Peter, coffee house, 84 Green
Higgins, Daniel, cooper , ns. Orange, b. 17th and 18th
Higgins, Ellen, widow, al. b. 4th and 5th, Morgan and
Fr. av.
Higgins & Ferguson , proprietors and publishers of Mor-
ning Herald, se. cor. 2d & Pine
Higgins, Jameis, policeman , cor.corner I7tb & Morgan
Higgins, James, shoemaker , es. 7th,n.north of O’Fallon
Higgins, Jane, ws. Rosatti, b. Park av.avenue & Carroll
Higgins, John, carpenter , es. Provenchere, b. Chouteau
av.avenue and Hickory
Higgins, John, drayman , ns. Morgan, b. 17th & 18th
Higgins, Michael, laborer , es. 15th s.south of Biddle