The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
St. Louis [H] Directory. 91 HOW-HUM
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Hownth, John, stone cutter , ns. Fr. av. b. 13th & 14th
Howortle, James, marble cutter at Kent & Fuller,r.residence Al-
mond, b. 2d and 3d
Howtin, Charles, drives bread wagon and keeps little dram
shop, ns. Carr, b. 10th and 11th
Hoyle, George, se. cor. Elm and 4th
Hoyle, Hannah, widow, ss. Carr, b. 14th and 15th
Hoyt, Cyrus keeper , 24n.north Front, r. ss. Pine, b.
11th and 12th
Hoyt Stephen & Co. wholesale grocers, 51n.north 2d
Hoyt, Stephen, (H. & Co.) r. ss. St. Charles, b. 4th & 5th
Hozo, August, trunk maker , ns. Fr. av. b. 16th and 17th
Hub, Valentine, rag dealer , al. b. Barry and Marion,
Jackson and Columbus
Hubbard, A. A.salesman at Doan, King & Co. r. nw.
cor.corner 6th and Locust
Hubbard & Co . dry goods and groceries, 278 B’dway
Hubbard, Joseph L.tinner , 57n.north 2d,r.residence Tremont house
Hubbard, Leonard, tinner , r. ne. cor. 5th & Fr. av
Hubbard, Robert keeper at E. W. Clark & Bro
Hubbard, Wm.(H. & Co.) r. ws. Collins, b. Ashley
& O’Fallon
Hubbell, C. B. jr.(H. & Hunt,) r. Monroe house
Hubbell & Hunt , dry goods dealers, 102n.north 4th
Hubbell, James, carpenter , 278 Morgan
Hube, Sebastian, laborer , es. Columbus, b. Marion and
Haber, John, laborer , ns. Marion, b. Jackson and Co-
Huber, John, shoe maker , es. Main, b. Smith and Bates
Huber, Joseph, cabinet maker , ws. Broadway, b. Monroe
&n.north Market
Huber, Charles, shoe maker , 56 Convent, b. 3d & 5th
Huck, August, shoe maker , nw. cor. Lafayette & Buel
Huck, Joseph, stone cutter , ns. Marion, b. 7th & Fulton
Hudder, Wm.porter , 65n.north Main,r.residence 138 Greene
Huddle, Thos.carpenter , ns. Almond, b. 3d & 4th
Hudson, Anna, widow, ns. Elm, b. Main and 2d
Hudson, Francis, wig maker and perfumer , 96 Market
Hudson, Samuel, moulder , ns. Almond, b. Main and 2d
Hudson & Thomas , attorneys, office 7½ Chesnut ups
Hudson, Thos. B.(H. & Thomas,) r. se. corner 16th
and Pine
Hudspeth, Edward, carpenter , nw. cor. 15th & Morgan
Huebler, Frederick, carpenter , r. ns. Frank, av. b. 13th
and 14th
Huede, John, laborer , es. 5th in al
Hueffell, Louis, M. D. office & r. es. Broadway, b. Benton
andn.north Market
Hueffner, Peter, laborer , ne. cor. Marion and Columbus
Huelsbeck, Gastave A.carver , 158 s.south 2d
Huelsenkamp, Charles, wholsale grocery , 34 s.south Main
Huelsenkamp, Wm. grocery store, 115 s.south 7th, cor.corner Cerre
Huelsick, John H.tailor , r. Charleaton Exchange
Huelskemper, Henry, laborer , al. b. Orchard & Chouteau
av.avenue Barlow & Beckwith
Huening, August, bar keeper , 258 Broadway
Huetlieger, August, laborer , ws. Menard, b. Lafayette &
Huffendieck, Frederick, saddle tree maker , se. corner 18th
and Biddle
Huffendiek, Philip, saddle tree maker , se. corner 18th &
Huffington, Grorge, carpenter , ss. Morgan, b. 16th & 17th
Huffington & Lanham , carpenters, ss. St. Charles,w.west.
Of 11th
Hufman, John, laborer , es. 14th,n.north of Webster
Huffmeister, Charles, National tavern , 133 Fr. av
Hufnagel, Charles, baker , nw. cor. Lafayette & Decatur
Hufnagel, Wm.saddle tree maker , es. Jackson, b. Ma-
rion and Carroll
Hufter, Frederick, drayman , ws. Decatur, b. Lafayette
and Emmett
Hugh, Henry, bar keeper , sw. corner, Broadway & Biddle
Hughes, Ebenezer, box maker ns. Cass av. w. of 8th
Hughes, Edward, gun smith , r. 67n.north 3d
Hughes, Edwin, gun smith , 51n.north 3d, r. ss. Pine. b. 2d
and 3d
Hughes, Elanor, widow, r. ns. Wash, b. Broadway & 5th
Hughes, Francis, drayman , ns. St. Charles, b. 10th & 11th
Hughes, Graham L.(Mudd & H.) r. ns. Chesnut, b. 15th
and 16th
Hughes, James , office 38n.north Main,r.residence in
Hughes, John, barkeeper , 84n.north Front
Hughes, John, plasterer , ws. 14th, b. Carr and Biddle
Hughes, John, wagon maker , al. b. 8th and 9th, Frank.
av.avenue and Morgan
Hughes, Mary, widow, es. 14th, cor.corner Webster
Hughes, Mathew, laborer , es. 6th,n.north of O’Fallon
Hughes, Patrick, stone cutter , e. s. 10th, b. Jefferson &
Hughes, Thomas, butcher , ss. Christy av. b. 18th & 19th
Hughes, Thos.salesman at Ellis & Hutton , r. ns. Wash,
b. Broadway and 5th
Hughes, Thos. R 2d hand furniture, 91n.north 2d, r. es. Cen-
tre, s.south of Market
Hughes, Vincent, carpenter , sw. cor. n. Market and Main
Hughes, Wm. M. boarding and coffee house, 215n.north Main
Hugle, Matthias, carver , ss. Biddle. b. 9th and 10th
Hugus, Anna, ne. cor. Carond. av.avenue and Marion
Huh, Herman, laborer , ns. Allen av., b. Fulton and De
Huhaus, Francis, porter , r. nw. cor. 4th and Morgan
Huhmann, Charles, laborer , ss. Park av., b. Buel aud
Huhn, Henry, bar keeper , 82 and 84, s.south 2d, ups.
Huhn, Jacob, cabinet maker , ws. Carond av., b. Carroll
and Soulard
Huhn, Peter, cabinet maker , es. Jackson, b. Miller and
Huieting, Bernard, grocer , 82, s.south Main
Huiskamp, Henry, salesman , 84,n.north Main, r. ws. 3d, b.
Wash. av. and Greene
Hull, Abrahamtinner , 11,n.north 3d
Hull & Barron , bricklayers,
Hull & Cozzens , copper, tin and sheet iron workers,
ns.north side. Morgan, b. 5th and 6th
Hull, David P., (H. & Cozzens) , ss. Grand av.avenue , near
Lindall av.avenue
Hull, Joseph A., clerk , 56, Com’l
Hull, Joseph S., Justice of P., r. ws. 10th opposite Mound
Hull, Mellville F., chair maker , at 115n.north 2d,r.residence 117n.north
Hull, Michael, laborer , ss. Spruce, b. Main and 2nd
Hull, Wm.sen., tobacconist , ns. Wash b. 10th and 11th
Hull, Wm. jr., carpenter , r. ns. Wash, b. 10th and 11th
Hulley, Michael, laborer , ws. Carond av., b. Lane and
Hulme, George. (H. & White,) 46,n.north 3d
Hulme & White . Bartling house, 46,n.north 3d
Hulme, Wm., bar-keeper at Bartling’s
Hulscher, Henry, works at Belcher’s, r. ws. 2d, b. Mullan-
phy and Florida
Hulsig, Henry, clerk , ss. Wash, b. 10th and 11th
Hulsig, John F., ss. Wash, b. 10th and 11th
Hulsmann, Englebert, tailor , ss. Biddle, b. 11th and 12th
Humber, Ann, widow, ss. Morgan, b. 17th and 18th
Humbert, Richard, carpenter , sw cor.corner 9th and Morgan
Humboldt, Exchange, Snyder & Brown , es. B’way, b.
Monroe and N. Market
Hume, George H., book keeper , 24,n.north Main, cor.corner Pine,r.residence
ns.north side. Pine, b. 6th and 7th
Hume, Napoleon, clerk , 58,n.north Front,r.residence Mo. hotel
Hume, Wm. S., clerk , 94n.north Main,r.residence Va hotel
Humerichhausen, Henry, laborer , 258. s.south 5th
Humes, Charles, (Rudolph & H.) , r. es. 14th, b. Clark av.avenue
and Market
Humes, John, clerk , ne. cor. 3d and Wash. av., r. nw. cor.
3d and Wash av.
Hummel, John, stone cutter , nw. cor. 17th and Biddle
Hummert, Adam, drayman , es. 8th, s.south of O’Fallon
Hummert, Henry, drayman , es. 8th. s.south of O’Fallon
Hummitsch, August F., starch manuf. office, 4,n.north Front,
r. cor. 15th and Spruce
Humphrey, Daniel F., wholesale mer. , ws. 15th, b. Chris-
ty av.avenue and Morgan
Humpheey, D. F., (H. Pearley & Co.) es. 10th. b
Olive and Locust
Humphrey, H. H., huckster , ns. Gay, b. 12th and 13th