The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
Business Directory. 225
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Duestrow, Louis, 126 s.south 2d
Dullard, P., 278 Market
Eddy, J. H., 210 B’way
Eddy & Posey , 210 B’way, and 195n.north 4th
Egbert & Crane , 142n.north 3d
Epstein, Sophia, ne. oor. Carroll and Carond. av
Fitzpatrick, Edward, 274 B’way
Glenny, Joseph, ns. Morgan, b. 11th and 12th
Gostorf, Ephraim, nw. cor. Carond. av. and Barry
Havens J. C. & Co. , 90n.north 4th
Hill, P. M., 8 s.south Front
Hoit, True W., 212 & 21S B’way, and 154n.north 3d
Babbell & Hunt , 102n.north 4th
Kallemeyer & Rethwilm , se. cor. 4th and Morgan
Karst, B.28 Market
Kayser, Wm.20 Market
Kiteis, Antoine Fr. av b. 10th and 11th
Krein & Bxleminn , 327 s.south 5th
Langsdorf, D.18 Market
Limberg, Emil, sw. cor. Elm and 2d
McClelland, Scruggs & Co. 98n.north 4th
MoGrade, T.134n.north 4th
Mandellmum, S. E.217 s.south 5th
Martin & Irwin , 168 B’way
Mattoz, E. A.802 B’way
Meyers Sami M. & Co. 172 B’way
Michel, Edward B.94n.north 4th
Owens, Edward A.54n.north 4th
Paul, Edmund W.154n.north 6th
Poirier k Linhoff , 20 s.south Main
Polkowsky, Edward S.242 B’way
Porter, White & Co. nw. cor. 4th and Olive
Rioker, J. H.14 s.south Main
Robey, John W.71n.north 12th
Rosenberg, Carond. av. b. Marion and Barry
Scbmitz, Ferdinand, nz. cor. 11th and Market
Sohuhrioht, J. T.2S5 s.south 5th
Simpson, John G.92n.north 4th
Silver & Wise , 453 s.south 2d
Btines A. & Bro. 232 Fr. av
Taussig & Abe’s , sw. cor. Park av.avenue and Carond. av
Thompson, Phinaas J.80 Market
Tiinmermann, Francis, 215 Market
Tweednle, E.136 Market
UbsdelL, Peinon & Co. 66n.north 4th
Vogeler G. & F. 9 s.south 2d and 42 Market
Waldstein, Louis, 67 s.south 2d
Wallach & Co. 174 B’way
White Wm. N. & Co. 166 B’way
Wilson & Cooper , 118 Market
Dry Goods and Groceries.
Abeles, Nathan, ws. Carond. av. b. Park av.avenue and Barry
Abih’S & Taussig , sw. cor. Park av.avenue and Carond. av
Biiby, George S.14 s.south Front
Barron, Thomas cor. Market and 15th
Bartlett & Ivgram , 13 s.south Front
Biedermann, John G.129 Carond. av
Buddeck & Droege , 293 s.south 5th
Cbenot C. & F. se. cor. CouTl and Walnut
Fisse, John Carond. av. b. Carroll and Soulard
Flottemesch B. & Co. se. cor. Chambers and B’way
Floyd & Chiarles 267 B’way
Fisse, John cor. Lafayette and Decatur
Gehrke, George, ne. cor. Carond. av. and Marion
Gleason G. F. & Co. ss. n. Market, b. Main and 2d
Hagan, John, 209 B’way
Healj, D. B.L92 Market
Hideoker, Barnard, ne. oor. Lafayette and Menard
Hubbard & Co. 278 B’wty
Kllekamp, John C.294 s.south 5th
Lliuinourcux & Blanohard , 16 s.south Main
Luoce, Andrew G.269 B’way
McDowell J. & W. 10 s.south Main
Moii, Herman, ws. B’way, b. Chamber and Webster
Oventoli, Ferdinand, ne. oor. l-ith and Market
Orentoli H. & Bro. se. oor. n. Market and B’way
Pender & Whitlook , ws. B’way, s. ofn.north Market
BeiUy, John, 298 B’way
Reiley, Rose, ns. Fr. av. b. 16th and 17th
Ryan & Long , 223 B’way
Ryan, P. H.207 B’way
Bohimmer, Henry Wm.ns. Fr. av. b. 10th and 11th
Schneider, Geo.245 s.south 4th
Smith, Edwin, 273 B’way
Smith, Frederick, 22 s.south Front
Straus, Leopold R.245 B’way
BtotB, Anton, ne. cor. Lafayette and Rosatti
Whitelaw J. H. & Co. 3 s.south Front
Wiggins & Anderson , 1 s.south Front
Bath, Wm.Illn.north 4th
Blome, Henry, ns. Myrtle, b. 2d and Main
Cook & Matthews , 90 Pine
Etter, Coleman 11.42 Vine
Gallagher Willis & Folker , 162 Morgan
Leduc, Joseph, 80 Olive
Morgens & Vandrahe , 6 s.south 4th
Peet, Joseph, ss. Greene, b. 7th and 8th
Rose, Charles, 81n.north 3d
Stephens, 5th, b. Greene and Morgan
Storks, Sam’l G.36 Chesnut
Vullat, Charles, 178 Maiket
VaJat, E.45n.north 5th
Engineers and Surveyors.
Clirk M.Lewis, , us. Locust,w.west. of 4th
Cozens & O’Fuherty , 39 Chesnut
Hyer, Schultze & Salomon , nw. cor. Chesnut and 3d
Kayser, Henry, City Hull
Little, Moses C.Court House
Loughborough, John, ss. Chesnut, b. Main and 2d
Mohrhardt, Francis, City Hall
MoiL’y, James H.sw. cor. Main and Chesnut
Moulton, J. B.Court House
Parsons, Samuel, 49 Chesnut
Turnbull Wm.Covbett, , 11n.north 4th
Winkilmaier, Louis, ns. Poplar, b. 3d and 4th
Zwanziger, Leonhaidt, 21 Chesnut
Bauer, G. A.19 Chesnut
Conner, Richard, 41n.north 3d
Kershaw, James W.21 Chesnut
Bobyn, Edward, -10^n.north 2d
Thorpe, Geo. H.18n.north 2d
Adams & Co. 78n.north 3d
Comstock, E. H.nw. cor. Vine and 3d, Penny Post
Livingston, Fargo & Co. 56n.north Main
Fanning Mill Manufactories.
Rankin & Carter , ns. Can av. w. of 9th
Troy & Brothers , ns. n. Maiket. b. B’way & 2d
Flouring Mills.
Atlantic, H. Whitman & Co. , nw. cor. Main and Plum
Cherry Street , J. B.Osborne, , ne. cor. Cherry and Collins
Corn and Bailey . Sciiners & Sohmedtr , se. cor. n. Maiket
and 2d
Eagle , Dennis, Marks, Be. oor. Main and Bates
Empire , Wm. T.Howard, , so. cor. B’way and Lebaumo
Franklin, George P.Plant & Co. , ns. Fr. av., b. 5th & 6th
Missouri, Joseph Powell, ss. St. Charles, cor.corner of 8th
Oat Meal and Barley , G. H.Schneider, , es. 12th, b. Fr.
av.avenue and Wash
O’Fallon, J. G., Shands & Co. , ns. Hazel, b. 4th Bad 6th
Pacific,, A. D.Pomeroy & Co. , 177 s.south 3d
Park , T. A. Bucklaml & Co. , sw. cor. 13th and Maiket
Phoenix. H. & S. B. Pilkington , ns. Barry, b. 7th and
Planters , Wm. T.Hazzard, , ss. Fr. av., b. 13th & 14th
Union, J. &e.east Walsh , nw. cor. Florida and Front
United States . A. W.Fagin, , 99 s.south 7th
Clark & Mctvwvll , es. Main, b. Florida k Mullanphy
Clark, Renfrew & Co. , ne. eor. Carr and Main
Cronebaldt & Co. , 30S s. sd. Plow