The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
236 Business Directory.
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Hill & M’Kee , 35 Locust
Keemle & Hager , se. cor. 2d and Locust
Niedner, M., nw. cor. 3d and Pine
Pittard W. T. & Co. , 3n.north 4th
Ustick, Studley & Co. , sw. cor. Main and Olive
Witham, John T., 35n.north 2d
Crone, Dennis, 85 s.south Main
Erenson, Jacob, 117 Morgan
Estel, J. M., 55 Market
Filley E. A. & S. R. , 133n.north Main
Frenz, Jacob, 94 Morgan
Heineke, Adolph, ns. Spruce, b. 5th and 6th
Heinicke, Adolph, 236 Broadway
Masterson R. H. & Co. , 147n.north Main
Miller R. H. & Co. , 34 n Main
Neunuebel, Jacob, 102 s.south 2d
Noonan, Tooley & Co. , 53n.north Main
Pawtowicz, John, 271 Broadway
Pechman & Gauche , 8n.north Main
Steinbach, Moritz, 313 s.south 5th
Rag Dealers.
Boene, Joseph, ws. Closey, b. Calhoun and Emmett
Hinder, Anton, es. Columbus, b. Marion and Carroll
Hirzel, John U., 147 s.south 2d
Hub, Valentine, ws. al., b. Barry and Marion, & Jack-
son and Columbus
Libby M. C. & Co. , 68n.north 2d
Linde, Jacob, ss. Lafayette, b. Fulton and Decatur
Loehr, John, es. Easton, b. Barton and Victor
Richards, J. R., 54 Olive
Schneider, Frank, alley b. Carr and Biddle, and 11th &
Wickmann, H. W., 171 s.south 4th
Rail Road Offices.
Cincinnati, Dayton & Sandusky, Columbus & Cleveland
R. R. , 20 Olive
Michigan Central R. R. , 31n.north 4th
Michigan South & North Ind. R. R. , 32n.north 4th
North Missouri , 123 Locust
Ohio & Mississippi R. R. , se. cor. Main and Vine
Pacific, R. R., ne. cor. Chesnut and 3d
St. Louis & Iron Mountain R. R. , sw. corner Main and
Real Estate Dealers.
Bach, Louis, 11n.north 4sh
Barry, James G., 42 Chesnut
Belt & Preist , ns. Chesnut, b. 2d and 3d
ByrneJohn, jr., 7 P. O. building
Byrne, Peter O. D., 7 P. O. building
Dolman, J. A., 39 Chesnut
Hurck, P. I., 11n.north 4th
Kent & Obear , 71 Chesnut
Leffingwell & Elliott , 10 Chesnut
Mauro & Hunt , 33 Chesnut
Olshausen & Stille , 4n.north 2d
Shuter, B. F., 97 Greene
Sloss W. L. & Co. , 73 Pine
Stiel, John H., 60 Pine
Timon, Owen V., 28 Vine
Cannon John M. & Co. , 15 s.south 6th, (slate]
Hull & Cozzens , ns. Morgan, b. 5th and 6th, metal
Naylor John & Co. , es. 3d, b. Locust and Olive, metal
Renou, Isaac, nw. cor. Wash and 13th, composition
Warren C. M. & H. M. , se. Chesnut, b Main and 2d
White, Nicholas, ws. 8th, b. Walnut and Clark av, slate
Saddle & Harness.
Beard & Warren , 24 s.south Main
Colb, Frederick, ws. Carond. av., b. Marion and Carroll
Consler, George, 60n.north 3d
Dorchermer, Lewis, 5n.north Main
Ellis, Henry J., 234 Market
Gartman, John F., 196 4th
Gorman, M. G., 253 B’way
Grimsley T. & Co. , 64n.north Main
Grossenheider, C., 250 Market
Hammel, Gustavus, ss. Park av., b. Rosatti & Menard
Harral, Sterling & Co. , 105n.north Main
Hinzpeter, Albert, 45 s.south 2d
Holikan, Luke, ns. Market, b. 12th and 13th
Klemann, Charles, ws. B’way, n. of Webster
Lawless, James, 224 B’way
Meyer, Peter, ns. Fr. av., b. 9th and 10th
Orndorff, Joseph, 141n.north 3d, and ws. B’way, n. of Jeffer-
Patterson, Alex., 247 B’way
Peters, P. J., 19 Market
Shields, James, 122 Morgan
Sickles J. B. & Co. , 142n.north Main
Steinacker, Joseph, ne. cor. Pine and 4th
Wahenfeld, Geo., ns. Market, b. 13th & 14th
Walters, C., 93n.north Main
White, Charles F., 312 B’way
Young, John, 1n.north Main
Saddlery Hardware.
Flintham John & Co. , 140n.north Main
Hayden & Wilson 11n.north Main
Sickles J. B. & Co. , 142n.north Main
Saddle Tree Manufacturers.
Conrade, Stephen, ns. Carroll, b. Jackson & Columbus
Fortune & Burton , 262 Market
Gertzen, John, 275 s.south 5th
Ploeser, Christian, es. Jackson, b. Marion & Carroll
Zeigenham, Wm., se. cor. Monroe and 2d
Safe Manufacturers and Agents.
Alexander J. H. & Co. , 17 Pine, agents
Arnold & Otto , es. B’way, b. n. Market & Monroe, man-
Condon, R. H., 73n.north 3d, manufacturer
Heitz George & Co. , 136 s.south 2d, manufacturers
Lightner, J. H., 82n.north 2d, agent
Nelson, W. A., 11 Locust, manufacturer
Violett E. R. & Co. , 18n.north Front, agents
Sail Makers and Riggers.
Clemens & Kansel , 85n.north Front
Linford R. & Co. , 60 Com’l
McCuaig, M., 69n.north Front
Sash and Blind Manufacturers.
Garnett, Lesley, ne. cor. Collins and Carr
Philibert, B., sw. cor. 14th and Wash. av
Sawyer & McIlvain , cor.corner 9th nnd Walnut
Wright & House , sw. cor. 10th and Mullanphy
Saving Institutions.
Boatman’s, , 9 Chesnut
German, , 29n.north Main
Mutual, , cor.corner Pine and 4th
Saw Manufacturers.
Branch, Crookes & Frost , 36 Vine
Gage, W., L. F., 37n.north Main
Hendman, Edw’d, ns. Almond, b. Main and 2d
Saw Mills.
Brolaski & Co. , 301 s.south 2d
Brotherton, John, se. cor. Jefferson and 2d
Clark Wm.G. & Co. , ws. Main, b. Benton & Warren
Cochran, Joseph, es. Main, b. Chamb rs & Webster
McAllister & Co. , es. Main, foot of Howard
Parker, Ludlow & Co. , es. 2d, b. Spring & Wright
Patterson & Ferguson , es. Main, foot of Brooklyn, and
es.east side. Main, b. Brooklyn & Labeaume
Peck C. H. & J. W. , se. cor. Park av.avenue and Fulton
Schulenburg F. & Co. , es. 2d, b. Wright and Soft
Spering & Marine , se. cor Main and Madison
West & Clark , es. Main, b. Mound and Brooklyn
Wright, Daniel T., es. Main, b. Plum und Cedar
Abbott, C. J., ne. cor. Pine and 17th
Avery, Edw’d M., Market, b. 4th and 5th