The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
Post Offices in Missouri. 253
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must be prepaid 21 cents, when the Atlantic conveyance
is by U. S. packets, and 5 cents when by British packets,
except from California or Oregon, when the sura to be
Pre-paid is, in the former instance, 26 cents, and in the
latter, 10 cents.—Thus in the one case, the Atlantic Sea
postage is to be collected at the mailing office in the
United States, and in the other left to be collected to-
gether with the British transit and other foreign post-
age, at the office of delivery. Between Great Britain
and Oregon and California, the single rate of letter post-
age is 29 cents.

Periodical works and pamphlets may be sent from the
United States to the United Kingdom, and vice versa,
at 2 cents of United States postage each, if they do not
exceed two ounces in weight; and at 4 cents per ounce,
or fraction of an ounce, when they exceed that weight,
to be collected in all cases in the United States; and the
same will be subject to an additional like charge in the
United Kingdom. When sent to foreign countries.
without passing through the United Kingdom, they will
be chargeable with one cent an ounce or fraction of an
ounce, United States postage, pre-payment required.

Single rate of letter postage to or f mm Bremen. by
the Bremen line, 10 cents—pre-payment optional.—
Newspapers, each 2 cents United States postage, pre-
payment required. Letters and newspapers to other
parts of the continent may also go by this line, subject
to various rates, for which, see Foreign Postage Table.

Single rate of letter postage to or from France, by the
Havre line. 20 cents, to be pre-paid on letters sent, and
collected on letters received. Newspapers, 2 cents each,
to be collected in the United States, whether the paper
is sent or received.

Single rate of letter postage by the Prussian closed
mail semi-weekly, to Prussia, Austria, and all the other
German States—30 cents being the full postage—pre-
payment optional. Newspapers. 6 cents each, being also
the full postage—pre-payment required.

☞N. B.—All Letters to and from Foreign Countries (the British North American Provinces ex-
cepted) are to be charged with single rate of postage, if
not exceeding the weight of half an ounce; doubl rate
if exceeding half an ounce, but not exceeding an ounce;
quadruple rate if exceeding an ounce, but not exceeding
two ounces; and so on, charging two rates for every
ounce or fractional part of an ounce over the first ounce.
As this rule differs from that followed in respect to do-
mestic letters, great care is requisite to prevent mistakes.
Postmasters should bo careful, also, where the postage
is prepaid, to collect the proper amount. They should
be particular to notice the route indicated on the en-
velops of letters and to collect postage accordingly.
Letters mailed at some offiees, marked “via England”
or “via Prussian closed Mail,” for the German States.
are frequently taken upon the pre-payment of Bremen
rates, and those marked “via Bremen,” at Prussian
closed mail rates, &c. Refer in all cases to the Postage

☞The mails for the Pacific leave New York on the
5th and 20th, Charleston and Savannah about the 1st
and 15th, and New Orleans on the 7th and 22d of each

☞Mails for Mexico will be despatched tri-monthly
by the New Orleans and Vora Cruz U. S. steamship line.
U. S. letter postage 10 cents under 2500, and 20 cental
over 2500 miles from the mailing office—to be pre-paid
when sent from and collected when received in the Uni-
ted States. Newspapers, 2 cents each, to be collected in
the United States, as above.

☞Single rate of letter postage to Havana and the
British West Indies, 10 cents under 2500, and 20 cents
over 2500 miles—newspapers, 2 cents: and to West In-
dies (not British) Carthagena, Honduras and St. Juan
(Nicaragua) 34 cents under 2500 and 44 cents over 2500
miles; newspapers, 6 cents each, pre-payment required.

JamesCampbell, .
Postmaster General.

Post Office Department ,
December 1st, 1853.

List of Post Offices in the State of Missouri.

Air Johnson
Alamode Reynolds
Alanthus Grove Gentry
Alexandria Clark
Alfred Scotland
Allenton St. Louis
Ambrosia Lewis
Apple Creek C. Giraideau
Arator Pettis
Arbela Scotland
Arcadia Madison
Argo Crawford
Argyle Jefferson
Arnoldsville Buchanan
Arrow Rock Saline
Ash Grove Greene
Ashley Pike
Ashton Clark
Astoria Wright
Athens Clark
Auburn Lincoln
Augusta St. Charles
Austinville Livington
Avator Pettis
Avery Crawford
Avoca Jefferson
Avon St.Genev’ve
Bagdad Lafayette
Bailey’s Creek Osage

Barry Clay
Basin Knob Johnson
Beat Creek Cedar
Beaufort Franklin
Bee Branch Pettis
Beehive Clinton
Bee Ridge Enox
Bell Air Cooper
Bellefonte Laclcde
Bellemonte St. Louis
Belle Prairie Lewis
Benton Scott
Bethany Harrison
Bethel Shelby
Big Cedar Jackson
Big Creek Johnson
Big River Mills St. Francois
Big Sining Montgomery
Birch Pond Crawford
Rirdsville Mianasippi
Binning Buchanan
Blaok Oak Point Hickory
Blanche Lafayette
Bledsos Hickory
Blish’s Mills Franklin
Bloomfield Stoddard
Bloomington Maosn
Blue Springs Jackson
Bluff Spring Johnson

Blytheville Jasper
Boaz Osage
Bolivar Polk
Bonhomme St. Louis
Boone Franklin
Boon’s Lick Howard
Bonnville Cooper
Bourbon Crawford
Bourbonton Boone
Bowdark Greene
Bower’s Mills Lawrence
Bowling Green Pike
Bcyler’s Mills Beaton
Bremen St. Louis
Bridgetan St. Louis
Brighton Polk
Brooklyn Clark
Browning’s Marion
Brownsville Saline
Brunswick Charlton
Brash Creek Laclede
Bryan Saline
Buck-Prairie Lawrence
Buena Vista Platto
Buffalo Dallas

Burbois Franklin
Bur Oak Mercer
Butler Bates
Caledonia Washington
Calhoun Henry
California Mnnitenu
Calvy Franklin
Cambelltown Franklin
Cambridge Saline
Camden Ray
Camden Point Platte
Camp Branch Warren
Camp Creek Butler
Canton Lewis
Cap Au Gris Lincoln
Cape Fare Taney
Cape Girardean. C. Girardeau
Capp’s Creek Newton
Caiondolet St. Louia
Carrollton Carroll
Cansville Cooper
Carterville Nodaway
Carthage Jasper
Casville Barry
Castile Clinton
Cave Pomp Camden
Cave Spring Wright
Central St. Louis
Centre Creek Lawrence