The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
256 Societies.
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Windsor Henry Winston Dent Wisemans Boone Wolf Island Mississippi

Woodbury Wright Woodford Clay Woodlawn Monroe Woodville Macon

Woollam Gasconade Wynconda Scotland Wyandott Linn Wyreka Putnam

Yellow Creek Chariton Youngers Boone Young Hickory Polk

Masonic Bodies.

The following Masonic Bodies meet at Masonic Hall, corner of Chesnut and Third sts.

Grand Lodge of Missouri.
Grand R. A. Chapter of Missouri.
St. Louis Encampment , No. 1, Kts. Templars.
Missouri R. A. Chapter, No. 1,
St. Louis, " " " No. 8,
Missouri - - Lodge, No. 1,
Geo. Washington " No. 9,
St. Louis, " No. 20,
Naptaali " No. 25,
Polar Star Lodge No. 79, Kts. Templars.
Erwin Lodge No. 121, (meets at the corner of Ches
nut and Second strees).
Carondtlet Meridian Lodge No. 2, (meets on the west side
of Carondelet avenue, bet.between Park avenue and Barry
street, up stairs).
Beacon Lodge No. 3, (meets on Broadway, corner of
Monroe st).
Mt. Moriah Lodge No. 40, (meets in Bremen).
I. O. O. F.
Officers of the R. W. Grand Lodge of the State of
M. W. G. Master , S. H.Bailey, , St. Louis.
R. N. D. G. Master , Rev.C. D.Simpson, , Glasgow.
R. W. G. Warden , V. C.Peers, , Farmington.
R W. G. Secretary , Isaac M.Veitch, , St. Louis.
R. W. G. Treasurer , Ben. F.Crane, , St. Louis.
W. G. Chaplain , Rev.JohnLibby, , St. Louis.
W. G. Marshal , JamesCarr, , Pans.
W. G. Conductor , J. S.McFarland, , Boonville.
W. G. Guardian , N. M.Smallwood, , Lexington.
W. G. Messenger , JosephWinter, , Trenton.
R. W. G. Representatives to the Grand Lodge of the
United States , JohnHow, and Isaac M.Veitch, .
Lodges in the City of St. Louis, with their time and
place of meeting.

Lodges. Time. Meeting-Place.

Travelers Rest Lodge No. 1 , Monday, cor.corner 4th & Locust
Wildoy Lodge No. 2 , Tuesday " "
Germain Lodge No. 3 , Thursday " "
St. Louis Lodge No. 5 , Saturday " "
Missouri Lodge No. 11 , Friday " "
Excelsior Lodge No. 18 , Wednesday " "
Laclede Lodge No. 22 , Tuesday, Market, above 12thst.street.
Washington Lodge No. 24 , Monday, Carondelet Avenue
below Barry.
Wimgenund Lodge No. 27 , Monday, corner Broadway &
Goethe Lodge No. 59 , Wednesday, cor.corner 2nd & Chesnutst.street.
St. Louis Degree Lodge No. 1 . meets on the 2nd and 4th
Thursday in each month, Odd Fellows Hall, corner
4th and Locustst.street.
Strangers Fund Relief Committee.
Jas. L.Waters, , Chairman , corner Olive & Front street.
R. N.Bailey, , Secretary , No. 3 Frontst.street.
Thos.Webster, , Treasurer , corner Olive & Main sts.
HenryDusenbery, , corner Chesnut & 2ndst.street.
PhilipEwald, , south side of Chesniit, between 2nd and
3d streets.
FerdinandMyer, , Main street, near Pine.
J. L.Jacobs, , No. 92 Main.
AdolphAbeles, , cor.corner Carondelet av.avenue and Barry street.
Benjamin F.Jennings, , cor. Carr and Frontst.street.
Officers R. W. Grand Encampment of the State of Mis-
souri I. O. O. F.
M. W. G. Patriarch , AlexanderPeterson, sr.
M. E. G. H. Priest , Wm. A.Moffett, .
R. W. G. S. Warden , Jas. L.Waters, .
R. W. G. Scribe , ThomasWebster, .
R. W. G. Treasurer , W. H.Remington, .
R. W. G. J. Warden , Charles C.Archer, .
W. G. Sentinel , S. G.Wheatley, .
R. W. G. Representative , E. K.Woodward, .
Encampments in St. Louis.
Wildey Encampment No. 1 , meets at Odd Fellows’ Hall,
corner 4th and Locust sts. 1st and 3d Wednesdays.
Hebron Eneampmen No. 4 , " " " " "
2d and 4th Mondays.
St. Louis Encampment No. 13 , " " " " "
2d and 4th Tuesdays.
Young Men’s Christian Association.
St. Louis Young Men’s Christian Association,

Rooms in the Mercantile Library Hall Building, corner
of Locust and Fifth streets: Entrance on Locust.
Open between the hours of 9 A. M., and 10 p. m.
Strangers and others are invited to visit these Rooms,
where at all times may be found a largo supply of
the Religious Newspapers and Periodical literature
of the day.

President —E. W.Blatchford, .
Vice-Presidents —E. A.Corbit, , H.Christopher, , S.Cup- , jr., Wm.McDowall, , J. B.Evans, , S. B.John- , , Rev.J. G.White, , H. W.Rice, , W. E.Sell, , C.
C.Salter, .
Recording Secretary —John L.Dunnica, , No. 14 Levee.
Corresponding Secretary —HenryHitchcock, , n. w. cor-
ner of Olive and Main sts.
Treasurer —IsaacWyman, , at Page & Bacon , corner of
Main and Vine sts.
Librarian —GeorgeSluter, , at the Rooms .