The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
Young Men’s Christian Association. 257
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Board of Managers.
1. Finance Committee.
W. E.Sell, , Chairman , cor.corner 2d and Green sts.
A. H.Forman, , No. 120n.north Mainst.street.
J. T.Chappell, , Locust between Main and Levee.
J. R.Scott, , at “Webater, Marsh & Co.” Main,n.north Locust.
P. P.Ellis, , corner 2d and Chesnut sts.
W. H.Pittman, , 97 north Mainst.street.
2. Committee on Lectures.
C. C.Sailor, , Chairman , Wyman’s Hall.
E. M.Avery, , Wyman’s Hall.
J.Stureess, , No. 297 Broadway.
H. N.Kendall, , cornar 6th and Pine sts.
Irwin, Z. Smith, No. 38 Main street.
Wm. A.Sears, , No. 55 Chesnut street.
3. Committee on Publication.
S. B.Johnson, , Chairman , No. 20 Olivest.street.
J. B.Turner, , No. 94 Washington Avenue.
J. B.Logan, , 3d between Pine and Chesnut sts., “Cum-
berland Presbyterian Office.
R. N.Nisbet, , “Lucas & Simond’s,” cor.corner Main and
G. W.Tracy, , Pittman & Tennent , Main, between Lo-
cusl and Vine sts.
J.Holtzinger, , No. 208 north Mainst.street.
4. Committee on Library and Rooms.
E. A.Corbitt, , Chairman , at Hayden & Wilton’s , Main,
between Market and Cbesnut sts.
Isaac S.Smyth, , Com’l Alley, between Pine and Ches-
nut sts.
B. P.Hawley, , Scott, Naylor & Co. , Levee, between Mar-
Ket and Walnut sts.
J. N.Alvord, , sw. cor. 8th Locust sts.
Geo. H.Hume, , No. 11 Locustst.street.
Geo. J.Gill, , Gill & Bro. , on Mainst.street.
Standing Committee.
Committee on Statistics.
1st. Presbyterian Church.
RussellBcarritt, , Washington Avenue, corner of 3dst.street.
Chas.Helfenatien, , corner of Leree ami Pinest.street.
2d. Presbyterian Church.
W. S.Woods, , Market, between Third and Fourth sts.
ShermanSpencer, , on Market, bet.between 2d and 3d sts.
Union Presbyterian Church.
L. B.Parsons, , Chesnut, bet 2d and 3d sts.
J. S.McNair, , No. 117 Mainst.street.
Cumberland Presbyterian Church.
W. H.Fackler, , No. 47 Fourthst.street.
C. C.Logan, , on Third, between Pine and Chesnut sts.
Spruce st. Presbyterian Church.
J. L.Bacon, , n. 8 s.south Front.
E.Pratt, , 13th s.south of Market.
Park Avenue Presbyterian Church.
Rev. Mr.Paige, , Jaccard’a residence on Park Avenue.
Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church.
A. G.McMurtry, , cor.corner 2d and Chesnutst.street.
SamuelJohnston, , Main, near Locustst.street.
Central Prcsbytcuan Church.
C. S.Charlotte, , at Lucas & Simond’s.
George W.Wade, , at Phoenix Insmance Co.
Pine st. Presbyterian Church.
N. L.Calhoun, , at Hayden & Wilson’s on Mainst.street.
Geo. P.Strong, , Chesnutst.street. w.west. of 2d.
Congregational Church.
S. W.Eager, jr., off. clk Court of Common Pleas.
C.Knight, , at Humphrey, Perley & Co’s.
2d. Baptist Church.
E. W.Denison, at Hayden & Wilson’s.
PeterSteinstra, , No. 49 Marketst.street.
3d. Baptist Church.
H. A.Homeyer, , Levee, bet.between Market and Chesnut sts.
J. H.Teasdale, , cor.corner of Commercial and Chesnut sts.
St. John’s Episcopal Church.
W. P.Curtis, , Librarian of the Mercantile Library Ass’n.
George H.Gill, , at Gill & Bro. , Main, between Vine and
Locust sts.
Christ Church, Episcopal.
T. G.Comatock, , Pine, between 2d and 3dst.street. , north side.
Rev.MorrissRheinsberg, , City Hotel.
St. George’s Church, Episcopal.
Rob’t.McNeilly, , No. 12 Levee.
Arthur St. LegerQrindan, , No. 14 Pinest.street.
Ashbury Methodist Church.
Goodwin, , bet.between Fifteenth and Sixteenth, on Morgan.
Boahey, , on Wash., bet Tenth and Eleventh sts.
Fourth, st. Methodist Church.
Dr. A. W.Coniming, , cor.corner Fourth and Franklin Avenue.
S. T.Morris, , No. 156 Mainst.street.
Centenary Methodist Church.
AmosSkinner, , cor.corner Franklin Avenue and Seventhst.street.
W. T.Gay, , at E. J. Gay & Co. , 21, between Pine and
Chesnut sts.
Christian Church.
G. A.Kerr, , Pitman & Tennent’a , Main, between Vine
and Locustst.street.
E. F.Pittman, , at Pittman & Bro’s.
First Boatman’s Church.
Benj.Blanchard, , 2d., between Vine and Washington
J. B.Evans, , cor.corner Chesnut and Main sts.
Special Committees.
Howard Committee.
HenryHitchcock, , Chairman , cor.corner Main and Olive sts.
S. T.Morris, , No. 151 Mainst.street.
J. B.Turner, , No. 94 Washington Avenue.
F.Alexander, , Main bet.between Washington av.avenue and Vinest.street.
ShermanSpenoer, , No. 54 Marketst.street.
John H.Dunira, , No. 14 Levee.
D. J.Hancock, , No. 17 Vinest.street.
Boarding House Committee.
E. A.Corbit, , Chairman , Main, between Market and Ches-
nut sts.
J. B.Logan, , 3d. bet Pine and Chesnut sts.
J. H.Smith, , cor.corner Main and Olivest.street.
Enochlong, , 4th and Market sts.
SamuelCupples, , Levee, bet.between Olive and locust sts.
Employment Committee.
W. E.Sell, , Chairman , cor.corner 2d and Greenst.street.
IsaacWyman, , cor.corner Main and Vine sts.
P. P.Ellis, , cor.corner 2d and Chesnut sts.
S. W.Eager, jr., at Court House .
JuliusMorisse, , No. 165 Thirdst.street.
The “Employment Committee” would be pleased to
learn, either personally or at the Rooms of the
Aaeociation, of any vacancies or applicants for em-
Regular Mkktings of the Association.

Regular monthly Meting of the Association, for the
proposal and election of members, promotion so-
cial and Christian intercoure : and for the reception
and consideration if such information as will ad-
vance the wellfare of the Association, is held on the
third Monday evening ot each month, at 7½ o’clock.

Regular Monthly Meeting of the Board of Managers, is
hold on the first Monday evening of each month, in
the Committee Room, at 7½ o’clock.

Regular Monthly Meeting of the Committee on Statis-
tics, is held on the last Monday evening of each
month, in the Committee Room, at 7½ o’clock.

The Weekly Prayer Meeting of the Association is held
on Saturday evening, in the Heading Room, at 7½