The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
St. Louis [1821] Directory. 265
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Paxton’s Directory.
Abel, Sarah, seamstress , north Fourth, above C
Adams, Henry, carpenter , 89 south Third, below C
Adley, William, drayman , Market, below Third
Alard, L’ange, 67 north Third, above north C
Alexander, Walter B., clerk in the receiver’s office—d. h.
Bennet’s hotel
Alexandre, , see Bellessiine
Allen, David, grocer , 90 south Main
Alvarez, Auguet, farmer , Market, below Third
Alvarez, Manuel, farmer , Market, above Third
Ambrose, Celest, madame , north D, above Main
Amelin, Alexis, laborer , south B, above Main
Anderson, G.south D, above Main
Anderson, Paul, 201 north Main, above north I street
Anduze, Rev.Aristidcs, professor of special mathematics
and director of St. Louis college, south Church, be-
low Market
Armitage, Joshua, merchant , 74 north Main
Armstrong, John, cordwainer , north C St., below Main
Arnold James & Co. , merchants , 71 north Main, above
north C
Arnold, Robert, carpenter , 83 south Church, below C
Arnold, William, merchant , 71 north Main, aboven.north C
Ashley, William H., lieutenant governor of the State,
south B, above south Main
Atkinson, Henry, brigadier general in the U. S. army,
99 south Main, s. e. corner south D
Atwood, N. B., druggist , &c., 67 south Main
Bacchus, John, inquire north Water, corner north E
Baker, Ewel, deputy clerk of the circuit court, Market,
above Fifth
Barga, Peter, carpenter , north Church, s. w. corner A
Barib, au Pierre, 126 north Church, s. w. corner north F
Barr, William, plasterer , 67 south Third, below B
Barelet, Phineas, carpenter , north Fourth, below Third
Bartley, Mary, widow, back of the Steam-boat warehouse
Barton & Bates , attorneys and counsellors at law, n. w.
corner Market and Sixth
Barton, David, counsellor at law, south Fourth, below
Barton, Joshua, attorney at law and secretary of state ,
corner Market and Sixth
Bertrand, M., carter , 80 north Third
Bates, David G., carpenter , north A, above Church
Bates, Edward, attorney at law, and attorney general for
the state, n. w. corner Market and Sixth
Bates, Nehemiah, bottler , north Third, above north E
Beaugenou, Vital, musician , n. w. corner south Third
and south H
Beck, Abraham, attorney at law, and land agent, s. e.
corner south A and Church sts
Beck, Lewis C., physician , s. e. corner south A & Church
Beck & Spalding , attorneys at law, s. e. corner south A
and Church sts
Becker, Frederick, tailor , 49 north Main, above north B
Beebe, Elijah, saddle and harness manufacturer , 8
north Main
Beebe, Elisha, block and pump maker and cooper , south
C, above Church
Belceur, J. B. D., 76 south Main, below I st
Bell, John, merchant , 1 north Main. n. e. corner Market
Bell, William, chair maker , south C, above south Main
Bellanger, Charles, carpenter , south Water, below B
Bellissime, Alexander, tavern keeper , 90 south Church,
below south C
Benet, Madam, widow, 206 north Main
Bennet, William, Mansion house hotel , n. e. corner north
Third and E
Benoit, Catharine S., widow, 118 south Main, north-
west corner E
Benson, William H., printer , 51 south Main
Bent, John, deputy clerk of the county court , over the
county court room
Bent, Silas, clerk of the county court , office over the
county court room, Market, above Fourth
Benton, Thomas H., attorney at law, north F, above
Church near Bennet’s
Berthold, Bartholomew, merchant , 11 north Main
Borthold & Chouteau , fur merchants, 11 north Main
Biddle, major Thomas, of the U. S. army, 99 south Main,
s. e. corner south D
Bienvenus, Eugene, cabinet maker , s. Church, below H
Billon, Charles, clock and watch maker , 23 north Main,
n. e. corner north A
Bissonnet, Ambroise, north C, above Third
Blair, Daniel, watch maker , &c., 35 south Main
Blanchard, George, keeper of the Green Tree inn , 85
south Church, below C
Block, Eleazer, attorney at law, north Church, n. e. cor-
ner B
Blood, Sullivan, deputy constable , north Fourth, above
north C
Blotnear, Mathias, victualler , 7 Market house—d. h.
south Church, below the bridge
Bobb John & William , brick makers , n. e. corner south
Seventh and A
Bompart, Francois, blacksmith , south D, above Main—
d. h. s. e. corner south Third and G
Bomport, Louis, cashier of the Missouri Bank , 6n.north Main
Boss Daniel C. & Co. , merchants , 68 south Main, below
south B
Bosseron, Charles, blacksmith , 46 north Main, n. w. cor-
ner of north B
Bothick, John, stone mason , 85 north Third, s. e. corner
north D
Bothick, Thomas, grocer , 85 north Third, s. e. corner
north D
Bott, William, painter and glazier , south C, above south
Bouche, Francois, boatman , 110 south Church, below D
Bouis, Andrew Vincent, 47 north Main, n. e. corner of
north B
Bouis, Antoine, widow, 47 north Main, n. e. corner
north B
Bouju, Joseph, clock and watch maker, silver smith and
jeweller , 76 north Main
Bournes, John, grocer , “hole in the wall,” north Water,
below north H
Bowles, Mary, south Church , s. w. corner D
Boyd, Christopher, grocer , 85 north Church, s. e. corner
north D
Boyd, John M.Bennet’s hotel, north Third
Boyer, John F., tailor , 24 north Main, n. w. corner of
north A
Brackenridge, Henry M., attorney at law, north B,
above Main
Bradbury, Edward, turner , north Main, above the Brew-
Bradbury, John, potter and farmer , inquire south D,
above Main
Bradley, John T., carpenter , north Fifth, above north C
Brady, John, commission merchant , north Water, above
the Team boat ferry
Braud & Detandebaratz , merchants , 25 south Main,n.north
e.east corner south A
Sraud, James, merchant , 25 south Main n. e. corner
south A