The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
Advertising Department. 7
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William A.Nelson, ,
Wholesale Commission Merchant & Manufacturers’ Agent ,
No. 11 Locust street, between Main and Levee, St. Louis, Mo.

Agent for
Wheeling Paper Mills, Wellsburg Paper Mills, Va.; Conner & Son’s Type Foundry, Wells & Webb’s Wood Type, Hoe & Co’s
Printing Press, Lightbody’s News Inks, N. Y.; Mason’s Blanking, Philadalphia; Cincinnati Spice Mills: Cincinnati Fancy Soap
Factory; Pittsburgh Flint Glass Works; Pittsburgh Green Glass Works; Pittsburgh Window Glass Factory; Wheeling Nail and
Spike Manufactory; Wheeling Straw Board Factory; Krozen’s Wooden Ware Manufactory; St. Louis Wash Board Factory; St. Louis Bucket and Tub Manufactory, Saben’s Patent Washing Machines, St. Louis Scale Manufactory.

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of the
St. Louis Improved Fire Proof Safe Manufactory.

Purchasers are requested to call and examine Prices as we can and
will sell lower than any other House in the West.

Hill, Carter & Dwyer ,
boat stores,
commission merchants,
No. 67 Water Street, St. Louis.

Wm.Dwyer, ,
Boat agent and commission merchant ,
No.07 Commercial Street,
Near Washington avenue, ,
St. Louis, Mo.

R. F.Sass, ,
General Steamboatagent
Forwarding Merchant ,
No. 28 Levcc and G6 Commercial street,
St. Louis, Mo.

Special attention paid to the Agency of Boat