The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
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St. Louis
type foundry
paper warehouse ,
established a. d.1840.

A. P. Ladew & Co. ,
type founders and dealers in paper,
31 and 33 Locust street, St. Louis, Mo.

Press Depot , Shark, Alley,
Call the attention of Printers and Publishers to their establishment, where will be found every variety of
type, paper, ink, printing presses, rule, borders, flowers, and every other article used
in a printing office. A. P. L. & Co. have lately made additions to their farm and
paper Type, of Matrices imported from Scotland, and have now a complete series. Also, a new
German Faces.

They are also the authorized agents of the principal Type Foundries in the United States, and are prepared
to fill orders selected from any specimen at Eastern prices. They keep always on hand a large supply of
and Book Printing Paper ; also. Cap, Letter, Colored, and Manilla Papers, Cards and Card Boards, ail of which
will be sold on the most reasonable terms. Orders for Stereotyping and Engraving will be promptly executed.
Editors or Printers wishing bo establish a newspaper or job printing office, will be furnished with an estimate in
detail for the same, by stating the size of the paper, or the particular style and quality of work to be executed.

A large assortment of Wood Type always on hand. Old Type taken in exchange for new, at nine cents
pound. Sorts supplied to all founts oast at this establishment at specimen prices. Cash paid for Linen and
Cotton Rags.

The Type with which this Directory is printed is a specimen of our Scotch Minion.