The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
16 Advertising Department.
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P.Hayden, , New York.

P.Wilson, , Cincinnati, Ohio.

Hayden & Wilson .
importers and manufacturers of
saddlery hardware,
carriage trimmings, saddle trees, hogskins
skirting, harness and bridle leather,
wood and iron hames, &C.,
No. 11 North Main street, between Chesnut and Market, east side,
St. Louis, Mo.

J. H.Hall, .

C. J.Morton, .

L. A.Hall, .

John H. Hall & Co. ,
importers and wholesale dealers in
hardwar, cutlery, heavy goods,
merchanics’ tools of all kinds,
No. 92 main street, between olive and locust streets,
St. Louis, Mo.

IsidoreBush, .

CharlesTaussig, .

Hardware, Cutlery,
tools, house furnishing goods, &c.,
☞ A large and well assorted stock of American, English and German manufacture, always on hand and for sale at the lowest possible prices.

iron bedsteads,
Superior to all others in cleanliness, neatness and economy, at
Bush & Taussig’s
No. 37 Market street, between Main and Second streets, St. Louis, Mo., Sign of the Padlock.

E. F. Kraft & Co. ,
importers and wholesale and retail dealers in
hardware, cutlery
mechanics’ tools of all kinds,
No. 23 Main Street, two doors above chesnut street,
St. Louis, Mo.