The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
St. Louis public schools. 245
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Circuit Attorney for St. Louis.
Office in Weld building cor.corner of Chesnut and 3d.
Henry, A. Clover.
St. Louis County Recorder.
Office in south wing of the Court House.
CharlesKeemle, .
St. Louis County Sheriff.
Office in north portion of Court House Square.
John, M. Wimer.
St. Louis County Marshal.
Office over Probate Court room, south wing Court house.
DavidBayles, .
St. Louis County Coroner.
Office in County clerk’s office, north-east wing Court
IsaiahBrown, .
St. Louis County Surveyor.
Office in Weld building, corner of 3d and Chesnut.
N. F.Heyer, .
St. Louis County Assessor.
Office in Court House Square, north wing.
David, R. Risley.
St. Louis County Engineer.
Office on 3d floor of Court house, north wing.
J. B.Moulton, .
Supt. of Repairs to M’Adamized Roads
N. T.Moulton, .
Architect St. Louis Court House.
Office in Court House Square, north wing.
Robert, S. Mitchell.
Inspector County Poor & Superintendent of St.
Louis County Toll Gates.
Office in the Rotunda of the Court House.
FrancisJones, .
Superintendent of St. Louis County Farm or
Poor House.
Office at the farm 4 miles west of the City, on the Man-
chester Road.
Joseph, M’lllvaine.
County Treasurer.
Office Marine Insurance Company, corner of Locust and
Main, ups.
Daniel, Hough.,
Jailor of St. Louis County.
Office at jail, corner of 6th and Chesnut.
JamesCastello, .
Collector of Dram Shop Licences.
Office in Court House Square north wing.
Volney, C. Musick.
Collector of State and County Revenue.
Office in Court House Square, north wing.
John, Brady Smith.
County Physician to Jail.
Office south 5th streel near Carond. avenuees.east side.
Dr. CorneliusCampbell, .
Commissioner of Common Schools for St Louis
Officene.northeast corner 4th and Olive.
James, H. Bacon.
Keeper of Court House.
JamesQuigley, .
St. Louis Public Schools.
Benton,es.east side. 6th, b. Locust and St. Charles.Lucius
Kingsbury, , principal grammar department, salary
$1,000. Amanda M.Leary, , principal primary de-
partment , salary $400.
Chambers street, se. cor. 9th and Chambers. Charlotte
C.Plympton, , principal primary dpt., salary $400.
Clark,es.east side. 7th. s.south of Hickory.EdwinMay, , principal
grammar dpt., salary $750. ElizaHawxhurst, ,
principal grammar dpt. salary $400. EllenCle- , , principal primary dpt., salary $400.
Eliot, se. cor. 15th and Pine.LouisaBoggs, , principal
grammar dpt., salary $450. Henrietta, Walker,
principal primary dpt., salary $400.
High, Benton school house.J. D.Low, , principal sa-
lary $200. J. W. Z.Casten, , German aud Freanch
teacher , salary $175.
Jefferson, nw. cor. 9th and Wash.N. D.Tirrell, , prin-
cipal grammar dpt. salary $1.000. Annie D.Haile, ,
principal grammar dpt., salary $450. Catharine
Scales, , principal primary dpt., salary $400.
Laclede, se. cor. 5th and Poplar.JohnLeavy, , principal
grammar dpt., salary $1,000. Eliza C.Dunham, ,
principal grammar dpt., salary $400. M. K.Haw- , , principal primary dpt., salary $400.
Lafayette,ns.north side. Ann av. e. of Decatur.CalebOliver, ,
pricipal grammar dpt., salary $1,000. Harriet
M.Scofield, , principal grammar dpt., salary $400.
E. M.Byrne, , principal primary dpt., salary $400.
Mound, se. cor. 8th and Howard.ClarkStrong, . Princi-
pal grammar dpt., salary $750. Harriet B.Nay- , , principal grammar dpt., salary $400. Sarah
Harrison, , principal primary salary $400.
Seventh Street,es.east side. 7th, b. Fr. av. and Wash.Martha
McClnre, , principal primary dpt., salary $400.
Webster, Jefferson, b. 11th and 12th.Ellsworth, Mil- , principal grammer dpt., salary $1,000. Eliza- , Burrell,principal grammar dpt., salary $400.
E. J.Isbell, , principal primary dpt., salary $400
First Ward—BenjaminBrison, , AdolphLevy, .
Second Ward—John H.Thornton, , Thos. M.Taylor, .
Third Ward—Carlos S.Greely, , GeorgePartridge, .
Fourth Ward—EdwardHale, , IsaiahForbes, .
Fifth Ward—A. C.Erfort, , Wm. S.McKee, .
Sixth Ward—John R.Hammond, , SolonStark, .
John H.Tice, , Secretary and General Superintendent
salary $1,500.
NathanielHolmes, , Counsellor , salary $1,000.
Robert M.Renick, , Treasurer.