The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
Advertising Department. 21
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Great Western
Argricultural Warehouse
seed store ,
No. 16 north main street, between chesnut and market,
St. Louis, Mo.

Alfred Lee & Co. ,
wholesale and retail dealers in
agricultural implements and machines;
grain, grass, garden, herb & flower seeds.

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We keep, in their, season,
McCormick’s Mowing & Reaping Machines,
a large assortment of

Harrows; Seed Drills and Corn Planter?; Cultivators; Revolving Horse Rake; Emery & Co. ’s Patent Horse
Powers, Threshers and Separators; Grant’s Patent Fan Mills; Double and Single Corn Shellers; Hay and Straw
Cutters; Vegetable Cutters; “Little Giant” Corn and Cob Crushers; Isaac Straub & Co. ’s “Queen of the South”
Corn and Wheat Mills; Bark Mills; Corn Mills; Iron Meat Cutters and Sausage Stuffer?; Iron Dirt Scrapers; Ox
Yokes and Bows; Hay, Straw, Corn and Hemp Knives; Grass and Grain Scythes: Grain and Hemp Cradles;
Scythe Snaths, Stones and Rifles; Hay and Manure Forks; Hay and Garden Kakes, &c.&c.

Also, Transplanting Trowels; Budeing;, Pruning, and Graftings Knives; Pruning and Grafting Saws; Pruning
Shears; Bass Matting, &c.&c. Agricultural Books and Periodicals by all the principal authors.

Clover, timothy, kentucky blue grass, red top and hemp seed.

Also, all kinds of Garden and Flower Seeds.