The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
246 Insurance Companies.
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City and Ward Boundaries.
First Ward.

All that part of the city lying south of a line begin-
ning on the Mississippi river, at the foot of Wood street,
thence west along Wood to Carondelet avenue, thence
running weatwardly along Rutger to Fifth street, north-
wardly along Fifth to Chouteau avenue, thence weet-
wardly along Chouteau avenue to the western line of the

Second Ward.

All the territory lying north of the First Ward, and
south of a line beginning on the Mississippi at the foot of
Walnut street, running westwardly along Walnut to
Berenth, thence southwardly along Seventh to Clark av-
enue, thence westwardly along Clark avenue to the west-
ern line of the city.

Third Ward.

All the territory lying north of the Second Ward, and
south of aline commencing on the Mississippi river, at
the foot of Locust, running westwardly along Locust to
the western limits of the city.

Fourth Ward.

All the territory lying north of the Third Ward, and
south of a line commencing at the foot of Cherry stred,
thence running westwardly to Broadway, thence south-
wardly to Morgan, thence’ westwardly with Morgan to
Tenth, thence northwardly to Franklin avenue, thence
westwardly to the western limits of the city.

Fifth Ward.

All the territory lying north of the Fourth Ward, and
Booth of a line commencing at the foot of Biddle street,
I hew e running westwardly to Twelfth, thenco south-
wardly to Carr, and thence westwardly with Carr to the
western limits of the city.

Sixth Ward.

All the territoiy lying north of the Fifth Ward, and
within the city limits, constitutes the Sixth Ward.

In all cases, the centres of the several streets above
named are the dividing lines between the several

Insurance Companies.
Office Atlantic Mutual Insurance Company .
67 north Main Street.

John F.Darby, , President . SamuelRussell, , Vice
President . I. J.Welbourn, , Secretary . John F.Dar- , . WaymanCrow, , D. A.January, , P. R.McCreery, ,
Jno. S.Cavender, , C.Rhodes, , John B.Cavender,, , 0. W.
Child, , Sami G.Reid, , D. J.Hancock, , JohnCavender, ,
PhillipsCrow, , W. H.Pittmnn, , JamesSmith, , Ceo. P.
Doan, , SamuelRussell, , Charles P.Choutoau, , James A.
Jameson, , John J.Mudd, , Geo.Partridge, , Geo. R.Robin- , , Trustees.

Citizens’ Insurance Company of Missouri .
nw. corner Main and Vine. Capital, $350,000.

Wm.Benshaw, , Pres. L. B.clark, , Sec. JohnSi- , , Charles B.Dickson, , P. A.Berthold, , Wm.Ren- , , John B.Barpy, , JohnMcDowell, , B. I.Gilman, ,
AlfredVinton, , NeroValle, , Directors.

Covenant Mutual Life Insurance Company ,
of St. Louis, Missouri.
se. cor. Main and Vine. Guarantee Fund, $50,000.

Gerard B.Allen, , Pves. JohnHow, , Vice Pres. Isaac
M.Veiwh, , Sec. JohnHow, , G. B.Allen, , Isaac M.
Veitch, , E. K.Woodward, , R. M.Reniok, , Wm. H.Mer- , , S. H.Baily, , H.Pnkington, , Wm. A.Maffett, , Alex
Peterson, jr., Thos.Rioheson, , Wm. M.MePherson, , H.
Dusenbury, , E. C.Sloan, , F.Dings, , Jno. C.Nulsen, ,
Trustees.’ Geo.Johnson, , J. S.Moore, , Medical Exam-

Globe Mutual Insurance Co. , of St. Louis, Mo.
sw. cor. Main and Chesnut. Capital, $200,000.

W. W.Greene, , Pres. J. H.Lucas, , Vice Pres. , Wm.
Breckway, jr.. Sec. K.McKcnzie, , W. W.Greene, , O. W.
Chill, , Danl. G.Taylor, , J. H.Lucnt, , L. M.Kennett, ,
Thos.O’Flaherty, , Chas. P.Chouteau, , E. M.Eyland, ,

Home Mutual Fire & Marine Insurance Co. ,
of St. Louis.
se. corner Main and Vine. Face of Premium
notes to April 20th, 1854, $661,374 44.

I. L.Garrison, , Pres. T. L.Salisbury, , Sec. Alonzo
Cutler, , Gen. Agent . D. D.Page, , Treasurer , D. D.
Page, , I. L.Garrison, , Jas. E.Yeattnan, , AsaWilgus, ,
SamuelRnssell, , JohnWhitehill, , TheronBarnum, , J. C.
Havens, , WyllysKing, , Directors.

Lumbermen & Mechanics’ Insurance Company .
sw. corner Main and Pine. Capital, $300,000.

WilliamPatrick, , Pres. Louis C.Hirsohberg, , Pres.
pro tern. John N.Pritchard, , Sec. Wm.Patrick, , Wm.
Morrison, , A. M.Bissell, , ArchibaldCarr, , B. M.Runyon, ,
John B.Gibson, , JohnSquire, , JohnMcDowell, , Lonis C.
Hirachberg,, Directors.

Marine Insurance Company of St. Louis.sw. corner Main and Locust.

JohnTilden, , Pres. Henry W.Hough, , tern .
JohnTilden, , Geo. S.Drake, , W. H.Barkedale, , S. M.
Edgell, , A. A.McCreery, , C. B.Greely, , Wm. P.Scott, ,
James A.Bryan, , E. B.Kirby, , Wm. A.Whitingj, , Wyl- King, . R. P.Hanenkamp, , D.Hough, , Dirtcton.

Merchants’ Mutual Insurance Company of St.
Louis, Missouri.
65 north Main. Capital, $200,000.

H. I.Bodley, , Pres. R. R. M. V.Kewhwal, , Vice Pres.
Samuel H.Lowry, . See. AlfredVinton, , WaymanGrow, ,
ThomasBrown, , Wm. C.Kennett, , A. M. V.Keroheval, ,
R. M.Hemng, , ChristopherRhodes, , C. M.McClung, , C.
S.Greely, . A. M.Waterman, , A. G.Switaor, , Edward J.
Gay, , J. H.Alexander, , J. A.Brownke, , Wm. M.Morri- , , CharlesBelcber, , NereValle, , E. B.Kimball, W. H.
Pittman, . G. W.Wiley, , H. I.Bodley, , Trustees..