The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
Advertising Department. 35
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J. B.Turner, .

T. D.Turner, .

Turner & Brother ,
No. 94 washington avenue, between fourth and fifth sts.,
St. Louis, Mo.

☞Hydrants, Bath Tubs, Water Closets, Wash Stands, Wash Trays, Kitchen
Ranges, Copper Boilers, Iron and Copper Well and Cistern Pumps, Brass and
Silver Plated Cocks, Iron Sinks, Sewer and Sink Traps, Lead Pipe and Sheet Lead,
furnished and put up at short notice and in superior style.

Bartholomew’s Patent Valve Hydrant

The subscribers have been appointed sole Agents for St. Louis, for the sale of the
above article, which is superior to any other now in use. Also, Bartholomew’s
Patent Self Acting Single and Double Safety Valves for Water
Closets, supplied to the trade at lowest rates.

Turner & Brother .

William G.Hill, .

J.Haywood, .

Hill & Haywood ,
No. 100 Olive Street, St. Louis, Mo.

Manufacture and keep constantly on hand:

Water Closets. Wash Basins, Marble Slabs, Bathing Tubs, Shower Baths, Force Pumps. Lift Pumps, Beer
Pumps, Fountains, Brass Cocks, Hydrants, Sheet Lead, Lead Pipe, Bar Lead, Silver Plated Work, &c., &c.
Lather and Indian Rubber Hose.

N. B.—Orders from the country attended to.

J. S.Williams, ,
Will attend promptly to all
jobbing work

Pertaining to the
Brick Laying or Plastering Business.

Office, 91 Washington av., between fourth & fifth sts.,
St. Louis, Mo.

☞Order may be left with Betts, Conway & Co. , 58 Pine street.

Grates, Ranges, Forges, Furnaces, Bake Ovens Earthern Ware or Brick Drains; Cast Iron or Earthen Ware
Chimney Tops : Cast Iron or Briek Chimney Arches; Job Plastering; Paving Hearths, Repairing Chimney Tops
Pointing Firewalls, &c. Steamboat Work done at short notice.