The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
42 Advertising Department.
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SamuelStillwell, ,
(Successor to S. Ridgley,)
manufacturer of
phosgene spibit gas, chemical oil,
pure alcohol and pure spirits,
No. 53 olive street, between second and third,
sign of the golden barrel, St. Louis, Mo.

R. Ridgley & Co. ,
(Formerly S. Ridgley & Co.,)
Manufacturers of
Phosgene Spirit Gas, Chemical Oil, Caniphene,
pure alcohol and pure spirits,
No. 84 third street, between olive and locust,
opposite walton house, St. Louis, Mo.

N. B.—Cans, Lamps and Wicks for sole, and all kinds of repairing executed with dispatch.

Molony & Tilton ,
poplar street, between main and second,
St. Louis, Mo.,
distillers and manufacturers of
odorless alcohol,
from eighty to ninety-seves per cent.;
neutral spirits,
high and low proof.

They also have constantly on hand for the Trade, a 1arge stock of Gin and American Brandies on tho most
favorable terms.

G.Bensberg, .

O.Igel, .

J.Bensberg, .

Bensberg, Brothers & Co. ,
manufacturers of
Chemical Oil, Spirit Gas, Pure Alcohol,
neutral spirits & domestic liquors,
dealers in
oils, candles, spirits turpentine, &C.,
No. 261 main stbeet, between cherry and wash, St. Louis, Mo.

Always on hand, a large assortment of Chemical Oil, Spirit Gas and Oil Lumps of all descriptions. Orders
from the a country promptly attended to at the lowest market rates.