The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
44 Advertising Department.
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Charles W.Green, ,
Boots & Shoes,
at wholesale,
No. 115 Main street, two doors from Pine street,
Agent for the sale of
green’s celebrated boots ,
St. Louis, Mo.

Wm.Claflin, .

John A.Allen, .

Conrad R.Stinde, .

Claflin, Allen & Stinde ,
wholesale dealers in
boots & shoes,
No 80 main street,
St. Louis, Mo.

CharlesPenniman, ,
dealer in
boots and shoes,
No. 22 South Main street,
St. Louis, Mo.

WrightSmith, .

Lemuel E.Smith, .

Smith & Smith ,
dealers in
boots & shoes,
Northeast corner of
Franklin avenue and Sixth streets,
St. Louis, Mo.

AbramOves, ,
dealer in
boots & shoes,
Northwest corner of
Broadway and Franklin avenue. 240,
St. Louis, Mo.