The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
Advertising Department. 47
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Home Mutual
Fire & Marine Insurance Company
of St. Louis, Mo.,
Chartered 1845.

Face of premium notes to april 20, 1854,
$661,374 45, and constantly increasing.

Policies issued from thirty days to six years.


Daniel D.Page, ,
AsaWilgus, ,
JohnWhitehill, ,
SamuelRussell, ,
J. C.Havens, ,
TheronBarsum, ,
WyllysKing, ,
I. L.Garrison, ,
James E.Yeatman, ,

Daniel D.Pagk, , Treasurer .

Isaac L.Garrison, , President .

Thomas L.Salisbury, , Secretary .

AlonzoCutler, , General Agent .

Office southeast corner main and vine streets,
Over Page & Bacon’s Banking House.

New England
Mutual Life Insurance Co.
of boston.

☞Having been appointed Agent of the
New England Mutual Life Insurance Company Of Boston,
I am prepared to receive applications for the Insurance of Lives by said Company.
Persons desirous of availing themselves of the advantage of insuring in a Company
conducted on a principle which really amounts to
Life Insurance,
will do well to call upon me at the office of the
home mutual fire and marine insurance company,
Over Page Sr Bacon’s Banking House,
and examine the Report of the Company.

AlonzoCutler, , Agent .