The Saint Louis directory for the years 1854-5 :
60 Circular of Jones* Commercial College.
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Berunnfter mentioned, and of those who may wish to employ a competent Book-Keeper.


JonathanJones, , President of Jones’ Commercial College .

St. Loots, September 13, 1852.

We, the undersigned, a Committee of Practical Accountants, acting under the charter of Jones’ Coiu- m rciiil College (Sec. M.) do hereby certify, That William H. Stone, E*q., has undergone a strict per- examination, by as, as to hi3 qualifications; and h is, therefore, by us. pronounced fully competent to t ke charge of u Set of Rooks, and perform the duties if an Accountant, scientifically and practically.

HenrySenter, , (Book-keeper for Santer & Cavender .;

Cyrus B.Btjrnflam, , (L. S.) (Book-Kieper for Greely & Gale .)

Cyrus G.1I0Yt, . (Book-Kieper for Chouteau & Vallc /

St. Louis, September 13, 1852.

[Form of the Diploma.]

Tones’ Commercial College , St. Louis, Mo.

To the mercantile and Bussincss Community of the V. S.

This may certify, That William H. Stone, Esq.,has this day sustained nn honorable examination before a Board of experienced Practical Accountants, and Gradu- ated, at Jones’ Commercial Cou, Rgi;,inthe Theory nnd Practice of Double-Entry Book-Keeping, Commercial Calculations, Commercial Law and Penmanship, in consideration of which, we, the President and Faculty of the said institution, by virtue of authority in us vested by Law, do grant this Diploma, and confer upon him the Degree of Master of Accounts, which entiles a Practical Accountant, to the confidence of the business community, and exacts from him a copsecration of his best efforts to piomoto the interest of his employers.

In Testimony Whereof, Wo have hereunto affixed our names and Corporate Seal, this 18th (L.S.J day of September, A. D. 1852, at the city of St. Louis, and State of Mis.-ouri.Xj. S. A.

CharlesStewart, , Prof. of Mathematics.

Ferd.Henderson, , Prof. of Book-Kccpimj.

JonathanJones, , Prof. of Commercial Law.

S. D.Eiayden, , Prof. of Penmanship.

JonathanJones, , President .

Catalogue of Students
in the Book-Keeping Department from September 13, 1852, to Septejibek 13. 1853.

Almeida, W. H. St. Louis.
Adams, Thos. C. St. Louis.
Alexander, L;>gan Louisiana, Mo.
Alexander, Thus. Loui-iana, Mo.
Alexander, Craijz; Louisiana, Mo.
Applegate, Geo. W. Keytesville Mo.
Andrews, Jeseph, St. Louis.
Andrews, John St. Louis.
Breden, E. St. Louis.
Pranaon, C. E. St. Louis.
l*e:ich, J. H. St. Loufa.
oileau, . E. St. Louis.
Fiudd, C. P. St. Louis.
Tolton, H. L. St. Louis.
Burk, Geo. St. Louis.
Burna, Oliver K. St. Louis.
Rlodd, J. H. St. Louis.
Biirmini, . F. St. Louis.
Bvine, R. Hi.;kman, Ky.
Blom, E. St. Louis.
Bird, John C. St. Louis.
Baldwin, A. A. St. Louis.
liecker, W. G. H. St. Louis.
Brown, Isaiah C. St. Louis.
Brown, 0. S. Danville, Mo.
Buford, J. M. Rocltlsland, 111
Tjasey, John A. Jefferson City.
Barnatt, Junius St. Louis.
Butlr, Matbew St. Louis,
Byrne, Presley A. St. Louis.
Brawner, J. C. St. Louis.
Cummings, Jain’s A St. Loui?.
Cumming, Arch. St. Louis.
Clibborn, Rob’t C. Palmyra, Wis.
Child, F. P. St. Louis.
Child, A. A. St. Louis.
Chambers, I. H. Warren Co.,Mo
Chambers, Benj. St. Louis.
Collier, Geo. St. Louis.
Caugblan, John W. St. Louis.
Campbell, F. M. St. Louis.
Coburn, Chas. H. St. Louis.
CanJee, W. M. Cairo, Ulinoi3.
Crosby, A. P. Waterloo.
Jcrane, John 0. St. Louis.
Cox, Geo. G. St. Louis.
Cole, J. L. Peoria, 1H.

Collins, O’iver J. St. Louis.
Case, Tbos. St. Louis.
Corwine, A. H. St. Louis.
Campbell, Chas. St. Louis.
Dupavihon, A. St. Louis.
Daly, B. T. St. Louis.
Dowdall, J. T. St. Louis.
Davis, J. G. Warrensburg.
Deibel, Hugo St. L mis.
Doan, Thomas St. Louis.
Davidson, F. M. Joneshoro’.
Dannice, John L. St. Louis.
Ellis, P. P. St. Louis.
Fleming, Joseph S. St. Louis.
Ferris, Cyrus St. Louis.
Faelec, James D. St. Louis.
Foster, R. L. Sparta, Hi.
Fcldmann, Peter A. St. Louis.
Fik-h, T. S. Alton, 1H.
French, S. B. Fredonia, N. Y.
Graham, Robt. St. Louis.
Griggs, J. A. St. Louis.
Guitar, John Columbia, Mo.
Gorin, M. G. Louisiana, Mo.
Gage, W. L. F. St. Louis.
Qiei8er, Jules St. Louis.
Galbraith, Robt. St. Louis.
Goddfcllow, Wm. St. Louis.
Gage, James, St. Louis.
Gordon, James Sparta, 1H.
Gordon, W. K. St. Louis.
Green, J. U. St. Louis.
Garrett, P. A. C. Girardeau.
Hagerty, Jas. St. Louis.
Hewit, 0. Alton. 1H.
Hull, J. A. St. Louis.
Hooper, Wm. St. Louis.
Handy, B. F. St. Louis.
Howard, Alexander St. Louis.
Hookensmith, J. S. St. Louis.
Hqfekampj, H. C St. Louis,
lluiskamp, John M. St. Louis.
Holmes, Richard St. Louis.
Hovey, A. A. St. Louis.
Horton, C. H. St. Louis.
Henderson, Wm. W. Mnnchester,Mo
Hume, Geo. H. Waltonham.

Hadley, 0. S. St. Louis.
Henderson, V. St. Louis.
Hughes, A. V. B. Fayettc, Mo.
Harrington, D. F. St. Louis.
Houston, W. W. St. Louis.
Holland, T. B. Springfkld.
Uawken, Jiunes M. St. Louis.
Haaxstiuk, H. St. Louis.
Haughcy, Peter St. Louis.
Head, T. B. Huntaville, Mo.
Ietard, A. St. Louis.
Irwin, Jos. S. St. Louis.
Irwin, C. F. St. Louis.
Jones, E. C. St. Louis.
Jones, C. W. Jackionvillc, Ill.
Johnson, S. B. St. Louis.
Jones, Marion St. Louis.
Johnson, Thos. B. St. Louis.
Jameson, C. P. St. Louis.
Jennings, M. C. St. Louis.
Knight, G. W. Lexington, Mo.
Kelly, Jas. St. Louis.
Knox, Chas. M. Rocklsland,lll.
Koninszewski, L. St. Louis.
Kivitz, T. St. Louis.
Keliogjr, D. B. St. Louis.
Kelly, Jhas. St. Louis.
Knight, W. T. Loujsinna, Mo.
Luce, Homer T. Louisiana, Mo.
Longuemare, C. St. Louis.
Locke, Rlbard N. St. Louis.
Ladew, James A. St. Louis.
Lynch, Cluus D. St. Louis.
Laumeire, F. V. St. Louis.
Lane, R. A., St. Louis.
Lamme, Wm. Wirt Columbia, Mo.
Lamb, R. F. St. Louis.
Latimer, Wm. M. KnoxCounty,Iil.
L ng, M. H. Atl is, 1H.
Lawrence, S. C. St. Louis.
Luidsley, E. B. St. Louis.
Ungdenu, C. H. St. Louis.
Lord, Mark Great Falls, Mo.
Logan, C. C. St. Louis.
Leslie, Norman St. Louis.
Leavensworth, J. M. St. Louis.
Leuty, John London, Tenn.