St. Louis directory :
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DavidLandreth, ,
(Of Philadelphia,) announces to all whom it may interest, that be has located at
St. Louis, Mo.,
South Main

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Where will be constantly kept a complete assortment of Machinery, adapted to the Farm, Plantation
and Garden. His long practical experience in this branch of business qualifies him to Judge of the relative
merits of Implements, and none but those of real value will find place in
Landreth’s Agricultural House.

Seeds of all descriptions will receive an important share of attention, especially those for the Garden,
which, beinp the produce of his own grounds, and reared under his personal inspection, will be found, on
trial, superior to those usually offered for sale.

The undersigned, being charged with the direction of
Landreth’s Agricultural House, St. Louis,
Respectfully invites the patronage of his friends and the public, assuring them of his
best exertions to serve them satisfactorily

FrederickRennell, .

Wm.William G.Asdown, .

E.Mawdsly, .

H.Mepham, .

W. G. Ashdown & ,
Gas and Steam Pipe Fitters
40 North Third Street,
(Between Chesnut and Pine,)
Wholesale & Retail Dealers in all kinds of Chandeliers.

Always on Hand a Rich Assortment of
Chandeliers, Brackets and Pendants.

Private and Public Buildings,
Offices and Stores,
Fitted up for use of Gas in the most approved

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Steam Buildings, Factories and Stores
Fitted up
In the most approved manner, for Steam.

All Kinds of Steam Pipe Work Done in
the Best Styles, and Warranted
to Give Statisfaction.

Always on hand, all kinds of Steam Pipe Fittings, Valves, Guages, Stop Cocks, and
every thing connected with Steam Pipe Work.