St. Louis directory :
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Hope Mutual Fire Insurance Company
of St. Louis.

Office, corner of Second and Pine Streets,
Basement of Boatmens’ Saving Institution.

Policies Issued from One Month to Six Years.


Thomas E.Tutt, ,
N. J.Eaton, ,
A. F.Shapleigh, ,
Robert M.Renick, ,
John A.Brownlee, ,
Taylor, Blow,
Edward A.Filley, ,
AlexanderFinley, ,
Gerard B.Allen, ,
Rufus J.Lackland, ,
L. D.Baker, ,
R. M.Parks, ,
William H.Gilman, ,
A. M.Waterman, ,
Isaac S.Smyth, ,
W. H.Pritchard, .

Isaac M.Veitch, , Secretary .

Robert M.Renick, , Treasurer .

Thomas E.Tutt, , President .

A. S.Shapleigh, , Vice-President .

Life Insurance.

The Covenant Mutual Life Insurance
of St. Louis;
Office, Corner of Second and Pine Streets,
Basement Boatmens Savings Institution.

This Company Ls strictly mutual, all policy-holders participating in its management
and profits. It has an ample guaranteed fund, in addition to its rapidly-accumulating
Premiums. Pamphlets containing rates, &c., blank applications, with any information
regarding the Company, can be obtained by applying at the office of the Company.

Isaac M.Veitch, , Secretary .

Gerard B.Allen, , President .

Wm.William H.Prichartt, , Assistant Secretary .

JohnHow, , Vice President .

Examining Physicians —Jons S.Moore, , M. D. , GeorgeJohnson, , M. D.

Trustees-Hon.JohnHow, . Hon.SamuelTreat, , Gerard B.Allen, , A. P.Shapleigh, , Thomas E.Tutt, ,
AlexanderPeterson, Jr., William A.Moffet, , Samuel H.Bailey, , HenryPilkington, , Adolphus G.Braun, ,
Benjamin F.Crane, , E. K.Woodward, , J. W.Thornburgh, , NicholasWall, , F. H.Manter, , Isaac M.Veitch, .

Warne, Cheever & ’s
House, Hotel, and Steamboat
Furnishing & Fancy Goods
Hardware Cutlery, Silver Plated, German Silver,
Britannia, Brass, Bronze, Gilt and Japanned Goods,
Enameled, Tinned and Iron Hollow Ware,
Fine Planished and Custom-Made Tin Ware,
and Manufacturers of
Wooden and Willow Ware,
Refrigerators, Ice Chests, Water Coolers, Bathing Apparatus,
Brushes, Brooms, Mats, &c.,
Nos. 27 and 29 Main Street,
Between Chesnut and Pine.)