St. Louis directory :
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McAllister & , boat stores, 68 n.north Levee.
McAllister, Hector, drayman , 234 n.north 8th.
McAllisterRoger , C., (McA. & ,) r.residence ss.south side
Morgan, b.between 7th and 8th.
McAilister, Robert, superintendent, city engineer’s
office, r.residence 406 Market.
McAilister, Mrs., widow, 18th, between Davis & Cass
McAlpine, John, steamboat steward , 134 n.north 13th.
McAlpine, J. H., merchant tailor , 23 Chesnut; r.residence Vir-
ginia Hotel.
McAmspy, John, finisher , 104 n.north 10th.
McAnally, D. R.Rev., editor St. Louis Christian
Advocate , 7 Pine : r. se. c. 12th and Pine.
McAndrew, Patrick, sup. St. Louis Fair Ground, Grand avenue.
McAnes, Michael, com. merchant , c.corner Olive and
Levee : r.residence c.corner Lucas and 15th.
McAnespy, John, varnisher and polisher , r.residence 104 10th.
McAnulty, Barney, 178 s.south 4th.
McAnulty, Michael, 178 s.south 4th.
McArthur, James, (Logan & McA.,) r.residence 139 n.north
McAnley, William, broommaker , Commercial, b.between
Green st.street and Washington av.avenue
McAuliffe, Dennis, cutter at J. H. Bloods, 21 Chesnut,
r. ws. Columnbus, b.between Soulard and Carrol.
McAullff, John D., carriage manufacturer , ns.north side
Franklin av.avenue , near 21st; r.residence 463 Morgan.
McAusland, Elizabeth, 56 Gay.
McAvoy, Lawrence, stonecutter , 127 Christy av.avenue
McAyeal, Robert, laborer , se.south east c.corner Geyer av.avenue & s.south 7th.
McBeaty, Francis, cabinetmaker , alley b.between 7th and 8th,
Walnut st.street and clark av.avenue
McBeaty, Francis, cabinetmaker , alley b.between 7th and 8th,
Walnut st.street and Clark av.avenue
McBrady, John, tanner , ss.south side Anna, b.between Jackson and
McBride, Andrew, bricklayer , 271 Chesnut.
McBride, Jas. J., lawyer , c.corner 3d & Pine; r.residence 181 Pine.
McBride, James, nailor , c 7th st and Russell av.avenue
McBride, John, laborer , 3 s.south 8th.
McBride, Jno. L., bricklayer , r. es. 15th s.south of Spruce.
McBride, Joseph H., bricklayer , r. ne. c. s. 16th st.street
and Clark avenue.
McBride, Mathew, blacksmith , r. b. Wash and Carr
5th and 6th.
McBride, Michael, laborer , r.residence in rear of house ss.south side Spruce
b.between 12th and 13th.
McBride, Theodore, bricklayer , 404 Market.
McBride, Wm.William, carpenter , 31 Green.
McBurney, Wm.William A., salesman , 157 n.north Main; r.residence City Hotel.
McCabe, Edwardostler at Lynch, Arnot &
McCabe, Elizabeth T., widow, 163 Olive.
McCabe, John, printer , se.south east c.corner 2d and Locust; r.residence 358
McCabe, John, driver , 19th, b.between Market st.street and Clark av.avenue
McCabe, John, Porter , 92 n.north Main; r.residence alley b.between 12th &
13th and Pine and Chesnut.
McCabe, Pat., grocer , c. n. 9th st.street and Cass avenue.
McCabe, Patrick, r.residence alley b.between 7th and 8th and Morgan
and Franklin avenne.
McCabe, Patrick, laborer , alley b.between 5th and 6th, Hicko-
ry and Rutgers.
McCabe, Patrick, laborer , r.residence 8 Warren, b.between Broadway
and 2d.
McCabe, , moulder , 228 n.north Main.
McCaffrey, John M., bookkeeper , 147 n.north Main; r.residence 12th
b.between chesnut and Pine.
McCaffry, Clarleslaborer , se.south east c.corner Market and Center.
MeCaffry, John, coffehouse , 1395 Broadway.
McCaig, M., printer at R. Conner, 50 n.north 4th.
McCainy, Wm.William B., patternmaker , 199 n.north 8th.
McCallister, John, ropemaker , es.east side Carondelet av.avenue , b.between
Anna and Lynch.
McCalloh, James, 186 Pine.
McCamant, James, real estate agent , 29½ n.north 3d.
r.residence c.corner 18th st.street and Franklin avenue
McCamant, William G., land agent , office 29½ n.north 3d; 18th st.street and Washington av.avenue
McCamant, Woodford W, collector , 29½ n.north 3d; r. se. c.
18th st.street and Fulton av.avenue
McCan, Peter, laborer , 103 n.north 5th.
McCann, Charles, driver , rear 26 s.south 10th.
McCann, Dennis, ostler , 377 Market.
McCann, Sarah, widow, 195 n.north 7th.
McCanney, John, laborer , ne. c. 14th and Webster.
McCanon, Dennis, engineer , 101 Collins.
McCardy, John, moulder , 93 s.south 2d.
McCarl, Alexander, grocer , 58 Biddle.
McCarley, Patrick, laborer , 157 s.south 5th.
McCarney, Peter, ostler 377 Market.
McCarren, P., (McC. & Fisher,) r.residence 146 14th
b.between Spruce and Clark av.avenue
McCarren & Fisher , wholesale drygoods mer-
chants, 178 Main.
McCarren, William, 167 n.north 11th.
McCarthy, Benjamin, patternmaker , Washington
Foundry .
McCarthy, B., finisher , 10 Florida.
McCarthy, Daniel, tailor , 225 O’Fallon.
McCarthy, Dennis, laborer , rear 230 n.north 8th,
McCarthy, Florence, laborer , 250 n.north 12th.
McCarthy, James, laborer , 284 n.north 8th.
McCarthy, Jeremiah, drayman , 422 n.north Main.
McCarthy, John, shoemaker , 43 Green; r. b. 4th & 5th.
McCarthy, John, laborer , Wash b. 22d and 23d.
McCarthy, John, policeman , 219 Biddle.
McCarthy, John, laborer , 15th b.between O’Fallon & Cass av.avenue
McCarthy, John, laborer . 2l8 n.north 8th.
McCarthy, Mrs., 282 n.north 8th.
McCarthy, Owen, ostler , 623 s.south 7th.
McCarthy, Patrick, stonecutter , Convent, b.between 2d & 3d.
McCarthy, Patrick, laborer .374 s.south 2d.
McCarthy, Robert Emmet, shoestore , 82 Mar-
McCarthy, Timothy, stonemason , 22d, b. Carr and
WashWashington avenue .
McCarthy, Wm.William, blacksmith , 31 Green.
McCarthy, ——, barkeeper at Planters House;
r.residence alley, b.between 7th and 8th, Olive and Locust.
McCartin, Wm.William, carpenter , rear 12 s.south 10th.
McCartin, Bernard, laborer , 286 n.north 7th.
McCartin, Patrick, tailor , 69 Carr.
McCartney Samuel & , grocers, 110 and
112 n.north 2d.
McCarteny, Samuel, (S. McC. & ,) r.residence ss.south side
Olive, b.between 14th and 15th.
McCartney, Wm.William, blacksmith , Phoenix foundry .
McCarty, Chs., tailor , Center, b.between Market st.street & Glark av.avenue
McCarty, Daniel, laborer , rear 7 n.north 10th.
McCarty, Florence, pedler , r.residence 206 Biddle.
McCarty, Lakky, tanner , ss.south side Lynch, b.between Carondelete av.avenue
and 7th.
McCarty, Mary, widow, 270 Market.
McCarty, Martin, boatman , 26 Plum.
McCarty, Patrick, clerk , r.residence Morgan, b.between 4th and 5th.
McCarty, Patrick, grocer , c.corner 21st and Carr.
McCarty, Roger, laborer , 11 Florida.
McCash, Deborah, boardinghonse , 33 s.south 10th.
McCaghe & , lastmakers, 112 Morgan.
McCaughe, Thomas, (Mc. & ,) 112 Morgan.
McCaul C. W. & , tobacconist, 20 s.south Commer-
McCaul, C. W., (C. W. McC. & ,) r.residence c.corner Orchard
and Beckwith.
McCaul, C. C., clerk of C. W. McCaul.
McCauley, John, blacksmith , 90 Green.
McCauley, Josiah, brickmason , 90 n.north 11th.
McCauslin, John, clerk , r.residence 97 Pine.
McCave, John, driver , rear 24 s 10th.
McCaw D. & J. , wholesale provision dealers, 274
McCaw, Daniel, (D. & J. McC.) r. opp. 274
McCaw, James, (D. & J. McC.,) r.residence ss.south side Biddle, b
15th and 16th.
McCawen, John M., c.corner Vine and Main, r.residence City Hotel.
McCay, Francis, laborer , r.residence alley, b.between 10th & 11th and
Biddle and O’Fallon.
McCenroad, Charles, fisherman , 866 Broadway.