St. Louis directory :
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Smith, James, Collins b.between Cherry and Carr.
Smith, James, (Partridge & ,) 299 Olive.
Smith, James, (MeMarray, Winkelmeir & ,)
r.residence 45 n.north 12th.
SmithJames, Jr., (Ellis, Cavendcr & ,) r. ns.
Olive b.between 16th and 17th
Smith, James, architect , sw. c. 3d and Pine; r. ns.
4th b.between Biddle and O’Fallon.
Smith, James, carp.carpenter , 128 Green; r.residence 123 Green.
Smith, James, carriagemaker , 892 Broadway.
Smith, James, drayman . Convent b.between 2d and 3d.
Smith, James, grocer , 84 n.north 2d; r.residence 299 Olive.
Smith, James, sugar refiner , 77 O’Fallon.
Smith, James F., steamboat capt. , Christy av.avenue b.between 18th
and 19th.
Smith, JaneMrs., upholstery , 2d b.between Vine and Locust.
Smith, John, (Bender, M. & ,) 7th b.between Rutgers
and Park av.avenue
Smith, John. (S. & Wilmot,) 324 Morgan.
Smith, John, baker , 147 Myrtle.
Smith, John, cutter , ns.north side Lombard b.between 2d and 3d.
Smith, John, carp.carpenter , 174 n.north 8th.
Smith, John, coppersmith , 231 n.north Main.
Smith, John, cooper , ws. s. 6th b.between Gratiot and Cerre.
Smith, John, fireman , r.residence Mullanphy b.between Main & Levee.
Smith, John, grocery and barroom , 241 and 243 s.south
4th; r.residence 243 s.south 4th, es.east side
Smitli, John, huckster , alley b. Wash and Franklin
av.avenue , 15th and 16th.
Smith, John, (c.corner ) porter , 63 Orange.
Smith, John, phrenologist , 209 Olive.
Smith, John, plasterer , 363 Market.
Smith, John, shoemaker , alley b.between 10th and 11th, Bid-
die and O’Fallon.
Smitli, John, mate , es. n. 10th b.between Warren and Benton.
Smith, John, tailor , 68 Chesnut.
Smith, John, salesman , 142 n.north 3d.
Smith, John, carriagedriver , 217 Locust.
Smith, John, teamster , 365 Market.
Smith, John, riverman , 273 Broadway.
Smith, John, boatman , 196 s.south Main.
Smith, John, lab.laborer , c.corner 7th and Allen av.avenue
Smith, John, lab.laborer , 23 Mullanphy.
Smith, John, lab.laborer , 121 n.north 3d.
Smitli, John, lab.laborer , Ferry, e.east of Broadway.
Smith, John, lab.laborer , c.corner Rutgers and 6th.
Smith, John, lab.laborer , 193 n.north 9th.
Snith, John, lab.laborer , 261 Carr.
Smith, John C., collector 7th ward; r.residence 111 Green.
Smitli, J. D., contractor , 203 Christy av.avenue
Smith, J. H., variety and cloth store , 102½ n.north 4th;
r.residence 49 Vine.
Smitli, John H. M., cl’k , c.corner Main & Olive; r.residence 191 Pine.
Smith, John L., cl’k , “Missouri Republican” r.residence Mis-
souri Hotel.
Smith, John P., cl’k , r.residence 11th b.between Markets Chesnut.
Smith, Joseph, file manufactory , 311 n.north 9th; r.residence Broad-
way b.between Biddle and Carr.
Smith, Joseph, soap maker , c.corner Chouteau av.avenue near Coates.
Smith, J., watchman , c.corner Chouteau av.avenue and Mill Creek.
Smith, Joseph, lab.laborer , 187 n.north 11th.
Smith, Jos. F., (Clark, Plant & Norris.)
Smith, Joseph T., carp.carpenter , 319 n.north 2d.
Smith, Julius H., (Houseman & S.,) r. ws. Ca-
rondelet av.avenue opposite Marine hospital.
Smith, Lawrence, shoestore , 225 Broadway.
Smith, L., stonemason , 17th b.between Biddle and O’Fallon.
Smith, Lemuel E., varietystore ne. c. 15th and Frank-
lin av.avenue ; r.residence 138 n.north 13th.
Smith, Loreoz. 144 s.south 4th,
Smith, Louis, foreman starch factory , r.residence ss.south side Moore b.between
Market and Clark av.avenue
Smith, Louis, 1141 Broadway.
Smith, M., finisher , 228 n.north Main.
Smith, M., St. Louis University, Washington av.avenue
Smith, M. R., r.residence King’s hotel.
Smith, Mary J., dressmaker , r.residence 190 Morgan.
Smitli, Marshall, cl’k , post office, r.residence 50 s.south 5th.
Smith, Martin, paperhanger , es.east side 11th b.between Randolph
and Poplar, ups.
Smith, May, blacksmith , r. es. Main b.between Plum & Cedar.
Smith, Michael, carp.carpenter , Washington av.avenue b.between 14 and 15th,
in rear.
Smith, Milford, Smith’s restaurant, c.corner 3d and
Smith’s Restaurant , c.corner 3d and Market, over
Bragg & Burrowes.
Smith, Moses, fiatsher , r.residence 354 n.north 2d.
Smith, Mrs., boardinghouse , 160 n.north 6th.
Smith, N., sup’t of horses , U. S. Arsenal.
Smith, Nicholas, street com., 1st dist., city engineer’s
office; alley b.between Jackson and Columbus, Lafayette
and Soulard.
Smith, N. L., grocer , 191 Broadway; r. es. 8th b.between
Walnut and Clark av.avenue
Smith, P., book stall , c.corner Broadway and Franklin av.avenue ;
r.residence 199 n.north 4th.
Smith, Patrick, bartender , 74 n.north Levee.
Smith, Patrick, riverman , 200 O’Fallon.
Smith, Patrick, salesman , 74 Elm.
Smith, Peter, lab.laborer , 64 s.south 7th.
Smith, Peter, lab.laborer , 193 n.north 9th.
Smith, Peter, steamboatman , 109 n.north 3d.
Smith, Peter, carp.carpenter , 365 Market.
Smith, Pulaski, cl’k , 280 n.north Main; r.residence Collins b.between Cherry
and Carr.
Smith, R., salesman , 40 n.north Main.
Smith, R., blacksmith , 228 n.north Main.
Smith, R. D., boardiughouse , 25 n.north 12th.
Smith, R. E., cl’k , 81 n.north 8th.
Smith, Robert M., (Klrchner & S.,) r.residence Balti-
more, Md.
Smith, Rapin A., office 12 Pine, r.residence 81 8th.
Smith, Richard, sup’t Miss, foundry ; r.residence 58 Brooklyn,
b.between 9th and 10th.
Smitli, Robert, boardinghouse , 106 s.south 4th.
Smith, Robert, beer and boardinghouse , 140 s.south 2d.
Smith, S., cl’k , 271 Broadway.
Smith, S. O., bookkeeper , 102 n.north 2d; r.residence Monroe house.
Smith, S. W., stove mounter , r.residence ss.south side Spring b.between Mercer
and Naomi.
Smith, Samuel O., bookkeeper , r.residence 104 Pine.
Smith, S. H., cl’k , 34 Pine; r. sw. c. 5th and Market.
Smith, S. A., ornamental hair , 90 ½ 4th; r.residence 40 Collins
Smith, Sarah M., widow, 35 Market.
Smith, Sol., att’y , 53 n.north 3d; r.residence Chouteau av.avenue b.between 8th
and 9th.
Smith, Sol., jr., cl’k , c.corner 15th and Franklin av.avenue ; r.residence 13th
b. Wash and Franklin av.avenue
Smith, Solomon A., (Lajlins, S. & Boies,) r.residence Chi-
cago, Ills.
Smith, Spencer, varietystore , 34 Chesnut.
Smith, Spencer, principal Female Seminary , 27 n.north 6th.
Smith, Spenoer, fruitdealer , r.residence City hall.
Smith, Thadeus, clockdealer and western corn
planter ’s agent , 84 n.north Main; r.residence Monroe house.
Smith, Theron, shipcarp. , r.residence 354 n.north 2d.
Smith, Thomas, boatman , 83 n.north Front.
Smith, Thomas, boatman , 74 Poplar.
Smith, Thomas, machinist , 32 Mullanphy.
Smith, Thomas, stonemason , r.residence ne.north east c.corner Papln and 14th.
Smith & Wilmot , commission merchants, 166 n.north
2d and 55 s.south Main.
Smith, W. A., policeman , ns.north side Spruce b. s. 12th & 14th.
Smith W. H. & , great southern mustard fac-
tory, c.corner 13th and Market.
Smith, W. H., (W. H. S. & ,) 11th s.south of Market.
Smith W. H. & , livery stable, 493 Broadway.
Smith, W. H., (W.H.S. & ,) r.residence 701 Broadway.
Smith, Wm.William C., county marshal , office c.corner 10th and
Market; r.residence Olive b.between 15th and 16th,
Smith, Wm.William H., (Partridge & ,) r.residence 303 Olive.
Smith, Wm.William H., cl’k , 324 Morgan.
Smith, Wm.William K., chemist , r.residence 185 Pine.
smith, Wm.William L., grocer , 191 Broadway; r.residence 27 b.between 8th.
Smith, Wm.William W., bookkeeper , r.residence ss.south side Chouteau av.avenue b.between 6th and 7th.
Smith, Wm.William, (Tinker, Bros. & ,) r.residence Chouteau av.avenue
b.between 6th and 7th.
Smith, Wm.William, provision store , 261 Broadway; r.residence 510
Smith, Wm.William, cl’k , 201 Broadway.