St. Louis directory :
Wit [239] Wol Correction: WIS-WOL
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Wiseman, Richard, clerk , 206 Broadway; r.residence 27 Frank-
lin av.avenue
Wiseman, Theodore, tobacconist , 176 s.south 5th.
Wiseman, W., (Hunt & W.,) 57 n.north 8th.
Wiseman, Wm.William, carpenter , 230 Wash.
Wiser, Karl, tailor , alley rear 293 s.south 7th.
Wish, Joseph, laborer , 280 s.south 2d.
Wishart, James M., clerk , 40 n.north 2d; bds. 135 5th.
Wishart, MargaretMrs., 135 n.north 5th.
Wisher, Carl, hatter , c.corner 6th and Franklin av.avenue
Wishmeyer, G. H., barroom , 304 Franklin av.avenue
Wisler, Daniel, drayman , 145 n.north 14th.
Wisler, George, wagonmaker , 157 b.between 5th
Wislizenus, , Dr. , office and r.residence 91 s.south 5th.
Wismer, Rudolph, cabinetmaker , St. Charles road b.between
Webster and Page avs.
Wisman, John, porter , 95 O’Fallon.
Wlasbach, Jacob, cooper , 173 Carondelct av.avenue
Wisser, Phillip, cooper , ws.west side Columbus b.between Soulard and
Wissing, Daniel, tailor , 73 s.south Main.
Wissing, Geo. P., merchant tailor , 36 n.north 3d.
Wissman, Christopher, bookbinder , se.south east c.corner 2d and Lo-
cust; r. sw. c. 4th and Cerre.
Wissman, Frederick, distiller , Cedar b.between Main and 2d.
Wissman, H.Mrs., millinery , 4th b.between Locust and St.
Charles; r.residence 124 n.north 6th.
Wissmann & Senden , liquordealers, 202 n.north Main.
Wissmann, H. W., (W. & Senden,) r.residence Pine, near
Wissmann, John, porter , 180 n.north 2d.
Wist, Chas. W., bookkeeper , 30 Levee; bds. City
Wisther, M., hatter , se.south east c.corner Franklin av.avenue and 6th.
Witham, John T., law office , 60 n.north Market.
Withes, Enoch, baker , ws.west side 8th b.between Martha and Victor,
Withers, E., tobacco roller , 3d b.between Walnut and Elm.
Withers, John T., carpenter , Phoenix foundry.
Withmgton, Chas. H., clerk , 129 n.north Main; r.residence St.
Charles b.between 8th and 9th.
Withington, Orlando, machinist , 114 Collins.
Withop, Frederick, gardener , Park, near Compton av.avenue
Withop, Herman, gardener , Park av.avenue b.between Jefferson and
Compton avs.
Witlake, Wm.William198 n.north 9th.
Witt, Andrew, bartender at Hyde Park.
Witt, Ferdinand, marketman , 70 s.south 7th.
Witt, John, saloon ; r.residence c.corner 7th and Franklin av.avenue
Witt, John, painter , 425 Morgan.
Witt, Rufus J., saddler , 9 WashWashington avenue .
Witt, Severine, trunk factory , 239 s.south 2d; r.residence St. Joseph’s
alley, near nunnery.
Witt, T. D., clerk , 70 n.north 4th; r.residence King’s Hotel.
Witte, E., tailor , 7 Franklin av.avenue
Witte, Frederick, clerk , 171 n.north 3d.
Witte, Henry, cooper , Clark av.avenue b.between 10th and 11th.
Witte, John F., grocery and hardware store , 200
Franklin av.avenue
Witte, T., tailor , 7 Franklin av.avenue
Wittek, George, butcher , rear s.south 6th b.between Rutgers and
Park av.avenue
Wlttemann, Wm.WilliamH. F., 361 Market.
Witten, Jesse, carpenter , 144 n.north 17th.
Wittenberg, B., tailor , 122 Franklin av.avenue
Wittenberg, Rudolph John, machinist ; r.residence alley rear
28 Carondelet av.avenue
Wittenberg, Walter, tinner , 79 7th.
Wittenbrock, William, grocer , 214 Franklin av.avenue
Wittenbrock, Ernst, butcher , c.corner 22d and Franklin av.avenue
Wittenbrock, Hans, marketman , n.north Market; r.residence Frank-
lin av.avenue and 22d.
Witter, Conrad, bookseller &c. , 27 Walnut se.south-east
c.corner Walnut and 2d.
Witter, Frederick, stonecutter , 13th b.between Davis and
Witter, Henry, drayman , rear ns.north side Spruce b. s. 12th
and 13th.
Witter, John, tobacconist , rear 306 s.south 3d.
Witthoff, Hermann, cooper , 339 s.south 4th.
Wltthoff, John C., cooper , 31 Carondelet av.avenue
Wittich, John, carriagepainter , 23 Carondelet av.avenue
Wittig, Chas. Sr., musician , c.corner 2d and Mulberry.
Wittig, Charles junr., musician c.corner 2d and Mulberry.
Wittig, Chas., confectionery , sw. c. 2d and Mulberry.
Wittig, John, wagonmaker and blacksmith , 6 WashWashington avenue .
Wittingham, C., bookkeeper , 8 s.south Main; r.residence Barnum’s
Wittip, Catharine, widow, c.corner Barry and Jackson.
Wittling, Joseph, laborer , n.north Market b. n. 16th & 17th.
Wittman, Conrad, laborer , 124 O’Fallon.
Wittmer, Mrs., coffee and boardinghouse , s.south Main b.between
Lombard and Hazel.
Wittmeyer, Thomas, miller , Jackson b.between Marion and
Witton, Samuel, safemaker , 99 & 101 n.north 2d.
Witzig, J. J., supt. Palm’s foundry , r.residence 228 s.south 3d.
Witzowsky, Joseph, watchmaker , ws.west side Buel b.between Lafay-
ette av.avenue and Emmet.
Wizemann, George, blacksmith , 5th rear c.corner Rutgers.
Wochle, Jacob, gardener , nw. c. Gravois road and
Wochner, Fedala, butcher , Lucas Market; r. ns. Estelle
b.between 20th and 21st.
Wodicka, Franz, butcher , Fulton b.between Park av.avenue and
Wodicka, Wenzel, tailor , Carondelet av.avenue , opposite U. S.
Woehle, Caroline, ne. c. Utah and Illinois avs.
Woechner, Michael, shoemaker , 73 Carondelet av.avenue
Woehner, CatharineMrs., es.east side Buel b.between Marion and
Woehrle, Andreas, c.corner Myrtle and Main.
Woel, Siroti, collffeehouse , 42 Levee.
Woelker, Joseph, nailmaker , 322 s.south 3d.
Woener, John, leatherdealer . 232 WashWashington avenue .
Woener, Lewis, laborer , c.corner Biddle and 12th.
Woerner, Bassilli, laborer , alley rear 29 Carondelet av.avenue
WŒrner, J. Gabriel. (Shnmons & W.,) Hickory
b.between Paul and 7th.
Woerner, John, carpenter , Jackson b.between Miller & Barry.
Woesten & Harig , hatters, 136 u. 3d.
Woesten, Frederick, (W. & Harig,) r.residence 174
Woeveler, Andrew, carpenter , 187 n.north 11th.
Woger, John, confectionery , 126 Franklin av.avenue
Wogle, John, laborer . Christy av.avenue b.between 22d and 23d.
Wohigemuth, F., clothingstore , 49, s.south 2d.
Wohlien, R., (C. & F. Kunsemueller,) Wash b.
8th and 9th.
Wolbring, Herman, teamster , 363 Market.
Wolcott, G. A., (Milledge & W.,) 188 Washing-
ton av.avenue
Wolf, Abram, pilot , 321 n.north 9th.
Wolf, Alexander, porter , alley b.between Rutgers and Hick-
ory, 6th and 7th.
Wolf, Augustus, collarmaker , 362 Market.
Wolf, D., architect and builder , 56 Locust, 100 n.north 4th.
Wolf, Edward, tailor , ws.west side Soulard b.between Jackson and Co-
Wolf, Frederick, clothingstore , 105 Franklin av.avenue
Wolf, Frederick, cooper , Malinkrodt b.between 11th and 12th.
Wolf, Fred., iron railing finisher , Market st.street tavern.
Wolf, George, carpenter . 207 12th.
Wolf, Hiram, steamboat engineer , 135 WashWashington avenue .
Wolf, Jack, clerk , 12 s.south 14th.
Wolf, Johannes, tailor , rear es.east side Jackson b.between Emmet
and Lesperance.
Wolf, John, publisher “Revue de l’Ouest,” sw. c
Market and 2d; r. ws. 2d b.between Walnut and Elm.
Wolf, John, clerk , alley b.between Lafayette and Emmet,
Menard and Buel.
Wolf, John, laborer , 187 s.south 2d.
Wolf, John, shoemaker . 6th b.between Hickory and Rutgers.
Wolf, John C., grocer , 251 n.north 7th.
Wolf, John H., grocer , 484 n.north Main.
Wolf, Joseph, baker , 382 Biddle.
Wolf, Joseph, butcher , 610 Morgan.
Wolf L. & G. , Rhenish wine hall, 3 s, 2d.
Wolf, Paulus, tailor , rear 299 s.south 7th.
Wolf, Valentine, cigarmaker , 84 Franklin av.avenue
Wolf, W. O., (Raymond & W.,) Monroe House.
Wolff, Abraham, tailor , 11th b.between Wright and Spring.