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Wolff, C. D., constable , 1st and 2d wards, office 52 Ca-
rondelet av.avenue ; r. es. Jackson b.between Miller and 2d.
Wolff, Christian, blacksmith , c.corner Menard and Soulard.
Wolff & Engert , importers of paperhangings
and windowshades, 43 s.south , 2d &203 Broadway.
Wolff, Theodobe, (W. & Engert,) 43 s.south 2d.
Wolff, Fritz, collier , nw. c. Grand av.avenue and Gravois road.
Wolfl, Geo., dept. constable , 1st and 2d wards, office
53 Carondelet av.avenue ; r. es. Jackson b.between Miller and 2d.
Wolff, George M., Venetian blindmaker , 125
Locust; r.residence 72 Center.
Wolff, Green, steamboat steward , 90 n.north 10th.
Wolff & Hoppe , German and fancygoods, 159
and 161 n.north Main.
Wolff, John, (W. & Hoppe,) c.corner Bellefontaine
road and Bremen av.
Wolff, Herman, tailor , Soulard b.between Closey and Ham-
Wolff, J., moulder , 228 n.north Main.
Wolff, Lazarus, dotuier , c.corner Green and n.north 3d.; r.residence 18
Wolff, Martin, blacksmith . Myrtle b.between 2d &3d.
Wolff, Michael, justice of the peace , 30 Vine;
r.residence King’s Hotel.
Wolff, Paul, bookkeeper , 47 n.north Main; r.residence 48 Pine.
Wolff, Valentine, cigarmaker , 224 Caroadelet av.
Wolhfrom, Alfred, carpenter , 60 Morgan.
Wolker, John, carpenter , n.north 16th b. n. Market and n.north
Wolle, Alexander, taxidermist , 165 p. 2d, ups.; bds.
3d b.between Olive and Pine.
Wollemann, John, coaldigger , c.corner Gravois road and
Grand av.
Wollemfechtler, Jos., brickmaker , c. Cass av. &21st.
Wollkopf, Rudolph, teacher of the English
and Gennaa languages , ws.west side Carondelet av.avenue b.between
Sidney and Anna.
Wolpert, Sebastian, shoemaker , rear 322 s.south 3d.
Wolschlescher, John, laborer , 359 s.south 2d.
Wolte, Henry, porter , 2 Levee; r.residence 173 s.south 4th.
Wolters, JohannaMiss, dressmaker , 309 s.south 4th.
Woltmaxn, Gustavus, (E. Eggers & ) ns.north side
Walnut b.between 7th and 8th.
Womder, Chas., blacksmith , ss.south side Market b.between 17th & 18th.
Womfelder, Herman, tinner , c.corner Biddle and 13th.
Wonce, Felix, baker , 34 n.north 3d.
Wonch, Benedict, laborer , 178 n.north 10th.
Wonderiche, Chas., laborer , 12th b.between Davis &O’Fallon.
Wonderly & Klinckhardt , blacksmiths, 169 s.south 4th b.between
Cedar and Mulberry.
Wonderly, P., (W. & Klinckharkt,) es. s. 4th rear 169.
Wonderly, Joseph, plasterer , Pacific near Pratt av.
Wonderly & Haydel , flour and whisky manu-
facturers and dealers, 4 Commercial alley.
Wonderly, Peter, (W. &Haydel,) Pine b.between 16th
and 17th.
Woneborg, Peter, laborer , alley b.between 10th and 11th,
Biddle and O’Fallon.
Wood, A., malthouse and brewery , 123 n.north Levee; r.residence
228 Chesnut.
Wood, A. H., steamboat commander , sw. c. Barlow
and Gratiot.
Wood, Anson G., attorney , r.residence 242 s.south 5th.
Wood, Chas. H., (Young Bros, & ,) Virginia
Wood, E. B., salesman , 35 Levee: r.residence 112 Myrtle.
Wood, Edward, tobacconist , 152 11th.
Wood, Evan B., druggist , 7th b.between Pine and Olive.
Wood, F. M., (Robt. Sireett & ,) Barnum’s
Wood, George, propt. Wood’s Theater, office
Olive b.between 3d and 4th.
Wood, Geo. W., carpenter , c.corner Washington av.avenue and 3d;
r.residence 109 n.north 3d.
Wood, H. M., Dr. , 7 Christy av.
Wood, Henry, steamboat engineer , n.north Market b.between 15th
and 16th.
Wood, Wheatley & , furniture dealers, 106 Morgan.
Wood, Henry E., (W., Wheatlth & ,) alley b.between
WashWashington avenue and Franklin av.avenue , 16th and 17th.
Wood, Horatio, propt. of Carr Place .
Wood, Jas., porter , Monroe House, es.east side 6th b.between Cerre
and Gratiot.
Wood, O., watchmaker , 31 n.north 4th.
Wood O. J. & , hair restorative and patent
medicine depot, 114 Market.
Wood, Patrick, laborer , alley b.between 16th and 17th, Carr
and Biddle.
Wood, Robert J., salesman , 40 n.north Main; r. sw. c. 3d
and Pine.
Wood & Silence , tailors and clothiers, 10 Green.
Wood, Thomas, (W. & Silence,) 41 Collins.
Wood, Thomas J., bookkeeper , 35 Levee; r.residence c.corner Ches-
nut and 9th.
Wood, W. D., secretary Citizens Ins. Co. of Mo. ; r.residence
35 n.north 8th.
Wood, Wm.William, grocery , 202 High.
Wood, Wm.William, mechanic , 283 n.north 7th.
Wood, W. A., treasurer at Wood’s Theater .
Wood, Wm.William T., lawyer , sw. c. 2d and Pine; r.residence 157
Woodbridge &Harris , daguerrcan gallery, 68 n.north 4th.
Woodbridge, J. J., daguerrean artist , 68 n.north 4th; r.residence City
Woodbridge, Jabez, clerk , Eddy, Jameson & ; r.residence
98 Washington av.
Woddbridge, John J., (Kaylor & ,) nw. c.
Morgan and Broadway.
Woodburn & Scott , St. Look spoke, felloe, hub
and wheel factory, c.corner Broadway and Ashley.
Woodburn, J., (W. & Scott,) r.residence 106 Collins.
Woodcock, Ann, widow, es.east side Paul b.between Hickory and
Chouteau av.
Woodcock, John, foreman at Bayha’ d porkhouse ; r.residence
270 s.south 2d.
Woodey, Emily, widow, 460 Biddle.
Woodlock, David, drayman , ss.south side Gamble av.avenue b.between Naomi
and High.
Woodlock, John, clerk , 4 Commercial alley.
Woodman, Daniel P., salesman , 77 n.north Main.
Woodman H. T. & , note brokers and money
lenders, 22 Locust.
Woodman, Mary, grocery , 2d b.between Wright and Spring.
Woodruff, Archibald, police officer , alley rear 3d b.between
Hazel and Convent.
Woodruff, D. H., King’s Hotel.
Woodruff, John, foreman Empire stove works ; r. ws.
Gratiot b. s. 9th and 10th.
Woodruff, Peter, moulder , Washington foundry .
Woods, Alfred, clerk , ns.north side Green, b.between 8th and 9th.
Woods, Andrew, salesman , 57 n.north Main.
Woods, CatherineMrs., Waddingharn , alloy, b.between Cherry
and Carr.
Woods, Charles, provision store , 203 Broadway.
Woods, Christy & , drygoods dealers 57 & 59
n.north Main.
Woods, James(W., Christy & ) .
Woods, JosephJr., (W., Chrtisty & ,) Plan-
ters’ House.
Woods, Robert K., (W., Christy & ,) Lucas
Place b.between 15th and 16th.
Woods, D. W., clerk , Riggs & , c.corner 8th and Olive.
Woods, Daniel, drayman , 281 s.south 2d.
Woods, D. B.Rev., ,
se.south east c.corner 8th and Olive.
Woods, David , 59 Chesnut, room 7,
Weld buildings; r.residence 4th b.between Market and Chesnut.
Woods, Dennis, porter , alley rear 3d b.between Hazel and
Woods, Dunbar W., tinsmith , 180 n.north 14th.
Woods, Edward, bootmaker , 7 n.north 4th.
Woods, Edward P., grocery , nw. c. 14th and
Woods, Luther T., steamboat clerk , ns.north side Green b.between 8th
and 9th.
Woods, J. B., steamboat capt. , ns.north side Green b.between 8th & 9th.
Woods, James, tanner , How’s, tanyard, sw. c. Caron-
delet and Russell avs.
Woods, John T., c.corner Mound and n.north 11th.
Woods, Mary Ann, washwoman , alley b.between 2d and 3d,
Chesnut and Market.
Woods, V. K., teamster , 456 n.north 9th.