St. Louis directory :
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Wurtz, John, tinman , 247 s.south 5th; r.residence c.corner Allen av.avenue & 7th.
Wurungun, Charles, butcher , n.north Market; r.residence c.corner 26th and
Christy av.avenue
Wust, Herman, carpenter , r.residence 366 Market.
Wutherider, Antonio, lab.laborer , alley, b.between Biddle & O’Fallon.
Wykeham, Jas., bookkeeper , 75 n.north Main; r. es. 10th,
b.between Chesnut and Market.
Wyle, Mr., teamster , 142 n.north 7th.
Wiley, Woods, milk depot , 3 Commercial; r.residence 112 n.north 6th.
Wylike, Andrew, baker , 111 WashWashington avenue .
Wymax & Grant , manufacturers of cottonseed,
castor and linseed oils, c.corner 2d and Cass av.avenue
Wymax, Edward, (W. & Grant,) r.residence ss.south side Myr-
tle, b.between 4th and 5th.
Wyman, George A., overseer on Pacific Railroad, r. es.
15th, b.between Spruce st.street and Clark av.avenue
Wyman, Isaac, general ticket agent O. & M. R. R. ,
office c.corner 4th and Chesnut, and c.corner Main and Vine.
Wyman, L. R., clerk , r.residence 163 Morgan.
Wynn, Joseph J., clerk . 166 Broadway.
Wyweeken, Frederick Carl Diedrich
Rev., pastor of Trinity Church, ne. c. Miami st.street
and Jefferson av.avenue
Xaupi, Edward J., professor of dancing , Con-
cert Hall, Market.
Yacko, Jacob, tailor and porter , 421 s.south 7th.
Yacquot, Sophie, seamstress , 3d b.between Mulberry and
Yadel, Charles, tinner , Jackson b.between Rarry and Miller.
Yaeger, Conrad, teamster , 25th b.between Davis & O’Fallen.
Yaenger, Joseph, shoemaker , 122 Carondelet av.avenue
Yager, Conrad, ab., alley rear 285 s.south 4th.
Yager, Peter, carp.carpenter , 117 n.north 11th.
Yager, Rober, cooper , 348 n.north 2d.
Yahle, Philip, carp.carpenter , 7th b.between Barry and Marion.
Yakle, Philip, blacksmith , 60 WashWashington avenue .
Yale & , com. merchants, 7 Commercial alley.
Yale, Albert H., (Y. & ,) r.residence Townsley’s Hotel.
Yale, J., clerk , r.residence 269 n.north 7th.
Yandall, George, painter , r.residence c.corner 7th and Franklin av.avenue
Yanssen, D. H., 236 Franklin av.avenue
Yarnall, David, rolling mill, 10th ward.
Yast, James S., clerk , 269 n.north 7th.
Yates, Jxo. W., (McEnnis & ,) r.residence 429 Market.
Yates, Theodore, (George C. Reed & Y.,) r.residence
Virginia Hotel.
Yates, Thomas, plumber , 6 n.north 6th.
Yeager, Albert, finisher , Phoenix foundry .
Yoager, John, finisher , Phaoenix foundry .
Yeandey, James, blacksmith , 140 n.north 7th.
Yearsley, Thomas, blacksmith . 140 n.north 7th.
Yeatman, Robinson & , commission mer-
chants, c.corner 2d and Green.
Yeatman, James E., (Y., Robinson & ,) r.residence
Bellefontaine road.
Yeats J. H. & H. A. , bellows manufactory, Washing-
ton av.avenue b.between 15th and 16th.
Yeckel, Philip, blacksmith , c. Wash and 8th.
Yehle, Stephen, beer saloon , 10 n.north 2d.
Yell, Jacob, blacksmith , 264 Market.
Yerkes, Edward E., clerk , 200 Broadway.
Yesser, Friediich, cooper , 191 s.south 2d.
Yirasch, Wenzel, tailor , Soulard b.between Rosatti & Menard.
Yock, August, drayman , 86 n.north 2d.
Yohe, George, engmeer , 312 s.south 3d.
Yond, David, waiter . Monroe House.
Yond, John, waiter , Monroe House.
Yore, James A.Capt. , 294 Pine.
Yore, John E., clerk , sw. c. Main and Chesnut; r.residence 8th
b.between Chesnut and Pine.
Yore, Patrick, sleamboat capt. , 50 n.north 8th.
Yore, Wm.William, pilot , 17 n.north 8th.
Yorns, Andreas, lab.laborer , Jackson b.between Barry and Miller.
Yornz, Frederick, Shoemaker , 269 Market.
Yosbaker, Peter, blacksmith , c.corner St. Charles and 5th;
r.residence c.corner Morgan and Broadway.
Yoss, John, bootmaker , 91 n.north Levee; r.residence 7 Morgan.
Yost, Heinrich, firrier , 202 s.south 2d.
Yost, Jacob, lab.laborer , 255 n.north 12th.
Yost, Henry, commission merchant , 50 s.south Main;
r.residence Barnum’s Hotel.
Yosti, James, clerk , 95 s.south 2d: r.residence 101 Walnut.
Yosti, Wm.William, wagonmaker , ws.west side Jackson b.between Carondelet
av.avenue and Lafayette.
Young, A., finisher , Phoemix foundry .
Young, Bro’s & , wholesale clothiers, 135 n.north
Young, Alexander, (Young, Bro’s & ,) r.residence
Monroe House.
Young, Daniel C., (Y., Bros. & ,) r.residence Virginia
Young, T. S., (Y., Bras & ,) nonresident.
Young, Wm.William, (Y., Bro’s & ,) r.residence 189 Pine.
Young, Charles, c.corner Anna and Carondelet avs.
Young, Christian, patternmaker , se.south east c.corner Main and
Ashley; r.residence 73 s.south Main.
Young, Dr. , 499 Broadway.
Young, Edward, tobacconist , rear 301 s.south 7th.
Young, Eliza, widow, 192 Biddle.
Young, Frederick, barber , Market b.between 5th and 6th; r.residence
96 Pine
Young, George B., clerk , 77 WashWashington avenue .
Young, Herman, huckster . 416 s.south 7th.
Young, Jacob, drayman , 97 n.north 17th.
YoungJames, M. D., 25 n.north 3d.
Young, J. B.Dr. , 84 Washington av.avenue
Young, James P., entry clerk , 11 n.north Main; r.residence Monroe
Young, J. M., (Stewart, Parks & ,) r. sw. c.
Russell av.avenue and s.south 7th.
Young, John, ornamental carver , ne. c. 3d and
Pine; r.residence 19th b.between Morgan and Christy av.avenue
Young, J. F., attorney and notary public , 9½ Olive;
r.residence 5th b.between Franklin av.avenue and WashWashington avenue .
Young, John, carver , 94 n.north 9th.
Young, John, saddler , c.corner Main and Market; r.residence ss.south side
Gamble b.between Naomi and High.
Young, John, lab.laborer , near Bissell’s ferry.
Young, Lorenz, carp.carpenter , 138 n.north 3d.
Young, Mary Ann, boardinghouse , 320 n.north 2d.
Young, M. J.Miss, bonnet cleaner and presser , 8. s.south
Young, Michael, lab.laborer , 122 Christy av.avenue
Young, Michael, baker , 87 s.south 4th.
Young, Peter, wagonmaker , r.residence Moore b.between Market and
Clark av.avenue
Young, Peter, sausagemaker , r.residence 1039 Broadway.
Young, P. J., clerk , r.residence Monroe House.
Young, Robert A.Rev., presiding elder of Meth-
odist church, St. Louis district; r.residence Washington
av.avenue b.between 8th and 9th.
Young, Samuel, marblecutter , 174 Green.
Young, Samuel H., justice and undertaker , 8th
ward; r.residence 158 n.north 5th.
Young, Wm.William, shoemaker , 226 Franklin av.avenue
Youngblood, Wm.William, pilot . 120 n.north 14th.
Younge, Joseph, tailor . Soulard b.between Rosatti & Menard.
Younger, Frederick, lab.laborer , 259 n.north 12th.
Youngkuntz, Henry, porter , Marion b.between 7th and Ca-
rondelet av.avenue
Younghaus, Leonard, shoemaker , 11 Myrtle.
Yoxall, J., salesman , 182 n.north Main; r.residence 8th b.between Washing-
ton av.avenue and Green.
Yuice, Patrick, laborer , 2d b.between Cedar and Plum.
Yule, Alexander, painter , 201 Olive.
Yule, John, tannery , ss.south side Anna av.avenue b.between Jackson and
Yung, Charles, cooper , 423 p. 2d.
Yung, Christoph, scavenger , alley b.between Hickory and
Yungkuntz, Henry, porter , ss.south side Barry b. s. 7th and
Caroudelet av.avenue
Zaber, Axthony, 102 Cherry.
Zaccarini, Louis, (Sales & ,) r.residence 4th b.between Wal-
nut and Elm.
Zacharich, Frederick, cooper , Hamtramck b.between Park av.avenue
and Carrol.
Zackwiski, Mr., finisher , 228 n.north Main.
Zaesir, Joseph, upholsterer , 19 Carondelet av.avenue